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WhatsMock Pro Premium APK is a chat simulation application on WhatsApp, allowing users to create fake chats with diverse customization features, providing a unique entertainment experience.


Name WhatsMock Pro
Version 1.13.4
Size 11.8 MB
Category Entertainment
Price $5.99
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Playfake

About to WhatsMock Pro - Prank chat APK

WhatsMock Pro APK 2024 is a chat simulation application on WhatsApp platform that helps you create fake chats to prank your friends or family. The app features an emulation of the look and feel of WhatsApp, allowing you to create and customize fake messages, images, emojis, and even online statuses.

With fake chat maker WhatsMock Pro you can create funny fake chats, scam or prank your friends. The app offers a wide range of customization options so you can create very realistic chats, including editing usernames, avatars, date and time, group chats, statuses and much more.

More Overview of WhatsMock Pro Mobile App

However, it should be noted that WhatsMock Pro APK mediafıre is just a emulator application and cannot actually connect to your real WhatsApp account or create actual messages. It is only used as a joke and entertainment tool.

Note that using this app to scam or annoy others may be considered a violation of WhatsApp's rules and policies, or may be a violation of local laws. So use WhatsMock Pro última versión responsibly and respect the privacy and advocacy of others.

All features in WhatsMock Pro For Android

  • Create fake chats: The application allows you to create fake chats on WhatsApp platform, including private and group chats.
  • WhatsApp Interface Simulation: WhatsMock Pro APK 1.12.0 provides a user interface that is identical to the look and feel of the actual WhatsApp application, helping to create a fake chat that looks very real.
  • Customize your personal information: You can customize the personal information in the fake chat, including your username, profile picture, and online status.
  • Create fake messages: WhatsMock Pro allows you to create fake messages and edit the text, font, color and delivery time. You can create long or short messages, send text messages, images, emojis and even audio messages.
  • Customize images and emojis: The application provides a collection of images and emoticons for you to choose from and send into the fake chat, making the conversation more funny and interesting.
  • Create status messages: You can create fake status messages to show to others in the chat. This helps to make your fake chat unique and unique.
  • Share and save chats: After you create a fake chat, you can share it through other apps or save it on your device.

Instructions, how to use WhatsMock Pro Latest version

Download and install: Download the APK file of WhatsMock Pro APK from a trusted source and install it on your mobile device.

Open the app: After successful installation, open WhatsMock Pro APK app on your device.

Create a conversation: Tap the "Create Conversation" button or the (+) icon to start creating a new fake chat.

Customize personal information: Edit personal information such as username, profile picture, and online status. You can choose a photo from your gallery or create a new one.

Create a message: Tap the "+" icon or the "New message" button to add a message to the conversation. You can write text, send pictures or emoticons, and even send audio messages.

Customize the message: You can edit the message content, font, color and sending time to create a more realistic fake chat.

Chat preview: Before you send a fake chat, you can preview the entire conversation to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

Send and share: After editing and previewing the chat, you can send it to the recipient by tapping the "Send" button. You can also share the fake chat through other apps or save it on your device.

Tips and advice when using for WhatsMock Pro APK iPhone

Use responsibly: Please use this app for fun and entertainment in a fun and respectful manner. Avoid using it to hurt, invade privacy, or create untrustworthy scams.

Learn legal rights: Before using WhatsMock Pro, learn and understand the rules and regulations related to the use of similar application. This helps you avoid breaking local laws and avoid unwanted consequences.

Positive Communication: When using WhatsMock Pro APK to prank your friends or family, make sure you keep a positive attitude and don't hurt others. Avoid sending messages that are misleading or offensive to the recipient.

Use features creatively: Experiment and explore custom features in WhatsMock Pro to create fun and unique fake chats. Take advantage of the editing options and create funny and quality chat.

Honest treatment: If you are using WhatsMock Pro to tease someone, make sure you reveal the truth after the game is over. Don't let someone be deceived or confused by your fake chat.

App Update: Make sure you update WhatsMock Pro APK to the latest version to enjoy the new features and bug fixes provided by the developer.

Advantages and disadvantages WhatsMock Pro - Prank chat APK


  • Simulate WhatsApp interface: The simulated application interface is very similar to the actual WhatsApp interface, creating a similar realism and experience.
  • Customization: The app allows you to customize your personal information, messages, images, and emojis in the fake chat.
  • Wide range of features: You can send text messages, images, emojis, and even audio messages in a fake chat.
  • Flexible sharing: WhatsMock Pro APK allows you to share fake chat through other apps or save it on your device.


  • The limitation of emulator application: WhatsMock APK Pro is just a emulator application and cannot be connected to your real WhatsApp account. Therefore, it cannot generate actual messages or interact with real users.
  • Consideration and responsibility required: Using WhatsMock Pro requires consideration and responsibility. Make sure you use it properly, respect privacy, and don't hurt others.


WhatsMock Pro APK is a fake chat emulator application on WhatsApp platform. It gives users the ability to create funny fake chats and prank friends and family.

Use WhatsMock Pro thoughtfully and responsibly to create a positive and joyful experience for everyone around you.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? WhatsMock Pro APK

How to create fake messages on WhatsMock Pro APK? +

After installing WhatsMock Pro APK, open the app and choose to create a new chat. You can customize the sender name, image, and even message content. Once created, you can share this fake message with your friends or save it.

Why can't I create fake messages on WhatsMock Pro APK? +

There are several possible reasons why you cannot create fake messages on WhatsMock Pro APK. One of the most common causes is that you don't give the app enough access permissions, or the app doesn't work properly on your specific version of your mobile operating system. Make sure you've granted the necessary permissions and update the app if a new version is available.

Can I use WhatsMock Pro APK on iOS? +

Currently, WhatsMock Pro APK is only available for devices running Android operating system. This means you cannot use WhatsMock Pro on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

Is the app safe and is there a risk of violating other people's privacy? +

WhatsMock Pro APK is a fun and mocking app. However, you need to use it ethically and not violate the privacy of others. Use the application to ensure the fake nature of the chats and do not exploit it to harm others. It is important to remember that using the app unethically can have legal consequences.

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