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AltLife - Life Simulator APK is an exciting life simulation game for mobile, where you can create and control your virtual character, face important decisions and build the life you want.


Name AltLife
Pagekage name com.QmzApps.LifeStory
Version 39
Size 105.8 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer QmzApps
Mod Feature All Unlocked

Introducing AltLife - Life Simulator Mod APK

Welcome to AltLife Mod APK, where you can experience a diverse and rich life through a unique life simulation game on your mobile phone. With AltLife, each tap of the Age button marks a new chapter in your life story, opening up opportunities, challenges, and unexpected experiences.

In this game, you start from the position of a regular dishwasher, but with determination and effort, you can climb to the heights of success as a CEO or become a famous star on virtual platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

AltLife is not just about building a career and making money, but also about exploring and developing genuine relationships with those around you. You'll experience the ups and downs of friendship, love, and other complex relationships, creating a colorful and memorable life.

With AltLife Mod APK unlocked everything, you can fully customize your character, from appearance to daily lifestyle. Engage in a variety of activities from cooking, writing, to shopping, and smart investing to grow your assets.

Highlights of AltLife Mod APK

  • Unique life simulation: In AltLife, each tap of the "Age" button not only increases the character's age but also opens up a series of random events and important decisions. From choosing careers, personal relationships to decisions about assets and daily life, each playthrough is a new and unique adventure.
  • Career development: This feature is not limited to choosing a profession but also provides a rich experience in building a career from scratch. Starting from low positions, but with effort and skills, you can climb higher positions and even become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Becoming a virtual artist: Starting a career on YouTube and Instagram is not just about attracting followers and making money, but also about building a personal brand and managing it over time. From creating compelling content to managing the community, you'll face many challenges and opportunities.
  • Genuine relationships: AltLife is not just about simulating life but also about exploring and developing relationships with those around you. From friends to lovers, you'll have to build and maintain these relationships through interactive choices and decisions.
  • Character customization: AltLife offers a range of customizations for your character, from appearance to daily lifestyle. You can change hairstyles, skin tones, outfits, and even small details like glasses and tattoos, creating a unique character that reflects your personality.
  • Diverse age simulation: Developing skills and participating in various activities is not just about entertainment but also about influencing the character's life in the game. From cooking delicious meals to engaging in recreational activities, each decision will affect daily life and character development.

How to Play AltLife - Life Simulator Mod APK

  • Start your life: When you start the game, you'll enter the life of a new character. You'll begin with youth and tap the "Age" button to progress through different stages of life. Each tap simulates a new year with different events and decisions.
  • Career development: AltLife Mod APK unlocked offers a range of career options, from ordinary jobs like salespeople to high-end professions like doctors or lawyers. By completing various jobs, you can enhance skills and climb higher positions in your career.
  • Become a virtual star: An exciting feature in AltLife Mod APK Premium is the ability to start a career on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. You can create unique content, attract followers, and earn money from your online fame.
  • Build relationships: In this virtual life, relationships play an important role. You can seek friends, lovers, and even get married. Engage in interactive activities to develop relationships and create memorable moments.
  • Customize your character: AltLife Mod APK download allows you to customize your character's appearance from head to toe. You can choose hairstyles, skin tones, outfits, and even small details like glasses and tattoos, creating a unique character that reflects your personality.
  • Engage in diverse activities: In addition to career development and building relationships, you can also participate in various activities such as cooking, shopping, exercising, and even investing to enhance your assets.
  • Explore the virtual and real world: AltLifefree shopping combines elements of both the virtual and real world, allowing you to experience life from daily events to major challenges in a detailed and multi-dimensional simulation environment.
  • Make your mark: Life in AltLife is limitless, and every decision you make will affect the character's life. Live a unique and limitless life, making your mark in this virtual world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AltLife Mod APK

AltLife Mod APK provides a unique and rich life simulation gaming experience, but it also has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the pros and cons of the game:


  • Diversity in choices and experiences: AltLife offers a variety of features and activities from career development to building relationships and participating in entertainment activities. Players can enjoy a diverse and rich virtual life.
  • Interaction and decision-making: The game allows players to participate in important decisions and interact with other characters in the game. This creates a lively environment and allows players to create their own stories.
  • Uniqueness and creativity: Combining elements of the real world and the virtual world in AltLife creates a unique and creative experience. Players can engage in real-life activities such as shopping and investing, as well as participate in virtual activities such as becoming a social media star.


  • May become repetitive: Although AltLife offers many features and activities, after a while, some players may find it repetitive to experience recurring events and decisions.
  • Time and commitment required: To truly enjoy the game and build a full virtual life, players need to invest time and commitment. Progressing in the game may require continuous investment from players.
  • Can lead to dependency: The game can be addictive and may easily lead players to become dependent on performing virtual activities in AltLife, especially when facing difficulties in real life.


AltLife - Life Simulator Mod APK is a unique and exciting life simulation game that provides players with a diverse and addictive experience. The realism in life simulation, diverse content, and active community are the strengths of this game. However, it is important to note that after a while of playing, the game may become repetitive. Nonetheless, with continuous development through updates and new expansions, AltLife remains an excellent choice for those seeking a deep and enjoyable life simulation experience on their mobile phones or tablets.


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FAQs? AltLife APK

How to create a character in AltLife APK? +

To create a character, you can tap the "Create Character" icon on the home screen and then customize information about your character, including name, gender, style, and many other attributes.

How to make money in the game? +

You can earn money by working, choosing a profession, and participating in in-game events. A careful feel for your primary financial management will help you get ahead in life.

Is there any way to improve the character's health and happiness? +

That's right, you can enhance your character's health and happiness by engaging in healthy activities, maintaining good relationships, and making positive decisions.

How to manage relationships in the game? +

To build and maintain relationships in AltLife, you need to regularly interact with other characters, choose positive relationship potions, and make sure you spend time with them.

Is there a way to advance your career? +

To advance in your career, you need to work hard, participate in courses or training related to your career, and make smart career decisions.

How do I share my game experience on social networks? +

To share your game experience on social networks, you can use the sharing feature available in the game to post articles or images on your social network platform.

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