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Zupee: Online Ludo Game APK brings a dramatic and exciting online Ludo Adventure Experience where you can challenge and improve your skills in a diverse community of players.


Name Zupee
Pagekage name
Version 4.2407.01
Size 31.12 Mb
Category Board
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.1+
Developer Zupee Free Team

Introduce to Zupee APK

Certainly, when talking about the online Ludo game, the appeal of Zupee cannot be ignored! Known as an advanced platform, Zupee Gold APK download old version is truly a great convergence point for those who love heart-pounding sensations and skills in the game.

Zupee Ludo APK download is not just a game, but also an experience that connects a community of online players. With the variety of two versions Ludo Supreme and Ludo Supreme League, Zupee gold download gives players not only moments of entertainment but also the opportunity to show off their tactical abilities and race to the top of the rankings.

More Overview of Zupee Mobile Game

Zupee's outstanding features are truly remarkable. From winning rewards in matches, experiencing quick gameplay in under 10 minutes, to interacting directly with real players, Zupee app download APK is definitely a not-to-be-missed choice for Ludo game enthusiasts.

In particular, with a user-friendly interface, Zupee Ludo Controller APK promises to bring a smooth and easy gaming experience. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store to explore the exciting world of Ludo online, and choose between exciting game modes like 1vs1, 1 win, 2 win, and many more.

Explore the revival of Ludo through its diverse history and challenge yourself to become the King of Ludo on Zupee. com! Download the app now and experience the excitement of online Ludo adventure.

All features in Zupee Latest Version

  • Entertainment and Skill Fusion: Zupee gold app APK download is not only a Ludo game, but also a platform that perfectly combines entertainment and skill. This creates a unique gaming experience where you can challenge real players and develop your tactical skills.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Zupee Controller APK offers not one, but two exciting game modes. Ludo Supreme lets you enjoy online gameplay with 2-4 players, while Ludo Supreme League takes you into the world of multiplayer Ludo tournament where you can climb the leaderboard and win rewards attractive.
  • Daily Prizes: Every time you play the game, there is a chance for you to win exciting rewards. Show off your skills and redeem your wins for special rewards.
  • Fast Gameplay: With a quick online game experience, each match under 10 minutes, Zupee Ludo Gold APK is a great choice for those who want to have fun without spending too much time.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Enjoy a variety of game modes such as 1vs1, 1 win, 2 wins and more. Allows players to enjoy the game the way they want.
  • Online Interaction: Able to interact directly with real players, creating a lively and engaging gaming environment.
  • Easy Rules: install Zupee keeps the classic rules of Ludo intact, while making them easy to understand and play.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for players to navigate and enjoy the game comfortably.

Interface, graphics on Zupee For Android

Attractive Design: Built with an attractive design, the graphics of Ludo Zupee APK make the game lively and attract players at first sight. Details and colors are optimized to create a fun and beautiful experience.

Special Effects: Special effects are intelligently integrated, making every move and every dice roll come alive. From token runs to dynamic movements, the graphics create an exciting gaming atmosphere.

Creative Perspectives: Zupee is not limited to recreating the traditional Ludo board, but also offers players creative perspectives. From dynamic background environments to background graphics, every detail has been taken care of to create an enjoyable experience.

Live Impressions: Graphics are not only limited to gameplay, but also when interacting directly with other players. The user-friendly interface and meticulously designed icons create an enjoyable interactive experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Graphics are optimized to ensure compatibility across multiple platforms, from mobile phones to tablets, bringing convenience to players.

How to play, gameplay for Zupee iOS

Choose a Game: When you open Zupee APK, the first step is to choose the game you want to join. There are two popular options: Ludo Supreme and Ludo Supreme League. Ludo Supreme is an online mode with 2-4 players, while Ludo Supreme League is a multiplayer tournament with leaderboards.

Choose Game Mode: After choosing the game, you will be able to choose the game mode according to the style you want. There are 4 modes in Ludo Supreme: 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners. For Ludo Supreme League, you will participate in the online tournament and compete with many other players.

Roll the Dice and Start Your Journey: Unlike traditional versions of Ludo, you don't need to have the number 6 to start. Touch the dice to roll, and the gameplay will begin immediately in the exciting atmosphere of Ludo Party.

Token Capture and Strategy: In Ludo Supreme, strategy is key. Approach your opponent's tokens strategically to capture them and create a path to victory. In Ludo Supreme League, with a fixed 12-card board, use strategy to capture and score points.

Get Points and Rewards: Every move gives points, and these points accumulate with each round. Get 56 points on Ludo Supreme for bringing home each token, a unique feature not available in Ludo Supreme League. At the same time, win attractive rewards after each match.

Extra Move: For both games, you get an extra special move when you bring home a piece and when you roll a 6. Use this move to increase your winnings.

Win the Game: The goal is to become the Ludo King and win the game. Make sure you get maximum points in Ludo Supreme and top the leaderboard in Ludo Supreme League.

Pros and Cons of Zupee APK


  • Compelling Visual Experience: Zupee APK stands out with vibrant graphics and attractive design. Every detail is taken care of, creating a very lively and interesting game atmosphere.
  • Diverse Game Modes: The variety of game modes, from Ludo Supreme to Ludo Supreme League, brings flexibility and choice to players. Each mode offers a unique experience.
  • Realistic Interaction: Able to interact directly with other players, creating an immersive gaming environment and keeping the experience interesting.
  • Fast Gameplay: Experience gameplay in under 10 minutes per match, suitable for those who want to have fun without spending too much time.
  • Daily Rewards: The ability to receive rewards after each game, motivating players to participate regularly.


  • Internet Connection Required: To participate in matches and interact with other players, Zupee APK requires a stable internet connection. This can be a challenge for those who don't always have internet access.
  • Ads: Like many free game apps, Zupee can come with ads, which sometimes interrupt the gaming experience.
  • Dependent on Playing Skill: For players who want to rely on luck rather than skill, Zupee may not be the ideal choice due to the dominant skill factor.


Zupee APK is an innovative and engaging online Ludo gaming platform. With vivid graphics, diverse game modes and realistic interactivity, it gives players a unique and exciting experience. Advantages such as good visual experience, flexible game modes and daily rewards create an entertainment space worth exploring.

For every player, Zupee APK can be a good choice to satisfy Ludo passion and challenge themselves in a vibrant online environment.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Zupee APK

Does Zupee cost anything? +

Zupee APK is free to download and play, but in-app purchases may appear to upgrade or get special features. This depends on the player's preferences and needs.

Does Zupee have an offline mode? +

Currently, Zupee is primarily an online game, requiring an internet connection to participate in matches and interact with other players.

How to check information about rewards and tournaments? +

You can visit the "Rewards" or "Tournaments" section in Zupee's main menu to see detailed information about available prizes and tournaments.

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