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Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK is a business simulation game where you will manage an auto dealership, build a business empire and become a billionaire in the auto industry.


Name Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game
Version 5.9
Size 160.20 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Shockwave Games

About of Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK

Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK for Android is a car business simulation game where you can experience the work of a car dealer. In the game, you will explore and manage an auto dealership, build a business empire and become a billionaire in the auto industry.

As an auto shop owner, you will have to manage all aspects of the business. You will buy cars from manufacturers, create purchase agreements with customers, find and repair broken down vehicles, strengthen infrastructure and build relationships with business partners.

Overview of Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game Mobile  APK

The game offers you a series of challenges and opportunities to grow your company. You will have to research the market, monitor trends and anticipate customer needs. By buying and selling cars over time, you can accumulate profits and expand your business by buying more dealerships, hiring employees, and expanding your business into new areas.

You will also have the opportunity to customize and upgrade your car shop. You can expand your showroom, improve your decor, and upgrade your after-sales services to attract customers and make your business unique.

Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK update provides an authentic and detailed experience of managing an auto dealership. You will need to make strategic decisions, negotiate deals and deal with difficult situations in the course of your business.

Prepare yourself for this exciting adventure and become a successful auto businessman in Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK!

Features of Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK

  • Car dealership simulation: You will experience the work of an auto shop owner, from buying cars, managing inventory, finding customers, negotiating prices, ordering new cars and selling used cars use.
  • Wide selection of cars: The game offers a wide range of cars from different brands, including cars, sports cars, family cars, full-size cars and many more. Each type of vehicle has its own characteristics and different business partner requirements.
  • Search and repair vehicles: You can buy used or broken cars at low prices from a ubiquitous supply, and then repair and upgrade them to resell at a higher price. You also need to have a solid knowledge of car parts and find replacement parts to repair your car efficiently.
  • Dealer building and management: You can expand your business by purchasing more car dealerships and expanding into new regions. Manage stores, hire and train employees, upgrade infrastructure and manage finances to increase sales and profits.
  • Shop customization and upgrades: You can customize your car store by upgrading your showroom, improving the decor, shopping for new interiors, creating a welcoming and trustworthy space. You can also improve after-sales service, build a warranty department, and boost advertising campaigns to attract and retain customers.
  • Market and customer needs: Monitor the automotive market, research trends and customer needs to make strategic business decisions. Investigate the market, attend auto show events and stay on top of industry changes to enhance your competition and shape your strategy.
  • Financial management: Track revenue and expenditure, profit and other important financial metrics of the company. Adjust selling prices, ad spend, and infrastructure investments to keep your business running efficiently.
  • Compete with rivals: Engage in tough competition with other auto dealers. Beat the competition in deals, attract customers and build good relationships with business partners.
  • Achievements and challenges: Achieve goals and complete quests to gain achievements and prizes. Challenge yourself through tough goals like increasing monthly revenue, expanding into new markets, or achieving a high reputation in the industry.

Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK latest version offers a detailed and realistic experience of managing an auto dealership, allowing you to become a successful businessman in the auto industry.

Game mode, graphics of Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK

Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK provides an attractive and quality graphic experience. Although there are no specific images to refer to, it is common for business simulation games like Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game to use 2D or 3D graphics to represent the environment and objects in the game.

Car shop simulation: The game can show a full car showroom, with vehicle lines displayed in detail. You can see different car models, from regular cars to super cars, with distinct characteristics and unique designs.

Business environment and area: The game can reproduce a lively environment, including buildings, streets and car shopping areas. You can see passing customers, competitors and other business partners in the game's virtual world.

Car details: When you buy and sell cars, you can see details about car models, including color, engine model, steering, interior trim, and other special features. This helps to reproduce realistically and provides a fun experience when working with cars in the game.

Shop Upgrades and Decorations: As you upgrade shops and decorations, the game may show a change in the store's appearance and structure. You can see the showroom becoming larger, eye-catching decoration and different specialized areas.

User Interface: The graphics of the user interface in a game are usually designed to be easy to use and provide the necessary information to the player. You can see menus, financial charts, notifications and other management tools to manage your business.

How to play Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK

Start a game: Start by creating a new game or selecting an existing game. You can customize your character information and business name.

Market research: You will have to learn about the automotive market, the brands and models, trends and customer needs. This helps you make effective buying and selling decisions and business strategies.

Buying and selling cars: Based on market demand and trends, you will buy cars from manufacturers or from other sources. Then you will negotiate with the customer and sell the car for a profit. Make sure your prices are reasonable and competitive to attract customers.

Business expansion: As you gain profits, you can expand your business by purchasing more car dealerships, hiring more employees, and expanding into new areas. This helps to increase your revenue and market share in the industry.

Financial management: Financial management is vital to maintaining a successful business. Monitor revenue, expenditure, profit and other financial metrics. Adjust your selling prices, ad spend, and infrastructure investments to ensure your finances are stable and growing.

Deal with challenges and achieve achievements: As you play, you will encounter challenges and goals to achieve. Overcoming these challenges and completing objectives will yield in-game achievements and prizes.

Pros and cons of Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK


  • Strategic: The game requires you to make strategic decisions to maximize profits and business growth. You must grasp market trends, manage finances and handle negotiated transactions to achieve success.
  • Customization and development: The game offers flexibility to customize and grow your car dealership. You can upgrade your store, expand your business, and create a unique character for your business.
  • Explore and learn: The game gives you the opportunity to explore the automotive market, learning about vehicles, features and trends in the industry. This can broaden your knowledge of the auto industry and business management skills.


  • Time Requirements: Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK requires a time investment from the player. To grow your business and achieve success, you need to perform many activities, manage details and monitor the market. This can take a lot of commitment and time to fully enjoy the game.
  • Lack of variety: While the game offers many aspects of the auto business, it may lack diversity compared to the realities of the auto industry. Elements such as marketing, staff management, risk management, and research and development may not be reproduced in detail in the game.
  • Prior knowledge may be required: To get into the game and understand aspects of the auto industry, you may need a basic understanding and knowledge of the car and the automotive market. This can create barriers for those unfamiliar with the industry.


The Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK gives players an exciting and rich experience about the management and business in the auto industry. With strategy, interactivity and customization, this game lets you experience what it takes to be an auto shop owner, buy and sell cars, learn the market and build a successful business.

With a combination of exciting experience and strategy, Car Dealer Job Sim Tycoon Game APK can be a great choice for those who love the auto industry and want to experience managing an auto dealership.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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