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Download AI Photo Editor APK is a powerful all-in-one photo editing artificial intelligence tool for everyone including photo editors, designers and collage creators.

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Name AI Photo Editor
Size 320.83 Mb
Category Photography
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

About of AI Photo Editor APK

AI Photo Editor APK is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to improve and edit images. The AI technology in these apps enables automatic recognition and analysis of elements in images, thereby providing features and effects to create better and more professional looking photos.

Overview of AI Photo Editor Mobile APK

The AI Photo Editor application is evolving rapidly, and new technologies are constantly being integrated to provide a better and more convenient photo editing experience for users. However, be aware that the use of AI photo editing does not completely replace the user's skill and creativity, but is only a support tool to create more unique and beautiful photos.

AI Photo Editor APK is a powerful all-in-one photo editing app for everyone, including photo editors, design makers and collage makers.

Features of AI Photo Editor APK for Android

  • Auto Enhance: This feature allows the application to automatically recognize and enhance the light, color, contrast, and tint of the image to improve the overall quality.
  • Object Removal: AI technology is used to automatically remove unwanted objects in images. This allows you to remove unwanted details or retouch the landscape.
  • Face auto-refresh: This feature uses AI to automatically refresh and refine faces in the image. It can smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, adjust facial balance, and naturally beautify.
  • Automatic landscape enhancement: AI technology can automatically enhance elements in the landscape. For example, it can clarify the sky, enhance details in a natural scene, or give vivid colors to parts of an image.
  • Light and color balance: This feature allows automatic adjustment of the light and color of the image to balance and create a more realistic and harmonious photo.
  • HDR Auto Capture: HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique used to produce images with high contrast and detail simultaneously in bright and dark areas. AI Photo Editor technology can automatically create HDR images from multiple photos taken with different contrasts.
  • Filters and effects: The AI Photo Editor application provides a wide range of filters and effects to change the color, create special effects, or change the style of the image.


How to use AI Photo Editor APK Latest version

To use AI Photo Editor application, you can follow these basic steps:

Download and install the app: Go to the app store corresponding to your device (App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android, or the official developer website) and search for the AI Photo app Editor. Download and install the app on your phone or computer.

Open the app and select an image: Start the app and select the image you want to edit from the gallery or capture a new one from the camera.

Choose features and effects: Depending on your specific application, you'll have a wide range of features and effects to choose from. Common features can include auto enhancement, light and color balance, subject removal, face refresh, and more.

Customize and adjust: If you want to customize and adjust in detail, the application provides tools such as adjusting brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and other parameters. You can use the sliders or specialized tools to adjust as you like.

Apply effects and filters: If you want to change the style of the image, the application provides filters and effects to apply. You can try a variety of effects and adjust the amount applied to produce the desired result.

Preview and save the image: After finishing editing, you can preview the result and compare it with the original image. If you are satisfied with the result, save the image to your device to use and share.

Tips and advice when using AI Photo Editor APK

Save the original: Before starting to edit, always save the original of the image. This allows you to return to the original state if you are not satisfied with the results of the edit.

Experiment and customize: Experiment with different features and effects to find the right editing style for your images. Customize and adjust parameters for best results.


Use the automatic feature: AI Photo Editor application often has an automatic feature to improve the image. Use this feature to have a good starting point for the editing process, which you can then further tweak as you wish.

Don't abuse effects: Some effects and filters can make an image look unnatural or lose important details. Use effects thoughtfully and maintain balance.

Use detailed customizers: If the app offers detailed customization tools like brightness, contrast, and color, use them to adjust specific elements in the image.

Preserve naturalness: Avoid over-editing to avoid losing the naturalness and realism of the image. The goal is to create an improved photo that retains its original feel and intent.

Share and collect feedback: After editing, share the image with others and collect feedback. This helps you capture an objective opinion and improve your editing skills.

Remember that using AI Photo Editor APK is a process of learning and experimentation. Take the time to get to know each other and

Pros and cons of AI Photo Editor APK iOS


  • Processing speed: AI technology has the ability to process images quickly and efficiently, saving users time when editing photos.
  • Automation: AI Photo Editor application provides automatic features such as auto enhancement, object removal and face refresh, helping users to quickly improve photo quality without much expertise.
  • Versatility: AI Photo Editor applications often offer a variety of features and effects, allowing users to create a variety of styles and edits for photos.
  • Customizability: Some AI Photo Editor APK applications provide detailed customization tools for users to adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast, color and more.


  • Loss of individuality: Using too many automated features and effects can deprive users of their individuality and creativity, making photos look similar and lose their individual style.
  • The results are not always what you want: Although AI technology has advanced very quickly, there is still the potential for errors and unexpected results. This is especially true for images that are complex or need detailed editing.
  • Reliance on technology: Using the AI Photo Editor app means you have to rely on technology and updates from the developer. Without regular updates, you may miss out on new features and improvements.
  • Limited control: Some users may feel that using AI Photo Editor APK technology limits the ability to control and customize the details of the image. Customization tools are limited and cannot completely replace manual intervention.


In fact, the AI Photo Editor APK application brings many benefits and conveniences to users in editing and improving images. AI technology helps to automatically enhance, remove objects, and improve image quality quickly and efficiently. The flexibility and customization features of these applications allow users to create a variety of styles and to suit their wishes.

The AI Photo Editor online free application offers a wide range of user experiences in image editing, but should be used wisely and with consideration to produce the best results.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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