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Videoleap ai video editor APK is an artificial intelligence (AI) video editing application that helps you create and edit videos, short films, reels and social media content professionally and easily.


Name Videoleap
Pagekage name com.lightricks.videoleap
Version 1.30.0
Size 115.84 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer Lightricks Ltd.

About of Videoleap: Ai Video Editor APK

Videoleap Pro APK is an artificial intelligence (AI) video editing application developed by Lightricks, a company specializing in the development of image and video editing applications using artificial intelligence technology. It is an application that helps you to create and edit videos, short films, reels and social media content professionally and easily.

Videoleap APK is an example of how artificial intelligence is being integrated into video editing applications to provide more advanced performance and features. The ability to apply AI effects and AI filters helps you turn everyday scenes into unique works of art with ease.

Overview of Videoleap APK Mobile App

Videoleap APK is a powerful and diverse application with many creative video editing features, artistic filters and artificial intelligence integration to create professional and creative quality video content.

Videoleap Android is a powerful video editing application with the support of artificial intelligence that allows you to create professional quality video compositions with unique effects, filters and features. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced people in video editing, helping them create high-quality social media content, short films and videos.

Features of Videoleap APK for Android

  • Video Editing: Trim, crop, split, duplicate, flip and mirror videos to create different effects and scenes. Change aspect ratio to create videos suitable for multiple social media platforms.
  • Effects and Filters: Provides a wide range of artistic effects and unique filters such as blur, Prism, Defocus, Pixelate, Chromatic Aberration, and many more. Customize brightness, contrast, and saturation to create the desired color effect.
  • Layer Editing: Add and rearrange videos, effects, text, and images based on layers. Customize layers with transitions, masks, and blend modes to create more complex effects.
  • Speed Edit: Create slow motion or speed up video by adjusting video speed. Blur or zoom in to add depth to your video.
  • Create Slideshows: Create video slideshows with background music to create interactive and fun content.
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI): Use AI to apply AI effects and filters to your videos, turning everyday scenes into unique works of art.
  • Use Templates and News Feed: Browse other users' content and find video templates to create your vision. Provides pre-made video templates and editing tools to create professional-quality videos.
  • Grow Your Business and Social Media: Create video content for your small business. Grow your social media following by creating exciting video and reel content. Create impressive ads with easy graphic design video templates.
  • News Feed Inspired, Templates and Shorts & Reel Editor: Reinvent social media Reels trends with your own videos. Explore short film templates and rolls to create creative video content.
  • Text Tool: Add text to videos with various fonts, emojis, shadows, colors and opacity.
  • Free Apps and Premium Plans: Offers a free version with many basic features. A Premium plan is available for an enhanced experience with optional features and effects.
  • Other Features: Time-lapse video maker: Accelerate video to create time-lapse effect. Edit videos in different formats to suit social media platforms. Integrated in Lightricks Creative Suite, including other AI video and image editing applications.

How to use Videoleap APK Latest version

Step 1: Download and Install the Application:

Download and install the Videoleap: ai video editor app from your app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).

Step 2: Open the App and Create a Project:

Open the app and create a new project by tapping the "New Project" button or similar.

Step 3: Add Videos:

Select the video you want to edit from your library and add it to the project.

Step 4: Edit Video:

Once the video has been added to the project, you can start editing:

Use tools to trim, crop, split, duplicate, flip, and mirror videos.

Change the aspect ratio to match the social media platform.

Use effects and filters to add artistry and creativity to your videos.

Step 5: Add Artistic Effects:

Select the artistic effect you want to apply to the video. Set and adjust the parameters of the effect.

Step 6: Using the Layer Editor:

If you want to create more complex effects, you can use the layer editing tool. Add and rearrange videos, effects, text and images on different layers.

Step 7: Create Slideshow (If Needed):

If you want to create a slideshow, add video scenes and sound effects to create interactive content.

Step 8: Using the Text Tool:

Add text to the video by selecting the text icon and customize the text as you like.

Step 9: Edit Video Speed:

Use the speed editor to create slow-motion or speed-up videos.

Step 10: Preview and Save Video:

Preview your video to make sure everything is edited the way you want. After you are satisfied with the result, save the video to your gallery or share it on social media platforms.

Be aware that the Videoleap premium app has a variety of features and tools, so you may need to experiment and explore to get used to them. The above guide is just a basic piece to get you started.

Tips and advice for using Videoleap APK

  • Understanding Application Interface: Before you begin, take some time to familiarize yourself with the app's interface. Learn where the tools and features are important to be more productive.
  • Getting Started With the Editing Tools: Learn how to use editing tools like crop, crop, split, flip, and mirror. This will help you create different effects and scenes in the video.
  • Creating Layers And Using Layer Editing: Learn how to add and arrange layers to create more complex effects. Use the layer editing tool to customize the position and opacity of the elements in the video.
  • Explore Artistic Effects: Take advantage of artistic effects like blur, Prism, Defocus and Pixelate to make your videos unique and creative.
  • Apply Text Effects: Use the text tool to add a title, caption, or message to the video. Customize fonts, colors, and positions to create more interesting content.
  • Using the Speed Correction Tool: Experiment with the speed editor to create slow motion or speed up videos, giving your videos unique effects.
  • Save a Copy Before Editing: Before applying major changes, save a copy of the original video. This will help you avoid data loss in case you are not satisfied with the results of the edit.
  • Experimenting with AI Effects: Take advantage of the AI feature to experiment with AI effects and filters on your videos. This can help you create unique and original effects.
  • Using Available Video Templates: If you're feeling out of ideas or need to create quickly, use the built-in video templates to create quality content quickly.
  • Always Preview Before Save: Before saving or sharing a video, always preview it to make sure all edits and effects have been applied correctly.
  • Refer to the Documentation: If you get stuck or want to learn more about specific features, refer to the documentation or video tutorials from the app's official feed. Remember that using the Videoleap app is a process of testing and learning. Be patient and constantly explore to create unique and interesting videos.

Pros and Cons of the app Videoleap APK iOS


  • Easy to Use Interface: The application has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to access and take advantage of the features.
  • Diverse Editing Tools: Videoleap provides various video editing tools such as crop, crop, split, flip, mirror and many artistic effects to create videos with diverse content and effects.
  • Various Effects and Filters: The application has a wide range of artistic effects and unique filters available to create unique and customizable videos.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: The integration of artificial intelligence allows applying AI effects and filters to help create creative and artistic videos.
  • Ready-made Video Templates: Pre-designed video templates are available to help create quality content quickly. Video speed editor tool allows to create slow motion effect or speed up video.


  • Premium Package May Required: Some advanced features and effects may require the purchase of a Premium plan, making the full experience potentially expensive.
  • Potential Impact on Performance: The use of many effects and complex editing tools can affect the performance of the application, especially on low-end devices.
  • Limitations On Free Version: The free version may have some limitations in features and effects compared to the Premium version.
  • Internet Connection Required to Use Some Features: Some features, such as the use of AI effects, may require an internet connection.


Videoleap APK application is a powerful and versatile tool for editing and creating professional quality videos. With an easy-to-use interface and diverse editing tools, users have the ability to create unique and artistic video works.

If you are looking for an application to create and edit diverse videos with artificial intelligence and artistic effects, then Videoleap Mobile APK can be a good choice for you.


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