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Bioskop Simulator Cinema APK brings you a unique management experience with sharp graphics, first-person gameplay and many attractive features, taking you on a journey to explore and develop your cinema.


Name Bioskop Simulator
Pagekage name bioskop.simulator
Version 4.0.5
Size 27.13 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

Introduce to Bioskop Simulator APK

Bioskop Simulator APK kapan rilis is not just an ordinary simulation game, but also an opportunity for you to become the manager of your cinema from a first-person perspective.

With Game Bioskop Simulator, you will satisfy your passion for cinema and business. Collect over 20 movies to show at your theater, and don't forget to decorate the theater in your own style. Upgrade facilities to welcome more customers and increase ratings to attract special partners and customers.

More Overview of Bioskop Simulator Game APK

A unique feature of Cinema Simulator APK is exploring the big and mysterious city around it, opening up a vast space for creativity and exploration. You can also decorate your home to create the most beautiful living space possible. And yet, during the game, you will face different challenges such as eliminating thugs and criminals who are disturbing your theater, keeping the theater clean and recruiting staff to serve customers goods in the best way.

With first-person gameplay, Bioskop Simulator brings surprises and attractions, creating a new and unique gaming experience. You can also enjoy minigames to receive special rewards and complete quests to receive countless attractive rewards.

All features in Bioskop Simulator Latest Version

  • Collect Over 20 Movies: Players can enjoy variety in content by collecting over 20 movies to show in their theaters.
  • Cinema Decoration: Customize and decorate your cinema according to your own style, creating a unique space and attracting customers.
  • Cinema Upgrade: Improve your facilities to welcome more customers and increase income. Upgrade devices and utilities to improve your movie-watching experience.
  • Increase Cinema Ratings: Increase cinema ratings to attract special customers and important partners.
  • Eliminate Thugs and Criminals: Face the challenge of eliminating the thugs and criminals that are disturbing your theater to preserve a peaceful and secure environment.
  • Keep Theater Clean: Make it your mission to keep your theater clean and attractive to customers.
  • Explore the Big and Mysterious City: Uncover new areas in the big and mysterious city around it, providing vast space for exploration.
  • Home Decoration: Decorate your home to create the most beautiful living space possible.
  • Play Minigames to Get Rewards: Participate in minigames to get special rewards and increase your playing experience.
  • Recruiting Extra Staff: Recruiting and managing additional staff to improve service and serve customers.
  • First-Person Gameplay: Experience first-person gameplay with many surprises, increasing the fun and interaction with the environment.
  • Complete Achievements and Get Rewards: Complete achievements to get tons of cool rewards and improve your theater.
  • Follow the Main Story: Follow the main story to bring your cinema back to its glory.
  • Side Quests and Getting to Know the Townsmen: Take on side quests and get to know the townspeople, opening up various aspects of the game.
  • Offline Play Mode: The game can be played offline, allowing you to experience it anytime, anywhere without needing an internet connection.

Interface, graphics on Bioskop Simulator For Android

First and foremost, the graphics of Bioskop Simulator Cinema APK are designed with exceptional attention to detail. The massive and mysterious cityscapes you get to explore are a masterpiece of digital art, with vivid colors and character to each area.

Your cinema and home are also designed with sophistication, creating an authentic and creative living space. From the smallest detail in decoration to the flexibility of lighting, the game's graphics help create a realistic and engaging environment for players.

The first-person gameplay is also supported by impressive graphics, creating a powerful and realistic interactive experience. This helps players become more immersed in their world, experiencing every aspect of cinema management as it is in reality.

On the other hand, Bioskop Simulator not only focuses on the visual aspect but also creates vivid and appropriate sound, enhancing the player's polygonal experience. Background music and sound effects are tightly integrated, creating a musical atmosphere that blends with the environment.

How to play, gameplay for Bioskop Simulator iOS

Bioskop Simulator APK offers unique gameplay with a first-person perspective, creating strong and realistic interactions. You will take on the role of a cinema manager, where you will have the opportunity to collect films, decorate the theater, upgrade facilities and manage staff.

Exploring the big city and its surrounding mysteries forms part of the challenge and fun of the game. You will participate in many missions, minigames, and follow the main story to bring your theater back to its glory.

First-person gameplay increases the sense of realism and interaction, making your experience engaging and constantly innovative.

Pros and Cons of Bioskop Cinema Simulator Mobile APK


  • First-Person Gameplay: The first-person perspective offers a rich and detailed interactive experience.
  • Diverse Features: There are many features such as theater decorations, facility upgrades, and city exploration, creating variety in gameplay.
  • Minigames and Attractive Missions: The combination of minigames and main missions creates multi-dimensionality and keeps players engaged.
  • Offline Play Mode: The ability to play offline helps players experience anytime, anywhere without having to worry about internet connection.


  • High Resource Requirements: May require high resources from the device, especially on low-end devices.
  • High Potential for Repetition: As with all simulation games, it is possible that players will encounter some recurring elements during gameplay.
  • Large Time Requirement: Complex plots and many features may require large amounts of time to fully understand and enjoy.


Cinema Bioskop Simulator APK is a unique cinema management experience with many outstanding advantages. This includes high-quality graphics, vibrant first-person gameplay, and a variety of exciting features such as theater decorations, facility upgrades, and city exploration. Prepare for an exciting adventure and bring your cinema back to its glory!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Bioskop Simulator APK

How to collect more movies for my theater in Bioskop Simulator APK? +

To collect more drama, visit new areas in the city and complete missions to open new drama. At the same time, maintain positive relationships with partners to receive additional special screening opportunities.

What is the way to upgrade cinemas to attract more customers? +

To attract more customers, you can upgrade facilities, enhance theater decoration, and improve services such as buying tickets online and serving snacks. Make sure the work environment makes customers feel comfortable and happy.

How do I get rid of the thugs and criminals that are bothering my theater? +

To eliminate thugs and criminals, keep the theater clean and consolidated. Enhanced security protection and monitoring to ensure a peaceful and safe environment for customers.

How to take advantage of minigames and side quests to get more rewards? +

Participate in minigames to earn special rewards and complete side missions to receive countless attractive rewards. Regularly check the quest list and participate in exciting activities to enjoy unique rewards.

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