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World War Polygon: WW2 shooter APK is a mobile FPS shooting game, bringing players to World War II through many diverse missions and attractive multiplayer modes.


Name World War Polygon
Pagekage name com.aldagames.warpolygon
Version 2.30
Size 72.49 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Alda Games

Introduce to World War Polygon APK

World War 2 Polygon APK is a first-person shooter (FPS) game based on the second world war. This game is developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited and released for free on mobile platforms.

In World War Polygon codes, players will play the role of a mercenary and participate in tough and thrilling battles in the battlefields of World War II. The game gives players an exciting experience with high-quality 3D graphics and vivid sound.

During the game, you will participate in diverse missions such as attacking bases, destroying enemies, rescuing prisoners, and even participating in famous battles like Stalingrad or Normandy. You can use a variety of weapons of the second world war period such as rifles, machine guns, grenades, and many more.

More Overview of World War Polygon Mobile Game

In addition to the unique campaign mode, World War Polygon all bosses also offers a multiplayer mode where you can participate in PvP (player against player) matches. You can set up an army and compete with other players from all over the world.

World War Polygon APK mediafıre shooter is an engaging and spiritual game that gives players a re-enactment of the second world war through the perspective of mercenaries. If you are passionate about shooting genre and this historical period, try this game on your mobile device.

All features in World War Polygon For Android

  • Campaign Mode: The game offers a variety of missions and campaigns during World War II. You will participate in various battles across the globe, from the battlefields of Europe to North Africa and the Pacific. Each campaign has its own story and specific goals.
  • Multiplayer mode: You can participate in exciting PvP (Player versus Player) matches. Take on other players from all over the world and show off your shooting skills. Set up and customize your army to fight in intense fighting matches.
  • Variety of weapons and equipment: The game offers a wide range of weapons and equipment of the World War II era for you to choose and use. Rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenade launchers, and many other weapons will help you destroy the enemy and conquer the mission.
  • High-quality graphics and sounds: The game is designed with beautiful and high-quality 3D graphics, reproducing the scenes and battles of World War II vividly. Vivid sound effects and matching background music help create an immersive experience.
  • Progress and Upgrades: You can progress and upgrade your character throughout the game. Open and upgrade new weapons, special skills and gear to become a stronger mercenary and take on tougher challenges.
  • Famous Battlefields: The game takes you to famous historical battlefields, including Stalingrad, Normandy, El Alamein and many more. Experience these epic battles and show off your fighting prowess in extreme environments.
  • Controls and Interface: The game offers interactive controls and a friendly user interface. Custom controls help you control characters and weapons easily and flexibly on the phone screen.

World War Polygon offline APK shooter is a diverse game with many attractive features, giving players a dramatic and exciting World War II experience.

Interface, graphics on World War Polygon iOS

Character model: Characters and enemies in the game are designed in detail, with high realism. They are crafted with details such as rich suits, actions, and gestures, helping to create a realistic and immersive experience.

Environment and landscape: The game reproduces the war scenes and environments in a realistic way. Maps and battlefields are constructed with attention to detail, from buildings, streets, and bases, to natural elements such as trees, grasslands, and terrain.

Visual effects: World War Polygon all weapons uses visual effects to enhance the gaming experience. This includes light and shadow effects, rocket effects, fog effects, and more to create a lively and engaging environment.

Weapons and equipment: The weapons and equipment in the game are also designed with high detail. From rifles, machine guns, pistols to grenades and grenade launchers, each weapon has its own distinct shape and design, creating variety and fun in the game.

Sound Effects: In addition to graphics, World War Polygon characters also focuses on sound effects to create an enjoyable experience. Vivid sound effects include gunfire, explosions, battlefield noises, and world war-appropriate music.

How to play, gameplay for World War Polygon Latest version

Download and install: Download the APK file of World War Polygon APK from a trusted source and install the game on your mobile device.

Launch the game: Open the World War Polygon APK shooter app on your device. Once started, you will be taken to the main screen of the game.

Game Mode Selection: The game offers different game modes such as campaign and multiplayer mode. You can select the mode you want to join from the main screen.

Select mission/program: If you select campaign mode, you will be taken to the mission or program list. Select a task/program to start.

Complete the task/program: Follow the goal and on-screen instructions to complete the task/program. Make sure to kill enemies, rescue prisoners, defend your base, or accomplish other specific goals.

Using weapons and equipment: During the game, you can use available weapons and equipment to destroy enemies. Make sure you've mastered how to use and switch between weapons.

Progress and Upgrade: Over time, you will progress and have the opportunity to upgrade your character, weapons and equipment. Use skill points and resources to open and improve your abilities.

Join the multiplayer mode (optional): If you want to try your hand at other players, you can join the multiplayer mode. Create an army and challenge other players in intense PvP matches.

Complete Objectives and Level Up: Keep playing and complete quests/programs to level up and progress in the game. Take part in tough battles and explore historic battles.

Enjoy the game: World War Polygon APK takes you on a thrilling and dramatic adventure in World War II. Enjoy the game, show your shooting skills and become a great mercenary.

Pros and Cons of World War Polygon APK


  • Diverse campaign experience: The game offers a variety of missions and campaigns, taking players to famous World War II battlefields around the world.
  • Wide variety of weapons and equipment: The game offers a wide range of World War II-era weapons and equipment, allowing players to choose and use weapons to suit their play style.
  • Multiplayer mode: The game has a PvP (Player versus Player) mode, allowing players to challenge and battle other players from around the world.
  • Progression and Upgrades: The game allows the player to progress and upgrade characters, weapons, and equipment to become a more powerful mercenary.


  • May require internet connection: To participate in multiplayer or download the latest data, the game may require a stable internet connection.
  • May have storage requirements: The game may require a large amount of storage on your mobile device.
  • There may be some advertising or in-app purchases: Like many other free games, World War Polygon may display ads or offer in-app purchases to generate income for the developer.


World War Polygon APK shooter is a remarkable first-person shooter (FPS) game that plunges players into the second world war with high-quality graphics and varied experience. The game offers many interesting missions and campaigns, recreating famous battles in history.

Download and experience this game on your mobile device to explore the second world war from a new perspective.


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FAQs? World War Polygon APK

Can I play World War Polygon APK on iOS? +

Currently, World War Polygon APK is only used for devices running the Android operating system. To play the game on iOS, you'll need to find a compatible version on the App Store.

What are the minimum configuration requirements for World War Polygon APK? +

To experience the World War Polygon game smoothly, you need an Android device with a compatible operating system version and minimum configuration, including CPU, RAM, and memory capacity.

I'm having technical problems while playing the game. How to contact the developer for support? +

To contact the developer and receive technical support, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the game and check if there is a "Contact" or "Support" section in the game's settings. Usually, you can find contact information for the developer there.
  • If you can't find contact information in the game, you can search the developer's official website or the game's website to find contact information.
  • Email or contact using the information provided to describe the issue you are experiencing and request assistance.
I'm having trouble installing or playing the game. How do I contact the developer for support? +

To contact the developer and get support for World War Polygon APK, you can visit their official website or search for contact information in the game app. Often the developer will provide a means of contact such as an email address or social media page where you can send your questions or report problems.

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