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Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

Bondee App APK for iOS is the best metaverse-based social media for Android devices that promises to bring together individuals with similar interests and passions.


Name Bondee
Pagekage name com.metadream.bondee
Size 327.62 Mb
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+

Bondee APK is a great way for you and your close friends to communicate and connect with each other anywhere. Play games, share photos and videos, send messages, and more. in a virtual gaming environment.

Bondee APK allows you to organize events like parties and movie nights with friends. You can host a meeting, upload photos and videos of the event, review the event later, and communicate later.

Create a quick survey that you can share with your Bondee friends. These surveys and polls will strengthen your relationship with your best friend and help you quickly discuss topics of mutual interest.

Share your music with Bondee App, you can create streaming playlists for your friends whenever you want! Music creates strong emotional bonds that bind people together. You can make these moments last longer by sharing special, unforgettable songs from within the app.

Take part in exciting game competitions organized by you and other players from around the world! Compete in popular video games or join those near you by playing poker, chess and other table games.

About Bondee APK

This program is a virtual reality game that allows players to move into 3D space. The game features unique avatars, interactive NPCs, playing mini-games, watching movies, and virtual chatting with other players. Bondee Game allows you to customize your user profile and provides tools to connect with other players.

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When you run out of ideas, start making free video calls with the Bondee app. Even if you can't pay anything, there are many programs that will help you become a company. There's nothing like meeting face-to-face, especially when life gets tough. Whether near or far, connect to the expansive environment provided by the app.

Don't forget to visit the Bondee apk forums or community areas where members can be active on related topics, music, sports, politics or anything else under the sun. ! It's good to associate with like-minded people. Who knows, you might even maintain your friendship in chat rooms or forums.

Features of Bondee APK

Private party organization

The app is designed to provide a virtual platform where you and your best friends can chat, chat and make memories. Get a unique invite link to join the community for as long as you like. Like a real dating chat, only experiences, photos and videos are shared with group members.

Screen sharing in video conferencing

Bondee has an interactive platform that allows you to share your screen during online meetings. It allows everyone on your team to engage and communicate in real time, together delivering a great experience.

Traditional wall decoration

Personalize your box by creating a unique background. Add images, memes, GIFs or audio files to your feed to decorate your walls. Interesting Context is a very interesting place where there are four people available at any time in an open forum who can start endless discussions on various topics. Doesn't it start? What followed was a great experience and many sincere conversations.

Video games

Enhance your social gatherings with Bondee APK in gameobby Play mini Android games like HeadsUp Charades and Rummy Wars with 3-4 friends to develop the communication skills needed to solve problems or compete Do your best in these games. Because kindness is always fun and makes us happy when crazy.

Live streaming integration

Finally, you can enjoy up to 4 hours of live streaming from the app. Each broadcast is limited to 300 people, so anyone you invite can watch. Immediately attract the same attention. In addition, there is a 30-minute time limit to automatically delete user messages to further protect user privacy. I worry about finding every live chat.

The Bondee app uses metadata to create a virtual space where you can meet and chat with groups of friends, providing a great social media experience.

Virtual meeting place with friends

Metaverse will definitely be important in the future. There are actually a lot of things that are used for an immersive and dynamic experience. This social network is one of them. But how does it work and what makes it so special?

He lives out of the house with his friends.

Bondee is a new social media platform powered by Metaverse. Users can use their physical location when creating an account. The purpose of this app is to invite your best friends to the metaverse. Each room can accommodate 50 people.

A virtual space where you and your best friend can have fun.

Another cool thing about this app is the avatar system. Users can create their own 3D avatars using various editing options. Avatars are at the top in these social media platforms because they are the people we use to communicate on the platform. In other words, history is no longer an ordinary box. Like video games, there are many ways to interact with other users in real time.

Live with your friends

Bondee is a virtual arena for you and your best friends to really socialize.


Invite up to 50 friends to your arena.


Create your real avatar.
Choose from a wide variety of trendy original outfits created by designers in the fashion community.


Bondee opens directly into an arena with all your friends as avatars.
Double-tap your friends to interact.
Express yourself with chats or statuses.


Stay in touch with your friends with direct messages.
Use your favorite statuses to start and improve your conversation.


Share your feelings. Just tap to take a photo and choose an animated emoji to express your feelings.
Express yourself with a camera and animated emojis.


Create your own personal space to place your favorite items. You can visit the friend space and find more fun.


Go and experience the wonders of the sea and face the unknown. Throw or catch floating bottles to interact with new friends.

Start living with friends who really understand you.
Ready, ready, Bondee!

Bondee is now online!

  • Create an avatar with a variety of trendy original outfits.
  • Present your idea with a cute and attractive 'Put'.
  • Interact with friends with funny "actions".
  • Create your own "space" and build an "apartment" with your friends.
  • Set sail, to discover the interesting and the unknown.
  • Invite up to 50 friends to your arena.


Overall, Bondee APK Download is creating a powerful new social media platform that is breaking down some barriers in the digital world. The only downside is that you need a phone number to sign up. Now available in some countries


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Bondee APK

I'm having trouble installing or playing Bondee. How can I get support? +

If you have problems downloading, installing or playing Bondee, try restarting your device first. If the problem persists, you can contact Bondee support service through the official website or other support channels for further assistance.

Can I play Bondee APK on iOS? +

No, Bondee APK is only available for Android operating system. If you use iOS, you will not be able to install Bondee from the App Store.

How to download and install Bondee APK on my Android phone? +

To download and install Bondee APK, you need to visit the SuperHile website, then search for Bondee APK. Download the APK file and open it to install. Before installation, you need to allow installation from unknown sources in your phone's security settings.

How to fix "Bondee APK failed to open" or "Bondee APK frozen" error on my phone? +

If you encounter problems while trying to play Bondee APK, you can try the following remedies:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest APK version of Bondee from a trustworthy source.
  • Restart your device to clear any errors in memory and background processes.
  • Check if your device meets the system requirements of Bondee APK, and update the operating system if necessary.
  • If the problem persists, you should contact Bondee support for more detailed assistance regarding the specific issue you are experiencing.
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