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Cafe Racer APK is a simple and addictive 2D simulation racing game that offers a pure racing experience, with the main emphasis on classic driving and adventurous speed.


Name Cafe Racer
Pagekage name com.PiguinSoft.CafeRacer
Version 11
Size 91.4 MB
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer PiguinSoft

About of Cafe Racer APK

Cafe Racer APK is a simple and addictive 2D simulation racing game developed by PiguinSoft. This game is already available on Google Play Store for Android operating system.

In Cafe Racer APK, you will enter the world of classic street racing with retro style. The game offers a pure racing experience, with the main emphasis being on classic driving and adventurous speed. You will find yourself on the classic motorcycle and try to achieve the longest distance possible on the roads with simple but vibrant graphics.

Cafe Racer is a simple yet addictive racing game, with lovely retro graphics and high interactivity. If you love the classic racing genre and want to experience the thrill and speed in pixel space, then this game is definitely a great choice for you.

Overview of Cafe Racer APK Mobile Game

Cafe Racer APK is a classic retro racing game, developed by PiguinSoft. This game is available on Android operating system and has many notable elements that make it attractive to players for a long time.

Cafe Racer is a classic racing game with many exciting features, allowing you to choose, upgrade and customize your own classic cars, along with participating in diverse and challenging races.

Cafe Racer graphics provide a unique and fun experience, combining the simplicity of pixel art with a classic retro feel. This helps the game stand out and create a connection with players, while attracting both racing game lovers and pixel art devotees.

Features of Cafe Racer APK for Android

  • Vehicle Selection: Cafe Racer APK offers a variety of classic cars for you to choose from. Each vehicle has its own characteristics and performance, such as top speed, acceleration, control and impact resistance. You can experiment and choose the vehicle that suits your driving style.
  • Vehicle Upgrade: During the game, you can earn money and experience points to upgrade your car. Upgrades include enhanced engine, brakes, wheels and even exterior trim. Car upgrades help you improve performance and enhance your competitiveness in races.
  • Vehicle customization: Besides upgrading, you can also customize the color and exterior decoration of the car to your liking. This allows you to create a classic motorcycle that is unique and fits your own style.
  • Diverse game modes: Cafe Racer APK has many game modes for you to explore and challenge yourself. There's a casual game mode, a time-tested mode to race against a specific time, and an Infinity Mode where you pit against the fastest opponents.
  • Diverse roads: The game offers a variety of roads with different environments. You will race through crowded urban neighborhoods, country roads, and also explore thick forest and mountain landscapes.
  • Trophies and achievements: Cafe Racer recognizes your achievements during the game and awards special trophies for outstanding achievements. This motivates players to challenge themselves and try to improve their personal records.
  • Simple and intuitive interface: Cafe Racer APK has a simple, easy to use and intuitive interface, making it easy for players to control the car and participate in the race without difficulty.
  • Regular updates: PiguinSoft developers regularly update the game with new features, performance upgrades, and bug fixes to improve the gaming experience.

Game mode, graphics of Cafe Racer APK

The graphics of the Cafe Racer APK game have a simple but lovely pixel art style. Pixel art style is a style of graphic design that uses small pixels to create images and graphics. The game uses pixel art graphics to recreate not only classic cars but also racing environments and road objects.

  • Detailed description of classic cars: The vehicles in the game are designed with care and detailed descriptions. You can see details like the car's style, the trunk, the wheels and the unique features of each vehicle.
  • Diverse racing environment: Cafe Racer APK offers many race tracks with different environments. From crowded urban areas with tall buildings, street lights and cars, to rural roads with trees and houses, you will experience many interesting landscapes during the race.
  • Special Effects: The game uses special effects such as lighting effects, fog effects and other special effects to increase the fun and realism of the race.
  • Retro and nostalgic visuals: Pixel art graphics give the game a nostalgic and retro feel. This graphic style creates an interesting atmosphere, while keeping the gameplay simple and intuitive.
  • User-friendly interface: The user interface of the game is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it easy for them to control the car and participate in the race.

How to play the game Cafe Racer APK Latest version

Step 1: Download and install Cafe Racer APK

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Search for "Cafe Racer APK" in the search box.

Select the Cafe Racer game from the search results and tap the "Install" button.

Wait for a while for the game to be downloaded and installed.

Step 2: Launch the game

After successful installation, open the Cafe Racer APK application by tapping the icon on the home screen or in the application list.

Step 3: Choose a car and upgrade

Before starting the race, you will have the opportunity to choose the classic car you want to use in the race. Initially, you will have some basic vehicle choices. After you earn money from the race, upgrade your car or buy new car models to improve performance.

Step 4: Choose the game mode

Once you have selected your vehicle, you will be taken to the game mode selection screen. Cafe Racer APK game has modes like:

Casual Race Mode: Join a traditional race against AI opponents and try to get the highest score possible.

Time Trial Mode: Race against a specific time and try to overcome the challenges to win.

Infinity Mode: Race at increasing speed and see how far you get in the race.

Step 5: Start the race

Once you have selected the game mode, you will start the race. Use the buttons on the device's screen or sensors to control your vehicle. The left and right buttons are used to move the car through two lanes, while the accelerator button helps you accelerate and the brake button helps you slow down or steer.

Step 6: Overcome challenges and collect scores

During the race, you have to overcome challenges such as avoiding cars and obstacles on the road. Try to go as far as possible to collect the highest score possible.

Step 7: Check achievements and titles

After the race is over, you will see your achievements and the number of points earned. If you achieve excellent results, you can get special titles.

Step 8: Upgrade and play again

Based on the points earned, you can upgrade your car and play again to try to get better results.

Those are the basic steps to play Cafe Racer APK game. Wish you have hours of fun and sublimation with this exciting race!

Pros and Cons of Cafe Racer APK iOS


  • Vehicle customization and upgrades: Allows the player to customize the color and exterior of the vehicle along with performance upgrades, helping to create variety and personalization in the game.
  • Diverse roads: There are many roads with different environments, helping to bring a new and exciting feeling in each race.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers a variety of game modes, from casual racing, time trial to Infinity Mode, ensuring players never get bored.
  • Regular updates: PiguinSoft developers regularly update the game with new features and bug fixes, improving the gaming experience.


  • Lack of Mission Diversity: Although there are many routes and game modes, the missions in the game can become repetitive after a long play time.
  • Lack of online racing mode: The game does not offer an online racing mode, making competition with other players limited.
  • Ads and In-App Purchases: Like many other free games, Cafe Racer may display ads and support in-app purchases to earn money.


Cafe Racer APK is a simple and addictive racing game, with nostalgic pixel art graphics and fun gameplay. The advantages of the game include simple but lovely graphics, high interactivity with vehicle customization and upgrade, offering a variety of game modes and routes, along with regular updates from the developer.

With simple but addictive gameplay, Cafe Racer APK is an interesting game for players who want to enjoy the feeling of classic driving and challenge themselves in a nostalgic space.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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