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Advanced Download Manager MOD APK 14.0.35

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Advanced Download Manager APK is a download manager application that provides fast and efficient download, powerful and convenient for Android devices.


Name Advanced Download Manager
Pagekage name com.dv.adm
Version 14.0.35
Size 59.96 Mb
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer admtorrent

About of Advanced Download Manager APK

Advanced Download Manager APK is a powerful and convenient download manager application for Android devices. ADM provides fast and efficient downloads, helping you to manage and speed up the download of files on your mobile phone.

Overview of Advanced Download Manager APK

Advanced Download Manager Mobile APK is a powerful and multifunctional download application for Android devices. It offers many useful features and tools to manage file downloads on your mobile phone.

ADM is a multifunctional and convenient downloader application for Android devices. With powerful features and friendly interface, it helps you to optimize downloading and file management on your mobile phone.

Feature of Advanced Download Manager APK

  • Multi-threaded download: ADM supports multi-threaded download, allowing you to download from 3 to 9 parts at the same time. This helps to increase download speed and make the most of network bandwidth.
  • Auto-reload: If the download is interrupted due to loss of network connection or error, ADM automatically reloads the file from where it was last paused, saving you time and without having to start over again.
  • Smart download management: ADM provides an intelligent download management interface, allowing you to manage your downloads easily. You can pause, resume, delete and arrange files as you like. In addition, it also displays detailed information about download speed, remaining time and downloaded size.
  • Download acceleration: ADM uses many methods to speed up downloads. It is to split files into several parts and download them in parallel from various sources, using fast TCP connection and optimizing download parameters.
  • Customize download settings: ADM allows you to customize download settings to your liking. You can set the number of simultaneous connections, download speed limit, choose the storage folder and many other settings to tailor the download to your needs.
  • Browser and other application integration: ADM integrates with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Stock Browser. It also supports downloads from social apps and other file sharing apps.
  • Schedule downloads: ADM allows you to schedule file downloads in the future. You can set the start time, end time, and download speed to automatically download files when you are not using the device.
  • Download list management: ADM provides detailed download list, allowing you to view and manage downloaded files. You can move, rename, delete and share files conveniently.
  • Supports downloads from multiple sources: ADM supports downloads from different sources such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and links from other applications.

How to use Advanced Download Manager APK

Download and install apps: Download and install Advanced Download Manager from the Google Play Store or from a trusted APK download source.

Open the app: After successful installation, open the ADM app on your Android device.

Configure preferences: Before starting a download, you can customize the download settings by touching the "Settings" icon (gear shape) in the main ADM interface. Here, you can set the number of connections, speed limit, storage path and many other options.

Download from browser: ADM integrates with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Stock Browser. When you want to download a file from the browser, touch the download link. In the dialog box that appears, select "Advanced Download Manager" as the default download application.

Download from links: You can also download from shared links from other apps or websites. When you get the download link, tap on it and select "Advanced Download Manager" from the list of download apps.

Download Manager: In the main interface of ADM, you will see a list of downloaded files. You can touch the file to view details, resume, pause, delete or share the file.

Schedule downloads: ADM offers download scheduling, which allows you to set automatic download times. To use this feature, tap the "Schedule" icon (clock image) and set the download time and settings.

Tips and advice when using Advanced Download Manager APK

Check and optimize settings: Before starting a download, check ADM's settings to make sure that the number of connections and the download speed limit are appropriate for your network speed and bandwidth. Configuring the settings correctly will help speed up your downloads and avoid affecting your network experience.

Organize and manage download lists: Use ADM's download list management and sorting functionality to organize your downloads efficiently. You can create folders to group related files together and easily search and manage downloaded files.

Use multithreaded downloads: When downloading large files, take advantage of ADM's multithreaded downloads by establishing a higher number of connections. This helps speed up downloads and reduce wait times.

Schedule downloads: Take advantage of ADM's download scheduling feature to automatically download files at a time convenient for you. You can schedule downloads at night or when the device is not in use to save time and energy.

Use automatic reloading: If downloads are interrupted, take advantage of ADM's automatic reload feature. It will continue downloading the file from the last stop without reloading from the beginning. This saves time and prevents download interruptions.

Check storage space: Make sure you have enough storage space on your device to accommodate the downloaded files. Otherwise, you can set the storage path on the memory card or move the downloaded files to another storage location to free up space.

Updated and compatible: Make sure you have the latest version of ADM installed and that your device is compatible with the app. Updating software will help you avoid bugs and take advantage of the latest app improvements.

Pros and cons of Advanced Download Manager APK iOS


  • Increase download speed: ADM supports multi-threaded downloads and uses a variety of speed-up methods, helping you download files faster and more efficiently.
  • Smart Download Management: ADM provides an easy to use and flexible download management interface. You can conveniently pause, resume, delete and organize downloaded files.
  • Browser and other app integration: ADM integrates with popular browsers and allows downloads from a variety of sources, including social apps and file sharing.


  • Old UI: The interface of ADM may look a bit dated compared to some other downloaders on the market.
  • Occasional errors: Some users report errors or technical problems while using ADM, but this is quite rare and can be fixed by updating to the latest version of ADM. application.


Advanced Download Manager APK free download is a powerful and reliable downloader application on Android platform. With download acceleration, browser integration, and intelligent download management, ADM provides an easy and efficient file download experience.

Many advantages along with a combination of features and download performance, ADM is still a good choice for Android users who want to download and manage files conveniently and efficiently.


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