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Download Boxing Star APK is a boxing-themed sports game where you will play as a talented boxer and experience the journey to become a world champion.

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Name Boxing Star
Version 5.1.0
Size 100.34 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

About of Boxing Star APK

Boxing Star APK is a sports mobile game with a boxing theme, where you will play as a talented boxer and experience the journey to become a world champion. The game is developed by FourThirtyThree Inc. and has attracted great attention from the global gaming community.

In Boxing Star APK, you will start with a new boxer training and progress through different levels to become a top boxer. You can customize your character, from appearance, costumes to equipment and combat skills. The game offers a variety of gift boxes and items for you to upgrade your boxer, increase strength and skills.

Overview of Boxing Star Mobile APK

While advancing in the game, you will face off against other boxers from around the world. The match is played out through real-time combat, allowing you to participate in exciting and exciting matches. You can throw punches, dodge and use special skills to defeat your opponents.

In addition to the club mode and campaign mode, Boxing Star also has a PvP (player against player) mode that allows you to challenge other boxers online. By winning matches, you can climb the leaderboard and get valuable rewards.

Boxing Star APK game attracts players with impressive graphics, smooth gameplay and remarkable combat mechanics. It provides an exciting experience for those who love the sport of boxing and want to become a champion in the virtual world.


Features of Boxing Star APK for Android

  • Create and customize your character: You can create and customize your character, from appearance, hairstyle, mask to costumes and equipment. This helps you create a fighter that is unique and fits your own style.
  • Real-time combat system: Boxing Star battles take place through real-time combat, allowing you to control your character with your own hands. You can throw punches, dodge and use special skills to defeat your opponents. This creates exciting, dramatic matches and depends on your skills and reflexes.
  • Upgrade and Development System: The game offers a complex progression and upgrade system. You can upgrade your character's skills, attributes, and equipment to enhance your strength and combat ability. Upgrading and sticking to the right strategy will help you win more difficult matches.
  • Club mode: You can join a club and collaborate with other members to build and develop the club. You can train, challenge and compete with other clubs in club activities. Club members can also support and help each other during the game.
  • PvP mode (Player against player): You can challenge other fighters online in PvP mode. Take on other players around the world and show off your skills in real-time fighting matches. Reach high scores and climb the leaderboards to get rewards and trophies.
  • Special events and missions: Boxing Star regularly hosts special events and missions. By participating and completing them, you have the opportunity to win valuable rewards, including valuable costumes, equipment and resources.

Boxing Star APK provides an exhilarating and authentic experience for players who love the sport of boxing. With customization, real-time combat and a diverse community, this game promises to bring exciting and challenging fighting matches.

Game mode, graphics of Boxing Star APK

Graphics in the game Boxing Star are designed with high quality and beautiful, creating a vivid and detailed visual environment. Here are some characteristics of the graphics in this game:

Characters and environments: The characters in Boxing Star APK are meticulously designed with clear lines and details. From the main fighters to the opponents, you will see special care to create characters with distinct looks and styles. The environment has also been faithfully recreated, from the arenas and gyms to the venues in clubs and leagues.

Effects and moves: Boxing Star uses special effects to recreate punches, dodges, and skills in battle. The movements of the boxer are designed to be smooth and flexible, creating realistic moves and punches.

User Interface: The user interface in the game is designed to be simple, easy to use and user-friendly. The buttons and menus are clearly laid out, making it easy for players to interact and control their characters.

How to play Boxing Star APK Latest version

Download and install: Download and install the Boxing Star APK game from your mobile app store. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms.


Character Creation: After starting the game, you will be asked to create your character. Customize your appearance, hairstyle, outfit and equipment to create a unique fighter.

Complete the tutorial: The game will provide an initial tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with the combat mechanics and the user interface. Complete the step-by-step instructions to master the gameplay.

Join Campaign mode: Start your journey in Campaign mode. Participate in matches, conquer tournaments and climb the leaderboards. Complete daily quests and quests to get rewards.

Character Upgrade: Use resources and skill points to upgrade your character. Upgrade skills, attributes and equipment to enhance the strength and fighting ability of the boxer.

PvP Challenge: Join PvP mode to challenge other fighters online. Go head-to-head with other players and compete on leaderboards.

Join a club: If you want, you can join a club and collaborate with other members. Perform club activities and challenge other clubs for trophies and rewards.

Participate in special events and activities: Follow special events and activities in the game and participate to win valuable rewards.

Pros and cons of Boxing Star APK iOS


  • Beautiful graphics: The game has high-quality graphics with detailed and vividly designed characters and environments.
  • Real-time Battle Mechanism: The real-time combat system offers an engaging and dramatic experience, allowing players to engage in realistic fighting battles and take direct control of their characters.
  • Customization and Upgrades: Players can customize their characters and upgrade skills, costumes, and equipment to enhance their strength and combat ability.
  • PvP and Club Modes: The game offers a PvP mode, allowing players to challenge other players online. In addition, players can join the club, cooperate and compete with other clubs.
  • Special events and missions: Boxing Star regularly organizes special events and missions, bringing valuable rewards and creating more excitement for players.


  • Network connection required: The game requires a constant internet connection to participate in online modes such as PvP and club.
  • Complex progression system: Upgrading and progressing in the game can get complicated and require time and effort.
  • Consumption Model: There is an in-game purchase and consumption model in which players can purchase items with real money or in-game currency for faster upgrades.
  • Patience: Leveling up and building characters in the game requires time and patience, and can require players to invest a lot of time to achieve high strength.
  • Repetitive Game Pattern: There may be a repetitive game pattern in participating in matches and quests, causing the game to become monotonous after a long playthrough.


Boxing Star APK game offers an exciting and authentic experience for boxing sport lovers. With beautiful graphics, real-time combat mechanics and high interactivity, this game allows players to enjoy dramatic fighting matches and create their own fighters. Customization, PvP and club modes also bring variety and competition into the game.

However, it should be noted that the game requires a constant internet connection and has a consumption pattern that may affect the player's experience. Despite some disadvantages such as progression complexity and repetitive game model, Boxing Star tips APK is still an attractive and interesting game for those who love fighting and boxing genres.



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