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Vanguard ZERO APK is a unique strategy card game, taking players on an exciting adventure on the journey to collect cards and fight to become a card master, with beautiful graphics and deep gameplay.


Name Vanguard ZERO
Version 2.84.0
Size 67.7 MB
Category Card
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

Introduce to Vanguard ZERO APK

With a delicate combination of a magical card world and exciting adventure, Vanguard ZERO JP APK is more than just an ordinary card game. Created by the team behind Yu-Gi-Oh!, this game has quickly scored a hit with the gaming community since its appearance in 2011 in Japan.

Vanguard APK gives players an impressive universe where they can start their adventure. You will follow the young man Aichi Sendou, explore each part of the map, and experience exciting challenges.

More Overview of Vanguard ZERO Mobile Game

The uniqueness of the game lies in the combination of collecting cards and participating in dramatic battles. Your task is to collect all types of cards available in the game and use them to defeat different opponents. Each victory brings valuable points, helping you progress and develop a unique strategy for your deck.

With progression in the game, you will have the opportunity to develop your signature strategy and summon powerful creatures from your deck. At the same time, the journey to explore the Cray universe will open up unique and fascinating experiences.

The outstanding feature of Vanguard ZERO gems APK is the ability to create and combine the best cards to become a card master. The battle not only requires sophistication in card selection, but also requires tactical ability and flexibility in each match.

All features in Vanguard ZERO Latest Version

  • Background and Adventure: cardfight Vanguard ZERO APK takes players into a unique universe, where they will begin their adventure journey with the main character, Aichi Sendou. Each part of the map contains challenges and secrets, creating an engaging experience.
  • Card Collecting and Battles: Vanguard ZERO's offline main feature is the ability to collect a variety of cards and use them in battles. Each victory gives valuable points, helping players progress and develop a unique strategy for their deck.
  • Develop Strategies and Summon Creatures: Players have the opportunity to develop signature strategies and summon powerful creatures from their deck. This not only enhances combat abilities but also opens up unique strategies in each match.
  • Stunning Graphics and Outstanding Sound: Vanguard ZERO english APK takes care of every detail with great graphics and vivid sound, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience.
  • Best Card Combinations: The uniqueness of the game is the ability to create and combine the best cards to become a card master. Flexibility in card selection and strategy is the key to winning matches.
  • Explore the Cray Universe: The journey to explore the Cray universe brings diversity and newness to players, with unique creatures and mysterious locations.
  • Online Community and Arena: Vanguard ZERO private server also provides players with the opportunity to showcase their skills through the online arena, where they can face off against other gamers from around the world.

Interface, graphics on Vanguard ZERO For Android

Excellent Graphics Quality: First and foremost, the graphics quality of Vanguard ZERO (JP) is truly outstanding. Every detail is taken care of with high resolution, creating sharp and vivid images. From the cards to the characters, everything appears clear and beautiful.

Sound and Image Blended: Synchronization between sound and image is a strong point of Vanguard ZERO. Vivid sound effects and rich music combined with excellent graphics create a wonderful atmosphere, immersing players in the mystical world of the Cray universe.

Diversity in Character and Card Design: Each character and card in Vanguard ZERO has a distinct and unique design. Diversity in character shapes, costumes, and styles creates richness in the game world.

Compatible and Flexible: Vanguard ZERO APK's graphics are not only beautiful on high-end devices but also flexible and compatible with many different types of phones. This ensures every player can experience the full beauty of the game on every platform.

How to play, gameplay for Vanguard ZERO iOS

Strategic Card Play: Vanguard ZERO is more than just placing cards on the table and hoping for luck. This is a deep strategy game, where the ability to read situations, predict opponents and build strategies is the key to victory. You will feel the thrill and excitement from every shot.

Collect Cards and Build a Deck: As a player, your mission is not only to defeat your opponents but also to collect cards and build a powerful deck. Diversity in card types, strategies, and card combinations is the deciding factor in your strength.

Experience the Adventure: Vanguard ZERO is not only a fighting game but also a fascinating adventure. You will follow main character Aichi Sendou, explore each part of the Cray universe and experience dramatic challenges, all presented through a compelling adventure storyline.

Dramatic Battles: Each match in Vanguard ZERO is not just a battle between cards, but also a confrontation between tactics, psychology and acumen. Situation changes can happen at any time, creating dramatic and unexpected moments.

Online Arena and Community: Vanguard ZERO offers an online arena where you can challenge opponents from around the world. The vibrant community of gamers, and the opportunity to participate in events and tournaments add to the competition and excitement.

Pros and Cons of Vanguard ZERO APK


  • Impressive Graphics and Sound: Vanguard ZERO is truly a treat for card lovers, not only because of its strategic gameplay but also because of its beautiful graphics and vivid sound. Each card and effect is presented very realistically, creating an engaging experience.
  • Deep Tactical Gameplay: Vanguard ZERO APK not only introduces beautiful cards but also offers complex tactical gameplay. The variety in strategy, combined with the randomness of the cards, makes each match interesting and different.
  • Captivating Adventure: Aichi Sendou's adventure storyline is a highlight, immersing players in the world of the Cray universe and creating a link between the combat and the plot.
  • Online Arena and Strong Community: The addition of an online arena increases competition and helps create a vibrant community of gamers. The opportunity to challenge other players from around the world is a fascinating experience.


  • Highly Reliant on Luck: Although randomness is an important part of card games, Vanguard ZERO can rely too much on luck. This can make some matches unfair when players encounter unforeseen situations.
  • Online Account Required: Vanguard ZERO requires a stable internet connection to experience full functionality. This can be challenging for players who don't always have a stable internet connection.
  • Card System Can Be Complicated: For newcomers, the card system and rules can be difficult to understand at first. This complexity can make the process of learning and getting used to the game challenging for newcomers.


Vanguard ZERO APK is not just an ordinary card game but also a unique adventure and strategy experience. Proven by its beautiful graphics, deep strategic gameplay, and engaging adventure, this title attracts the attention of both experienced players and newcomers. Vanguard ZERO is a valuable experience for those who are passionate about the card game genre and want to challenge themselves in a world full of strategy and magic. Get ready to enter the world of Cray and become a card master!


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FAQs? Vanguard ZERO APK

How to collect more cards in Vanguard ZERO? +

You can collect cards by participating in battles, completing quests, and participating in in-game events. At the same time, you need to be persistent and take advantage of opportunities to receive more valuable cards.

How to develop strategies in Vanguard ZERO? +

To develop a strategy, you need to understand the types of cards and their features. Participate in many matches to master the strategy, build a deck that suits your style, and don't hesitate to experiment with new strategies.

Does Vanguard ZERO have an online arena mode? +

That's right, Vanguard ZERO has an online arena mode where you can challenge other players from around the world. This is your chance to test your tactics and gain ground in the rankings.

How to take advantage of bonus points in the game? +

You can take advantage of bonus points by participating in card battles and completing events. Bonus points can be used to buy new cards, improve decks, and receive other valuable rewards.

How to participate in the event in Vanguard ZERO? +

You can participate in the event by checking the in-game event calendar. Often, events will require you to participate in activities such as defeating opponents, completing quests, and achieving specific goals to receive unique rewards.

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