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App Cloner MOD APK 2.17.6

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App Cloner premium APK is the Perfect Choice to optimize your mobile experience with the ability to clone, customize and manage apps flexibly and conveniently.


Name App Cloner
Version 2.17.6
Size 32 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer AppListo

About to App Cloner APK

App Cloner 64 bit APK is a great tool for those who want to enjoy multitasking experience and efficient app management on their mobile devices. App Cloner APK boat is an application that helps you create independent copies of existing applications on your phone. This brings many benefits, especially when you want to use multiple accounts on the same application without having to constantly log out and in. With App Cloner, you can run multiple instances of an app at the same time, and manage them easily.

More Overview of App Cloner For Android

The application also provides many fine-tuning options so you can adjust the clone settings as desired. You can change app icons, set password protection, and even hide notifications to keep your experience completely private.

Another strong point of Realme App Cloner APK is its stability and high performance. I tested it on a variety of phones and operating systems, and it always worked smoothly without significantly affecting the device's overall performance.

All features in App Cloner Latest Version

  • Create Independent Clones: App Cloner pro APK allows you to create independent copies of any application on your phone. You can run multiple instances of the same application without affecting each other's data.
  • Fine Tuning Options: Provides a variety of fine tuning options so you can adjust your copy's settings as desired. Change app icons, set password protection and hide notifications to protect your privacy.
  • Multiple Account Support: Suitable for users who need to manage multiple accounts on the same application without having to constantly log in and out.
  • Display and Sound Options: Allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and volume of each instance of the application.
  • Automatic Update Integration: Supports automatic application update integration, helping you always use the latest version with up-to-date features and bug fixes.

Instructions, how to use App Cloner iOS

Step 1: Choose Application:

  • Select the application you want to copy from the displayed list.

Step 2: Customize Settings:

  • Customize settings as you like such as changing the name, icon, or even password protection.

Step 3: Create a Copy:

  • Click the "Clone" button to create a copy of the selected application.

Step 4: Using Copies:

  • Open a copy from your home screen or suppress notifications in your customized way.

Important Note:

  • Make sure you're not violating the parent app's terms of use or the platform's policies.

Tips and advice when using for App Cloner Mobile App

Always Check for Updates: Make sure you are using the latest version of App Cloner arm APK to benefit from feature updates and bug fixes.

Confirm Good Integration: Before cloning an app, make sure it is compatible and well integrated with App Cloner 4pda to avoid unexpected issues.

Pay Attention to Performance: Use App Cloner 1.5.21 premium APK in moderation to avoid affecting the overall performance of your device. Running too many copies can reduce speed and battery capacity.

Customize Names and Icons: Take advantage of the customization feature to change your clones' names and icons, helping you easily distinguish between them.

Notification Management: Determine whether you want to receive notifications from your replica, to maintain stability and avoid being bothered by unnecessary notifications.

Advantages and disadvantages App Cloner APK


  • Rich Features: Offers a variety of customization features, allowing you to adjust everything from app icons to names and permissions.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts: A useful tool for those who want to manage multiple accounts on the same application without having to log in again.
  • Stability and Performance: App Cloner premium APK android 12 usually operates stably and does not cause a major impact on device performance.


  • Limitations for Some Apps: There are some apps that are not compatible well or may have problems when used with App Cloner.
  • Root Permission Required for Some Features: To enjoy full features, some require root permission, which can be a hassle for those who do not want to root their device.
  • Battery Consumption: Running multiple copies simultaneously can increase battery consumption, especially on low-end devices.


App Cloner APK accompanies you in optimizing your mobile experience. The flexibility and diversity of the application brings many benefits, from managing multiple accounts to fully customizing the application interface. Use it wisely and take advantage of the best features to ensure that this app is truly a trusted companion on your phone.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? App Cloner APK

Is App Cloner compatible with all apps? +

No, there are some apps that are not compatible or may have problems when used with App Cloner. Each version of the application will have specific characteristics and should be tested case by case.

Does App Cloner affect phone performance? +

App Cloner usually operates smoothly and does not significantly impact performance, however, running too many copies at once can consume battery capacity and system resources.

Why do some App Cloner features require root access? +

Some features such as changing device information, hiding apps, and some extended options require root access to fully function.

How to delete app duplicates on App Cloner? +

Open App Cloner, select the app you want to delete, then tap the trash icon or use the clone removal feature in the app settings.

Does App Cloner lose the original app's data? +

No, App Cloner creates an independent copy and does not change the original app's data.

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