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AEW Elite General Manager APK is a game that gives players the experience of managing a professional wrestling company in the world of All Elite Wrestling.


Name AEW Elite General Manager
Version 1.3
Size 1.5 GB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Crystallized Games

About of AEW Elite General Manager APK

AEW Elite General Manager APK is a simulation and management video game based on the professional wrestling organization All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This game allows players to take on the role of manager of AEW, where you will stand in the chair of general manager and manage every aspect of this wrestling company.

In AEW Elite General Manager Android, you will have control over signing wrestlers, training and upgrading them, managing events, building and expanding match venues, as well as developing storylines and intriguing rivalries among wrestlers. You'll have to manage the company's budget, build relationships with partners, and create strategies to increase AEW's appeal to audiences.

Overview of AEW Mobile Game APK For Android

During the game, you will meet and work with famous people in the wrestling industry, including real AEW athletes, coaches and managers. The game can also provide you with information about the history and development of AEW, helping you better understand the professional wrestling industry.

AEW Game Mobile APK update gives you the chance to become AEW's best manager and build a successful wrestling empire. You will face many challenges and difficult decisions in managing your company, and your success will depend on your strategic abilities, creativity and management abilities.

Features of AEW Elite General Manager APK

  • Wrestling team management: You can sign AEW wrestlers, from celebrities to young talents. Manage your squad by improving skills, increasing fitness and developing the unique characteristics of each wrestler.
  • Build a Wrestling Career: Bring your wrestlers into matches to win titles and create compelling storylines. Decide on strategies, set scenarios and create dramatic matches to win and create excitement for the audience.
  • Wrestling Event Management: Organize televised, pay-per-view events and tournaments to engage audiences. Decide on stadiums, ticket prices, advertising and other factors to create a successful wrestling event.
  • Venue Construction and Upgrades: Invest in the construction and upgrading of match venues such as stadiums and entertainment centers. Upgrade infrastructure and facilities to create the best experience for spectators and wrestlers.
  • Financial management: Monitor budgets, set ticket prices, manage advertising and partner contracts to increase income and maintain AEW growth.
  • Celebrity Interaction: Meet and interact with real AEW wrestlers and managers, get suggestions and support from them to grow the company and wrestlers.
  • Customization and Creativity: Create custom characters and storylines, design costumes and performance charts to create variety and personalization for your wrestling company.
  • Multiplayer mode: Join the online multiplayer mode to compete and share success with friends.

AEW Elite General Manager APK latest version allows players to experience the life of a professional wrestling manager, making key decisions and creating compelling matches to drive the company's success.

Game mode, graphics of AEW Elite General Game APK

User Interface (UI): The graphics of AEW EGM will include a user interface, where you will operate to manage the athletes' team, organize matches and other elements of the game. User interfaces are usually designed to be easy to use and provide the necessary information to the player.

Statistical charts and graphs: The game can provide statistical charts and graphs so you can track athletes' performance, revenue, career growth, and other factors related to organizational management.

Athlete images and simulations: AEW EGM can provide images and simulations of athletes in the game. Athletes can be represented as 3D characters or still images.

Fields and Landscapes: Games may provide arenas and landscapes designed to reflect AEW's actual locations. This includes landscaping around the field, lighting, sound and other visual elements to recreate the actual wrestling environment.

How to play AEW Elite General Manager APK iOS

  • Launch the game: Open the AEW Elite General Manager Android game on your device and select the desired game mode, including single player or online multiplayer.
  • Company and manager selection: The game will provide you with a list of wrestling companies, you choose All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as your company. You will then be asked to create your manager by giving a name and optionally parameters such as face shape, hairstyle, and outfit.
  • Start managing the company: After creating a manager, you will start your work. The game will provide you with tutorials and quests to familiarize you with the game's interface and features.
  • Wrestler Contracting and Management: You can sign contracts with famous wrestlers in AEW or find new talents. Manage your wrestling team by upgrading skills, building storylines, and participating in matches to raise your wrestler's reputation and achievements.
  • Event construction and management: Organize wrestling events such as televised, pay-per-view, and tournaments. You will need to decide on stadiums, scripts, order of matches, and manage ticket prices and advertising to attract audiences and generate profits.
  • Financial management: Keep track of the company's budget and finances. Decide on spending, advertising, and partner contracts to increase income and keep the company running.
  • Celebrity Interaction: Meet and interact with real AEW wrestlers and managers. Get hints and support from them to grow the company and wrestlers.
  • Progress and Success: Through each mission and event, you will progress and achieve success in managing your wrestling company.

Note that the steps and gameplay features may vary depending on the specific version of the AEW Elite General Manager APK mobile game. Refer to the in-game guide and support for detailed information and specific instructions.

Pros and cons of AEW Elite General APK Latest version


  • Interact with Celebrities: Being able to interact with real AEW wrestlers and managers can bring a sense of closeness and fun to players.
  • Growth and Progress: The game allows the player to follow the progress and development of the company and the wrestler through matches and events, creating excitement and goals to achieve success.


  • Complexity: The game can have some complex and cumbersome elements in terms of company management and wrestlers. This can make the game difficult to access and create challenges for new players.
  • Lack of replayability: Once you have completed the objectives and missions in the game, there may be a lack of replayability and attractiveness to keep playing.


The AEW Elite General Manager APK free download game gives players the experience of managing a professional wrestling company in the world of All Elite Wrestling. From signing famous wrestlers, building and managing events, to interacting with real AEW characters, the game delivers realism and fun.

AEW Mobile Game APK is a fascinating game for those who love wrestling and want to experience the management of a professional wrestling company. Join and become a successful manager in the world of AEW!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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