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Download Widget Lab Apk - an application that helps you easily customize and design your home screen according to your preferences with many useful utilities.


Name Widget Lab Premium
Pagekage name
Version 1.27.10
Size 124.07 Mb
Category Personalization
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer sbirds

Widget Lab Premium APK is the perfect app to create your own custom apps. It supports programming tools to help you create applications quickly and easily. The application provides you with basic programming tools such as controlling controllers, creating web applications, user interface tools, automation suites, control programming tools, and more. It also provides a large archive of functional files, the resources needed to create applications, including source code files, image files, audio and video files. Widget Lab Premium APK has the ability to help you create a complete application in the shortest time.

About of Widget Lab Premium

The app called Widget Lab Premium is a collection of widgets. Widget Lab not only allows you to easily customize your home screen, but also provides many useful tools that help you gather information from a variety of sources.


Widget Lab APK has many great features that allow you to create your own homepage. Multitasking and accessing shortcuts is easier than ever with Widget Lab APK. Easily switch between apps and access your frequently used features with a simple tap and swipe.

Different options: time, clock, timer. This way you can quickly find the most important information.

The user interface has been made simple and accessible in terms of functionality and convenience. Make your favorite clothes.

Widget Lab APK is a collection of different types of wallpapers, each designed with a specific purpose. You can choose the tools you want and arrange them however you want.

You can change the background color, font size and other features of the widget. There's nothing better than showing off your new look right on your phone.

We recommend using Widget Lab APK

In addition to the attractive interface, Widget Lab APK also has many useful functions that help you check information such as weather and time in a short time. No need to open every app and waste your precious time.

UPDATE: This app provides many tools that you can create your own to express some of your needs.

Ease of use: Widget Lab APK is very easy to use for beginners. All functions are clearly defined and have an easy to use interface. This gives you easy access to the tools you use.

Boost productivity: Widgets provide quick shortcuts to apps and tasks. You can manage a task that requires time so as not to waste time. Widget Lab APK makes your Android device more productive than ever.

Main Features of Widget Lab

  • Free download
  • Free streaming
  • No registration required
  • Quick and easy connection
  • High quality design
  • Define the user interface
  • No ads

App Info: This is a very useful tool to view application information. If you have a problem, stay calm and make the necessary arrangements.

Countdown Timer: The countdown timer widget is always on your home screen. If you want to set it up yourself, let the app do it for you. It works like an alarm clock updating deadlines.

Inspirational Poems: This widget will add fun and positivity to your home screen. Of course, when you're stressed or tired, you pick up the phone immediately. These verses will comfort and encourage you.

Slow: The perfect tool when you need a break. Soft music and beautiful pictures will help you de-stress and relax.

Vinyl Instruments: Enhance your musical experience with vinyl instruments. This widget will display your vintage video collection in a vintage style on your face. Perfect for jazz and blues fans.

Family monologue resources: Conversation and discussion topics to encourage creativity. You can also understand the world around you and know what is happening around the world.

Download Utility Lab APK

After downloading Widget Lab APK, you will see the main page. Here you can find all the utilities available in different categories.

The software is attractive and easy to use. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that is accessible even to those with no experience in creating widgets.

Pros and cons of Widget Labs


  • Users can experiment with different widgets to find their own style to customize their home screen.
  • Create your own home screen and stand out from the crowd.
  • Widget Lab pro APK files are popular for many reasons. The main reason for this is that the new app was first leaked and made available for download as an APK file. This means
  • That users can legally access new apps before accessing the official Play Store.
  • Widget Lab APK files allow users to bypass service providers and get the latest updates from Google. It may take some time for some Google updates to be released and
  • Available to stream. User can avoid waiting time by downloading apk file directly.


  • Widget Lab APK files are available from many sources on the internet. However, not all of these are reliable.
  • Some Widget Lab Premium APK files contain malware that intentionally infects users' devices. Doing so may compromise the security of your phone and steal your personal information.


If you think your home screen is too simple. Widget Lab is a flexible, flexible and highly customizable platform for creating interesting screens.

Minimal software usage allows users to unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Widget Lab Premium APK

I lost my data after updating Widget Lab Premium. How to restore my data? +

To restore data after updating the app, you should check if the app has a data backup and restore feature. If not, you should contact the app developer or customer support to learn how to restore your data.

Why can't I download Widget Lab Premium from the Google Play Store? +

Widget Lab Premium may not be available on Google Play Store due to some reasons such as Google policies or changes in the application. In this case, you can search for alternative download sources to download and install the application.

I have problems or issues with the app, how do I find help? +

If you have issues or problems with Widget Lab Premium, visit the app's support page on the Google Play Store or App Store to review feedback from other users. Additionally, you can also contact the developer through the in-app support option or via email to get specific help.

Can I share widgets created from this app? +

Most Widget Lab Premium apps allow you to share widgets you've created. Usually, you can share them through the app's built-in sharing options or export them as images to share on social networks or via messages.

How to customize widgets on this app? +

To customize widgets in Widget Lab Premium, you usually need to open the app and look for the "Create widget" or "Customize" option depending on the app's interface. You can then choose the type of widgets you want to create and customize them as you like.

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