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Car Dealer Simulator Game 2023 APK is an attractive and interesting car dealer simulation 2023 for those who love cars and want to experience the life of an auto shop owner.


Name Car Dealer Simulator 2023
Version 1.0
Size 69.6 MB
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer 337431 DEV 337431

About to Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK

Car Dealer Simulator Game 2023 APK is a commercial simulation game developed for PC and console platforms. In this game, players will take on the role of an auto shop owner, where they have the task of managing and operating a car trading business.

In the role of a car shop owner, the player will face many different challenges and tasks. They will need to build and manage their showroom, create a space to attract customers and showcase different types of cars.

Players will be able to choose from a wide range of well-known automakers such as BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, and many more, and must navigate between buying new vehicles from manufacturers and searching for used models used for resale. They also have to monitor the auto market, analyze trends and calculate profits to make smart business decisions.

Overview of Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK iOS

The game car dealer simulator 2023 download apk offers many activities related to car store management such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle upgrading and customization, staff training, negotiating with customers, and executing sales transactions. Players need to find ways to attract customers, fulfill their needs and build a store reputation to attract more potential customers.

Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK for android gives players a realistic simulation experience of managing a car trading business, with high-quality graphics and a deep gameplay system. Players can experience the process of growing from a small shop to a large and successful car business.

With high difficulty and detail, Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK free download is a fascinating game for those who love cars and want to become a successful businessman in the auto industry.

Features in Car Dealer Simulator 2023 For Android

  • Store manager: Build and design showroom: Players can customize and build their car showroom space to attract customers. They can choose the interior, present the vehicle and create an attractive environment.
  • Inventory management: The player must manage a vehicle inventory, including buying new cars from manufacturers, finding and buying used cars from various sources, and keeping vehicles in stock. They can also make vehicle upgrades and customizations to increase the sale value.
  • Set selling prices and negotiate contracts: Players must determine a reasonable selling price for vehicles, calculate profits, and engage in negotiations with customers to reach the best deal.
  • Advertising and marketing: Players can conduct advertising and marketing campaigns to attract potential customers. They need to choose the right advertising channels and manage the marketing budget to get the best results.
  • Buy and sell cars: Wide selection of cars: The game offers a wide range of famous car brands and diverse car models such as sedans, SUVs, sports cars, racing cars and many more. Players can choose to buy new cars from manufacturers and search for used car models from various sources.
  • Diversified market: Players must monitor the automotive market, grasp trends and respond to customer needs. Pricing and competition will change over time and require players to adjust their vehicle portfolio to optimize profits.
  • Financial tracking: Players need to manage the store's finances, including income, expenses, profits, and debt. They need to track revenues and expenditures, and make smart decisions about investments and spending.
  • Loans and investments: Players can borrow money from banks to expand or upgrade their stores. They can also invest in other development projects such as buying new land or expanding factories.
  • Hire and manage staff: Players can hire and manage a staff of technicians, salespeople and showroom managers. They need to ensure that employees are well trained, efficient and satisfied to provide good service to customers.
  • Employee Training: Players can provide training courses to improve employee skills and performance. This enhances service quality and increases sales.

Game mode, graphics Car Dealer Simulator Game 2023 APK

Showroom and car models: Showrooms and car models in the game are designed with high detail, from the curves and details of the exterior to the interior and special features of each vehicle. Players can see and explore vehicle models from multiple angles, providing a realistic and refined experience.

Ambience: Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK update brings the environment to life with city areas, streets, trees, street lights and other environmental elements. Landscapes and images are created with great detail, creating a vast and realistic world for players to explore.

Light and color effects: The game's graphics also include subtle lighting and color effects. Sunlight shines through the windows, reflecting on the car's surface and creating realistic shadows. Colors are creative and sharp, bringing out details and creating a beautiful visual experience.

User Interface: The game's user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Charts, dashboards and other elements are presented in a clear and attractive way, making it easy for players to manage and interact with the elements of the game.

How to play Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK Latest version

Step 1: Get started:

Start the game Car Dealer Simulator 2023 Mobile by creating a player account or choosing the game mode you want.

Players will start with some initial capital to start the business.

Step 2: Build showroom:

Use starting capital to build your showroom. Customize the interior, present the vehicle and create an environment that attracts customers.

Step 3: Buy a car:

Consult the auto market and choose the vehicles you want to sell in your store.

Buy new car models from manufacturers or search for used cars from various sources.

Step 4: Manage inventory:

Manage your vehicle portfolio in the warehouse. Car care and maintenance to maintain good quality and high value.

Step 5: Set the selling price and negotiate:

Determine fair selling prices for your vehicles, calculate profits and negotiate with customers to reach the best deal.

Step 6: Advertising and Marketing:

Implement advertising and marketing campaigns to attract potential customers.

Choose the right advertising channels and manage the marketing budget.

Step 7: Financial management:

Track your store's income, expenses, and profits.

Financial management through investments, loans and smart business decisions.

Step 8: Manage employees:

Hire and manage a team of employees, including technicians, salespeople, and showroom managers.

Ensure employees are well trained and efficient in their work.

Step 9: Expand and develop:

Track shop success and upgrade to grow your auto business even bigger.

Expand the store, increase advertising and expand the vehicle catalog to attract more customers.

During the Car Dealer Simulator 2023 gameplay, the player can flexibly take steps and business decisions to achieve success in the automotive industry.

Pros and Cons the Car Dealer Simulator Game 2023 Mobile


  • Realistic Experience: The game Car Dealer Simulator 2023 Android offers a realistic simulation of managing an auto shop, from showroom building, car buying and selling, financial management to marketing and staff management.
  • Diverse and detailed: Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK offers a wide range of cars from many famous brands, highly detailed graphics and special features of each car model. Players can discover and customize vehicles to increase value and attract customers.
  • Comprehensive management: The game requires the player to manage every aspect of the auto shop, from finance, advertising, and employees to inventory management and car sales. This offers a varied and challenging experience, suitable for those who enjoy full-fledged business simulation games.


  • Complexity: With many aspects of management and business decisions, the game can become complicated for those new to or unfamiliar with the genre. New players may need time to get used to and understand the elements and processes in the game.
  • Time Investment: Managing an in-game auto shop requires commitment and a time investment. Players need to monitor many aspects and perform many tasks to develop the store.


Car Dealer Simulator Game 2023 APK latest version is an engaging and exciting car trade simulation game. With a comprehensive auto shop management experience, a wide variety of cars, and high-quality graphics, the game offers players a vivid and refined world.

Car Dealer Simulator 2023 APK is an attractive game for those who love cars and want to experience the life of an auto shop owner. With detail, variety and high quality, this game offers players an exciting and sophisticated experience of the auto industry and business.


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