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Power Slap APK is a great choice for people who love funny, challenging and unique games. Download now and start your journey to becoming a PowerSlap champion on your phone!


Name Power Slap
Pagekage name com.uncosoft.powerslap
Version 5.1.0
Size 243.98 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Rollic Games

About of Power Slap APK

If you are looking for a unique game that combines strategy, humor and virtual slap contest, then Power Slap brass knuckles APK will definitely be the perfect choice. Introduced as a turn-based fighting game, Power Slap gives you the thrill of virtual slap competition in the palm of your hand.

Power Slap mobile game APK is the mobile version of the hugely popular Power Slap game. This experience allows you to participate in engaging virtual slap matches anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, just open the Power Slap tonight APK app and you will be immersed in the challenging and fun world of unique virtual slap competitions.

Overview of Power Slap APK For Android

Power Slap 4 rumble APK provides an exclusive training mode, helping you to improve your opponent slapping skills. You will face different challenges to perfect your technique and prepare for exciting matches.

With built-in humor and fun elements, Power Slap APK brings unique moments of entertainment. From the way you "slap" your opponent to unexpected situations, the game always ensures you'll burst into laughter during the gameplay. The new version brings famous opponents, challenges you to the limit and provides a new sense of excitement.

With Power Slap APK, you will not only show your unique tactical abilities and slap skills, but also be immersed in the funny and exciting world of virtual slap contest. Download Power Slap APK now and experience the thrill on your phone!

Features of Power Slap APK Latest Version

Training Mode:

  • The training mode is designed to help you master the technique of slapping your opponents and improve your tactical abilities.
  • The challenges and missions in this mode are varied, from focusing on accuracy to precise slap timing.
  • You will have the opportunity to perfect your technique and prepare for challenging matches.

Career Mode:

  • Career mode is where you will start from the bottom and climb up the ranks to become a PowerSlap Champion.
  • Each level will bring stronger opponents and different challenges, requiring you to show excellent slap technique to win.
  • Face famous faces and must defeat them to advance further.

Friendly interface:

  • Power Slap APK's player interface is designed to be easy to use and user-friendly.
  • You can easily slap your opponents and navigate through in-game features and modes.

Humor and Entertainment Experience:

  • Power Slap APK retains the humor and fun elements from the original version.
  • From the way the character performs slapping moves to the unexpected situations, the game offers unique moments of entertainment.

Updated Versions:

  • Power Slap APK will continue to receive regular updates to keep the game fresh and interesting.
  • Updated versions bring new features, performance upgrades, and bug fixes to improve player experience.

More Challenges:

  • Updated versions of Power Slap APK will bring many new challenges in both training mode and career mode.
  • This ensures that you will always have something to experiment with and improve your technique.

Famous Characters:

  • Power Slap APK will introduce famous opponents in updated versions.
  • This creates diversity and creates a new sense of excitement in facing famous players in the Power Slap world.

Graphics of Power Slap APK iOS

Graphics in Power Slap APK are designed with funny style, bright colors and diverse characters. In the game, you will see characters with unique looks and costumes, bringing a completely unique style.

The characters in the game can be modeled after a variety of cartoon characters, which can be people, animals, monsters or aliens. Each character has unique eye expressions, mouths, and movements when they perform slaps.

When you slap your opponent, special effects such as lights, sparks or air bubbles can appear, adding more fun and humor to the game.

In short, the graphics in Power Slap APK will definitely create a funny and unique world, combined with special effects to bring an interesting and entertaining game experience to players.

How to play, gameplay of Power Slap APK

  • Select Mode: Start by choosing a game mode, including Training Mode and Career Mode. Training Mode will help you master the technique of slapping your opponents, while Career Mode takes you on your journey from beginner to Champion.
  • Choose a Character: In each match, you will choose a character to represent you. Each character has their own techniques and characteristics, which affect how you perform the slap.
  • Perform Slap: When the match starts, you will perform a slap by performing actions on the screen. Often you will have to tap a button at the exact moment to deliver a powerful and precise slap.
  • Measuring Accuracy and Timing: Accuracy and slap time are important. You need to strike at the right time to effectively slap your opponent and get a high score.
  • Avoid Opponent: Your opponent will also slap you. You need to predict the time and slap of your opponent to avoid being slapped and losing points.
  • Conquer Levels: In Career Mode, you will go through different levels with increasingly powerful opponents. Show your slap technique to overcome the challenges and become the Champion.
  • Character Upgrade: In some updated versions, you may have the opportunity to upgrade your character, improving their slap technique and characteristics.

Pros and cons Power Slap Game APK


  • Funny Entertainment: Power Slap APK offers an interesting and funny entertainment experience through a unique virtual slap contest. The humorous element in the game helps create interesting moments and laughs to laugh.
  • Simple Gameplay: The gameplay is simple and accessible, suitable for players of all ages and experience. You just need to perform actions on the screen to slap your opponent.
  • Tactical Challenge: Power Slap APK requires players to focus and perform slap technique at the right time to defeat the opponent. This creates an interesting tactical challenge element.
  • Regular Updates: The game continues to receive regular updates, bringing new features and performance improvements to keep the experience fresh and exciting.


  • Can Be Repetitive: Due to the gameplay that focuses on executing opponent slaps, the game can become repetitive after a while, causing the player to lose interest.
  • Lack of Depth: Power Slap APK may lack depth in gameplay, not bringing complexity in combat or character customization.
  • Time Dependent: Accurate slap timing is important, sometimes defeating an opponent can depend more on slap timing than tactical technique.
  • Stress Potential: Due to the challenging and competitive nature of slapping opponents, the game can cause stress and tension for some players.


Power Slap APK is a fun virtual slap contest game where you participate in opponent slap matches to show off your technique, timing and tactics. With elements of humor and entertainment, the game brings fun and unique moments in a bright graphic environment. Power Slap APK offers an exciting experience for players looking for a combination of entertainment and tactical challenge in a unique virtual slap contest world.


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