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Vita3K github emulator android is the world's first open source PlayStation Vita emulator. This emulator can run many PS Vita games on Android and iPhone or iPad.



Name Vita3k
Version 1.6.0
Size 13.9 MB
Category Tool
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Information sources

Vita3K is the world's first experimental open source Play Station Vita emulator.

The World's First Emulator for PlayStation Vita3K Apk. Vita3K is the first open source PlayStation Vita emulator available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. It is important to note that the emulator does not allow illegal activity.

Vita3k Apk for Android has a public version and an auto generated version in this repository. Vita3K Android Emulator is a PlayStation Vita emulator for Android. Vita3K apk version is available. Our blog provides regular detailed reports on our progress. Check out our latest articles!

Some business games work on emulators! You can find the compatibility list here. It also supports some home games. See the list below for details on homebrew compatibility.


There are several ways to contribute to the emulator. You can report an issue or submit a pull request to our GitHub repository. The corresponding database must be updated. You can join our sponsor page to show your credit and help develop the project.

The emulator is currently launching several home projects. It is also capable of downloading encrypted commercial games. Vita3K is licensed under GPLv2. It is largely determined by external dependencies, including locusts.


The emulator's graphics have been steadily improving over the past two years. Unfortunately, it's still not perfect, but it works with most Vita libraries.

This program is still in its early stages, so be aware of new scenarios. Expect collisions, collisions, poor fit and poor performance.

Vita3K currently supports .pkg, NoNpDrm, FAGDec or self-encoding games (Vita3K does not support rendering).

The game must be in .zip or .vpk format when installing from the emulator. To copy it manually you can drag and drop the game folder into the pref_path/ux0/apps folder (cannot be used for NoNpDrm rendering). /.pkg file).

New function

Added option to remove GUI for better portability
Added functionality to ease the troubleshooting process
To implement GXM, shadow decode/rewrite, return to page
Enable color/pattern/surface depth charge mode and power saving mode
Added new graphical features to the advanced settings menu
Improved multi-core CPU management system

  • Original GBA Tool
  • High quality machining
  • Search game files on SD card and memory card
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • compressed file support
  • Save templates (with examples)
  • Custom button
  • Boost button
  • Screenshots
  • Fast forward/Decelerate (x0.25 - x16)
  • Support Bluetooth/MOGA control
  • Dropbox support (requires John DataSync)


The purpose of the emulator is not to promote illegal activity.

PlayStation and PS Vita are owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. are trademarks of

This emulator is not affiliated with or endorsed by Sony. Nor is it derived from any proprietary Sony material.


System Requirements

Vita3K does not require PS Vita system files on the device.

  • Processor: Quad Core 2.0+ GHz
  • Memory: minimum 4 GB (6 GB recommended)
  • Operating System: Android 8 (and up)
  • Storage space: at least 32 MB
  • Vita3K Emulator for Android


  • Added option to remove GUI for better portability
  • Additional features related to solution process improvement
  • GXM deployment, shader/rebuild, standalone backend
  • Apply to surface/stencil/depth color
  • New graphical features have been added to the Advanced Settings menu
  • Improved CPU multi-core management system


This software is also available for the following devices.

  • Vita3K Emulator for iOS
  • Vita3K Emulator for Mac
  • Vita3K Emulator for Android
  • Vita3K Emulator for Linux


  • Download the file from the link below
  • Open file manager
  • Select the folder containing the downloaded file
  • Open apk file
  • Click the install button
  • Open the program

Please note that the emulator is not designed to support illegal activities.


Custom resolutions up to 4096x4096, anti-aliasing and texture filtering make old PS2 games look better than HD remakes!
Unlimited Memory
Save mode allows you to save almost anywhere in the game
A simple using the Pnatch patch system
Controllers (PSP, PS3, etc.) work with phones, keyboards, and mice.
Delay or skip hard spots to speed up or slow down the game with the built-in frame limiter.
Full HD recording with internal video recorder (using GSDX plugin)
Play Station and PS Vita are owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. are trademarks of VitaDB.

Users should follow the recommended requirements for the best experience.


On the other hand, setting up Vita3K on Android is easy as the app provides a link to download the PlayStation Vita software and other related files. One current limitation is that emulators do not support VPK ROMs so only ZIP or PKG files are supported.

The raw nature of the port also means that many games will crash or not work at all. However, the emulator site has a list of compatible games.

Regardless, we expect the PlayStation Vita emulator to come to Android alongside other great emulators like EtherSX2 for PS2, Dolphin for GameCube/Wii, and Skyline for Nintendo Switch.

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