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Asteroids Space Defense APK is an arcade game combining shooting elements, players will have a journey through the asteroid storm and show their skills in the vast space.


Name Asteroids Space Defense
Version 2.1
Size 43.72 Mb
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer MM Retro Games

About of Asteroids Space Defense APK

Asteroids Space Defense APK is a challenging mobile game that promises to bring players hours of entertainment. Belongs to the genre of arcade games combined with shooting elements.

Players will control a spacecraft in space and face a never-ending asteroid storm. The game requires the player to move the spacecraft and dodge the attacking asteroids. At the same time, you also need to destroy them by shooting at them.

The in-game controls are designed to be flexible and easy to operate on the touchscreen. The player can move the spacecraft at will to dodge asteroids and direct their shooting. The difficulty of the game increases with each wave of challenges. The number and speed of asteroids is increasing, requiring players to have quick reflexes and good skills to survive.

Overview of Asteroids Space Defense APK Mobile Game

The game is divided into different challenge waves. Each wave offers a different level of difficulty and variety in how the asteroid strikes. To advance through each wave, the player needs to destroy a specified number of asteroids or sustain life within a certain time.

Asteroids Space Defense APK presents pixel art style with high detail. This creates a feeling of nostalgia and reminiscent of the classic game era. The music and sound effects in the game, along with the artwork, make for a complete and immersive experience.

Emphasizing the appeal of classic gameplay, along with a unique pixel art style, Asteroids Space Defense offers a fusion of past and present. Join the journey through the asteroid storm and show your skills in the vast space.

Features of Asteroids Space Defense APK for Android

  • Pixel Art Style: The game uses a unique pixel art style, bringing a sense of nostalgia and retro to the player.
  • Flexible controls: The game offers easy and smooth control on the touch screen, allowing the player to easily move the spacecraft and attack the asteroid.
  • Waves of Challenge Mode: The game is divided into different wave of challenge, each offering increasing difficulty and variety of asteroid strike.
  • Survival Challenge: The main objective of the player is to survive the incessant asteroid storm. The game proposes tough challenges to test your survival.
  • Music and Sound Effects: Background music and sound effects help create an exciting and lively game environment.
  • Increased difficulty: Challenge waves all have increased difficulty, requiring players with quick reflexes and good skills to deal with.
  • Asteroid diversity: Asteroids can take on different characteristics, such as size, speed, and direction of attack, creating a variety of experiences.
  • Objectives and Rewards: The game may offer objectives or rewards for the player to destroy a specific number of asteroids or sustain life for a certain amount of time.
  • High Score Feature: There may be a high score function to encourage players to compete with each other to achieve a high position on the leaderboard.

Game mode, graphics of Asteroids Space Defense APK

Pixel art style: The game is designed with pixel art style. This can mean that images and in-game objects are rendered with low resolution and clear pixels, giving it a feeling of nostalgia and retro.

Visual Effects: There may be visual effects used to create the space environment and create a variety of asteroid strikes.

Asteroid types: Graphics of different types of asteroids can be designed to reflect the variety in their shape, size, and color.

Backgrounds and environments: The game may provide backgrounds and spatial environments to create a suitable setting for the game.

Simple, friendly graphics for all ages and help players have the best entertainment moments.

How to play of Asteroids Space Defense APK Latest version

Spaceship Control: Players will control a spaceship in space using buttons or touch points on the touchscreen. The spacecraft can move left, right, up and down.

Dodge asteroids: While moving the spacecraft, the player needs to dodge the attacking asteroids. This requires quick response and predictability to avoid collisions.

Asteroid Shooting: The player has the ability to shoot asteroids using on-screen buttons or gestures. The goal is to destroy the asteroids before they get close.

Challenge Waves: The game is divided into different challenge waves. Each wave can have a different number of asteroids and difficulty levels. Players need to destroy or dodge them to advance through each wave.

Survival: The ultimate goal is to survive the relentless asteroid storm. Players need to be able to survive and face the increase in difficulty through waves of challenge.

The gameplay of the game is a combination of quick reflexes, predictability and precise shooting skills.

Each wave of challenges brings a new challenge, requiring players to adapt to new environments and situations.

The game can offer different types of asteroids, each with their own distinct characteristics and behaviors, increasing variety and difficulty.

Pros and cons of Asteroids Space Defense APK iOS


  • Nostalgic feeling: Designed with pixel art style and gameplay similar to classic arcade games, the game can give a feeling of nostalgia and stimulate interaction with memories from the past.
  • Challenge and sense of facing: The increase in difficulty through each wave of challenges can create a sense of excitement and challenge for players, stimulating them to try to overcome themselves and improve their gaming skills.
  • Exciting Gameplay: Simple but addictive gameplay with spaceship control and asteroid destruction, can make the game fun and entertaining.


  • Monotonous: If the game lacks variety in challenge waves, asteroid types, and interaction opportunities, it can become monotonous after a while of playing.
  • Limited visual effects: The pixel art style can limit the ability to use a variety of visual effects, resulting in a lack of enjoyment in the visual experience.
  • May not be suitable for everyone: The classic style and simple gameplay may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a more complex game experience.


Asteroids Space Defense APK is an arcade-style mobile game with a unique pixel art style. The game offers the nostalgic feel of the classic games of the past and challenges the player through non-stop asteroid waves.

Asteroids Space Defense can provide a fun and stimulating experience for players through its simple yet addictive gameplay and a sense of nostalgia from the classic game era.


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