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Bugtroid Pro APK is a powerful and versatile tool for security professionals, application developers and anyone interested in learning and exploiting security vulnerabilities on Android devices.

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Name Bugtroid Pro
Version 5.0.1
Size 6.25 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Bugtraq-Team

About of Bugtroid Pro App APK

Bugtroid Pro APK is a mobile application for Android operating system, developed to support users in the field of network security and security testing. It is a powerful and versatile tool for security professionals, application developers and anyone interested in learning and exploiting security vulnerabilities on Android devices.

Bugtroid Premium provides a wide range of tools and features for security analysis and testing on the Android platform. This includes tools for vulnerability scanning, exploits, attack processes, security checks, password managers, information sniffers, network connection monitors, and many more.

Overview of Bugtroid Pro Mobile APK

Bugtroid Pentesting Pro APK is an Android application that specializes in system testing and security. Built and developed by the Bugtraq-Team, Bugtroid Pro provides a wide range of tools and features for analysis, mining, and security testing on Android devices.

Bugtroid Pro application is provided with a simple and easy-to-use interface, helping users to perform complex operations easily. It also provides instructions and detailed information on how to use the tools and perform security testing activities.


Bugtroid Free APK is a very powerful and versatile application in Android system security testing.

Features of Bugtroid Pro APK for Android

Here is a detailed list of the main features of Bugtroid Pro APK:

  • Vulnerability Scanner: Provides the ability to scan and detect security vulnerabilities on the Android system, including software vulnerabilities and unsafe configurations.
  • Exploitation Tools: Provides a series of tools to exploit discovered security holes, in order to check the security of the system.
  • Attack Process: Provides simulated attack processes to test resistance to external attacks, including remote attacks and attacks through the internal network.
  • Security Auditing Tools: Provides security testing tools to assess the security of the system, including checking network configuration, managing access rights and vulnerabilities common flaw.
  • Password Management: Provides the ability to store and manage logins and passwords securely.
  • Information Gathering Tools: Provides tools to gather information about the system, including information about the network, applications, ports, and running services.
  • Network Connection Management: Provides the ability to manage network connections and monitor network activity on Android devices.
  • Encryption Tools: Provides encryption tools to protect important data on Android devices.
  • Application Analysis Tools: Provides tools to analyze and test the security of Android applications, including detection of malicious code and security holes.
  • Debugging Tools: Provides tools to assist in debugging and analyzing Android applications.

Instructions, how to use Bugtroid Pro APK Latest Version

Download and install Bugtroid Premium APK: Go to APKRabi website, search for Bugtroid Pro and download. Then install the app on your device.

Explore features: Open Bugtroid Pro and explore available features and tools. See a list of exploits, vulnerability scanning, attack progress, and other features the app offers.

Choose the right tool: Based on your goals, choose the right tool or feature to conduct security testing. Make sure you have a clear understanding of each tool's features and usage.

Perform security testing: Use tools and features in Bugtroid Pro to perform security testing on Android devices. Follow the guidelines and follow the security testing process to ensure effectiveness.

Evaluate results: Evaluate and analyze security test results from Bugtroid Pro tools and features. Reviews security vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and recommendations for improving the system's security.

Tips and advice when using Bugtroid Pro APK

  • Legal compliance: Always comply with regulations and rules related to cybersecurity and security testing. Use Bugtroid Pro only on systems where you have legal permission and do not violate privacy or cause harm to others.
  • Understand the tool: Before using a tool in Bugtroid Pro, make sure you have a solid understanding of how to use it. Read the documentation, learn about features, how it works, and possible impacts.
  • Goal Analysis: Clearly define your security testing goals before using Bugtroid Pro. This helps you to choose the right tools and the right features to perform testing effectively.
  • Create backups: Before conducting any tests, make sure you have created a complete and secure backup of your data and devices. This helps you to rollback to the previous state if any problem occurs during testing.
  • Track results: Monitor and evaluate results from tools and features in Bugtroid Pro. Thorough analysis of vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and recommendations for security improvement.
  • Interact with care: When using features that involve exploits, use caution and extreme caution. Make sure you only perform operations on systems for which you are authorized and have legal permission.
  • Continuous learning: Cybersecurity and security testing is an area that requires constant learning and updating. Keep researching, taking courses, and following resources to master knowledge and skills.


Pros and cons of Bugtroid Pro APK iOS


  • Wide range of tools: Bugtroid Pro offers a wide range of different tools and features in the field of Android security testing. This gives users flexibility and variety in performing testing activities.
  • Simple Interface: The Bugtroid Pro interface is designed to be simple and easy to use. Users can easily access and use tools and features without in-depth knowledge of security.
  • Support learning: Bugtroid Pro can be used as a learning tool in the field of Android security testing. It provides a practical and hands-on approach for users to master skills and abilities in the field.
  • Support Community: Bugtroid Pro attracts a vibrant community of users and supports each other in using the tool. Users can seek help, share experiences, and learn more through these community resources.


  • Compatibility limitations: Bugtroid Pro may experience limited compatibility with some Android devices. Incompatibility or instability may occur when using on some versions of Android operating system.
  • Limited Updates: Due to limited resources and no latest updates, Bugtroid Pro may not provide the latest features and tools to deal with new vulnerabilities and security threats best on Android.
  • Limited detailed instructions: Bugtroid Pro may lack detailed and complete documentation to guide users to use specific tools and features in detail. Users may need to seek additional information from other sources to better understand how to use the tools.


Bugtroid Pro APK 2023 is a powerful mobile application in the field of security testing and cybersecurity on Android devices. With a variety of tools and features, it provides users with flexibility in analyzing, exploiting and testing the security of the system.

To use Bugtroid Pro effectively, you should have knowledge and understanding of network security and the security testing process. Continue your research, take courses and follow official sources to keep up with the latest knowledge and develop your skills.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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