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Download Atomic Heart mode APK is an engaging open world role-playing game for Android devices. Play a fighting game against giant machines and bloodthirsty creatures to complete the mission.


Name Atomic Heart Game
Version 1
Size 25.3 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Garten_devlopper

Describe of Atomic Heart APK

Atomic heart- an upcoming action RPG on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. In the game, players will play as Ivan, a government employee investigating a mysterious scientific disaster that occurred at a machine manufacturing center.

Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart is a high-quality FPS game set in an isolated world where technology and magic are mixed together. With stunning graphics, a diverse combat system, and a complex storyline, Atomic Heart promises to be an attractive game for lovers of the action RPG genre.

Overview Atomic Heart APK

Atomic Heart possesses a colorful open world where advanced technology and magic are mixed together to create a unique and fascinating setting. Players will explore a variety of different areas, from secret research facilities to developed urban areas and dangerous wild forests.

In addition to high-quality graphics, Atomic Heart also has a diverse and unique combat system, allowing players to customize Ivan's skills and weapons to deal with the forces threatening the world. With a complex plot and unexpected details, Atomic Heart promises to bring players exciting and dramatic moments of entertainment.

Features of the game Atomic heart

Unique Open World: Atomic Heart has a large open world, allowing players to freely explore different lands in the game. Areas include secret research facilities, developed urban areas, wild forests and more.

Diverse combat system: Atomic Heart has a unique and diverse battle system that allows players to customize Ivan's skills and weapons to deal with the forces threatening the world. Players can use a variety of weapons, from guns to swords and spells to defeat the enemy.

Exploration feature: Players can explore the environment and find secrets and warnings in the world of Atomic Heart.

Complex plot: Atomic Heart has a complicated and unexpected story. The storylines in the game are designed to keep players curious and interested in the plot.

High-quality graphics: Atomic Heart uses high-quality graphics, giving players beautiful and vivid images.

Unique Sound and Background Music: Atomic Heart has a unique soundtrack and uses appropriate sounds to add a sense of drama in the game.

Crafting System: Atomic Heart has a rich crafting system that allows players to craft weapons, jewelry, and equipment using resources and materials found in the game.

Character Upgrade Feature: Players can upgrade the skills and attributes of Ivan's character to become stronger and better deal with the enemies that threaten the world.

Resource management feature: Players need to manage their resources, including weapons, jewelry, equipment and other items to better cope with their surroundings.

Multiplayer Battle Feature: Atomic Heart also features a feature that allows players to engage in multiplayer battles where they can go head-to-head or work together to conquer quests.

With such diverse and rich features, Atomic Heart is an attractive and worth-trying game for those who love the action RPG genre.

Here are some useful tips for players to enjoy the game Atomic Heart at its best:

  • Please read the instructions carefully before you start playing to understand how the game works and its important features.
  • Take advantage of the character upgrade feature to become stronger and better deal with enemies.
  • Always observe your surroundings and use items and materials found in the game to create useful weapons, jewelry, and equipment.
  • Focus on the main quests to progress in the game and avoid wasting time on unimportant activities.
  • Participate in multiplayer battles to experience intense matches and learn how other players play.
  • Always enjoy the game and do not forget to enjoy its fascinating storyline.

How to use Atomic Heart APK

Install the game: Download Atomic Heart game on your gaming platform and install it according to the on-screen instructions.

Choose game mode: You can choose single player or multiplayer mode depending on your preference.

Character Creation: In single player mode, you will create and customize your character. Make sure you choose the right attributes to maximize your character's abilities.

Complete Missions: You will have to complete missions to progress in the game. These missions will include investigation, combat, and puzzle solving.

Use items: Throughout the game you will find various items and materials. Use them to create useful weapons, jewelry and equipment to make your character stronger.

Interaction with the environment: Atomic Heart has a challenging and dangerous environment, use the materials you find to help you overcome the difficulties.

Join the Multiplayer Match: In the multiplayer mode, you will participate in exciting matches with other players around the world.

Enjoy the plot: Atomic Heart has a very interesting and unique storyline, enjoy and explore the world of the game.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter game developed by Mundfish. Here are some weapons in this game:

Shotgun: Versatile pistol with the ability to deal massive damage at close range.

Assault Rifle: Semi-automatic rifle, suitable for long-range and close-range combat.

Pistol: Simple but effective handgun in killing opponents at close range.

Energy Gun: An energy beam gun that deals energy damage and burns the target.

Melee Weapons: Weapons such as knives, swords, iron rods, hammers, shotguns... are used for close combat situations.

Rocket Launcher: A rocket launcher that deals massive damage, destroying multiple targets at once.

Sniper Rifle: Submachine gun, with high accuracy and long range, suitable for destroying opponents from a distance.

Gravity Gun: Gravity Gun, allowing the player to create offensive and defensive opportunities in the game.

​Pros and cons of the Atomic Heart APK


  • Beautiful graphics: Atomic Heart possesses very beautiful and detailed graphics, with very well-designed character models and scenes, creating a large and colorful world.
  • Diverse Playstyle: The Atomic Heart game features a variety of weapons and abilities, allowing players to choose their approach when confronting enemies. Moreover, the game also provides players with a variety of gameplay options and approaches to missions.
  • Compelling plot: Atomic Heart has a unique and complex plot, combining elements of science fiction, psychology and action. The engaging and ever-changing storyline will keep players curious and wanting to explore more.


  • Unreleased: At the moment, Atomic Heart is still unreleased, so we still don't know much about the game.
  • Unknown genre: Atomic Heart is promoted as a first-person shooter game, but there are also many other elements such as adventure, action, psychology... this can make players the main genre of the game is hard to guess.
  • Uncertain release date: Atomic Heart has yet to have an official release date, which leaves players and fans of the game waiting for more.


Atomic Heart's ending is yet to be revealed, as the game is still in development. However, according to published information, Atomic Heart will have a relatively complicated and mysterious story.

It is possible that players will be transported into a world that breaks with traditional thinking, with many unpredictable events and situations. This game promises to bring players challenging and exciting experiences, with many surprises waiting ahead.

With varied gameplay, stunning graphics, and an engaging storyline, Atomic Heart promises to be a remarkable game in the first-person shooter genre. Players are eagerly anticipating and waiting for the official release of this game, to be able to experience exciting moments in a mysterious fantasy world.


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FAQs? Atomic Heart Game APK

What are the configuration requirements of Atomic Heart Game APK? +

The configuration requirements of Atomic Heart Game APK may vary, but usually require a powerful Android device with a recent enough operating system version and enough storage space to install the game.

Does Atomic Heart Game APK support multiple languages? +

Normally, Atomic Heart Game APK will have multi-language support to serve players around the world. Players can choose their preferred language in the game settings.

How to report bugs or suggestions for Atomic Heart Game APK? +

To report errors or suggestions for Atomic Heart Game APK, you can contact the publisher or rely on the support channels they provide, such as the official website, community forums, or social networking sites. of the game.

Does the game support remote control? +

Atomic Heart Game APK may support remote control on some compatible devices, however, you should check the supported devices list on the game's official website.

Does Atomic Heart Game APK integrate multiplayer mode? +

Yes, the game supports multiplayer mode for you to freely explore and fight with friends or other online players.

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