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UKG Pro APK Mobile App is a powerful, comprehensive, and integrated human resource management application that helps organizations and businesses effectively manage human resources-related processes.


Name UKG Pro Classic
Version 2.52.1
Size 44.09 Mb
Category Business
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+

Introduce About to UKG Pro Classic APK

UKG Pro Classic APK is a great application for human resource managers and employees, helping them manage and optimize the human resource management process more easily and effectively. With the perfect combination of diverse features and friendly interface, UKG Pro app APK has become an indispensable tool for businesses and organizations around the world.

With UKG Pro APK Desktop, you will be able to manage employee information, create work schedules, and track attendance easily. The app also provides management features for payroll, benefits, and HR-related processes, helping you save time and optimize your workflow.

More Overview of UKG Pro APK Latest Version

An outstanding strength of UKG.Pro Login APK is its flexibility and customization. You can customize the application to fit the specific needs of your business or organization, from creating ad hoc reporting charts to implementing dynamic management processes.

With continuous development and regular updates, UKG Pro mobile app download APK always ensures that you always have the best experience when managing human resources. This helps you save time, improve employee productivity, and ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

All features in UKG Pro Classic For Android

Here are details about the main features of the app UKG Pro APK:

  • Manage employee information: UKG Pro Classic allows you to store and manage detailed employee information, including personal profiles, work history, skills, and contact information.
  • Work schedule management: You can create and manage employee work schedules, including shifts, days off, and work schedule changes easily.
  • Timekeeping and work time management: The application allows tracking work time, timekeeping, and managing specific projects or tasks.
  • Salary and benefits management: UKG Pro Classic helps calculate salaries, manage benefits and benefits, and generate reports related to income and expenditure.
  • HR Process Management: This application allows you to create and manage HR processes such as recruitment, training, and performance reviews.
  • Reporting and data analysis: UKG Pro Classic provides tools to create reports and analyze HR-related data, helping you monitor performance and make necessary adjustments.
  • Other system integration: This application is capable of integrating with other systems, such as financial management systems and customer management systems, to ensure HR-related information is shared and updated effectively.
  • Highly Customizable: UKG Pro Classic allows you to customize settings and workflow to fit the specific needs of your organization or business.
  • Security and compliance: This app complies with high-level security rules and data management regulations, ensuring that HR information is securely protected.

Instructions, how to use UKG Pro Classic iOS

  • Sign in or create an account: Open the app and sign in with the username and password provided, or create an account if you don't have one.
  • Explore the main interface: After logging in, you will see the main interface with key features, such as work schedule, employee information, time management, and many other functions.
  • Add employee information: To manage employee information, you can add new or edit their personal profiles. Fill in information such as name, address, phone number, and job information.
  • Create work schedules: Create work schedules for employees by selecting days, times, and shifts. You can also view and manage your employees' current and future work schedules.
  • Timekeeping and time management: Use the timekeeping feature to record employee work time. You can also manage specific projects or tasks within the app.
  • Salary and benefits management: Calculate salaries and manage allowances, benefits, and many other types of income. This application helps you create reports related to income and expenses.
  • Create and manage HR processes: Create HR processes such as recruiting, training, and performance reviews according to instructions in the application.
  • Reporting and data analysis: Create reports to track performance and improve workflow. Data analysis will help you make decisions based on specific metric data.
  • Integrate other systems: If needed, integrate UKG Pro Classic APK with other systems within the organization to share information and data.
  • Customization and settings: Customize settings and workflows in the app to fit the specific needs of your organization or business.

Tips and advice when using for UKG Pro Classic APK

  • Learn the basics first: Read the documentation or watch video tutorials to understand how to use the app and its basic features.
  • Customize to your organization's needs: Customize UKG Pro Classic to fit your organization or business's specific workflows and requirements. This may include creating custom forms, processes, or data fields.
  • Review calendars and employee information periodically: Review and review schedules and employee information periodically to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Use reporting and analytics: Leverage reporting to track HR performance and key metrics. Data analysis will help you make decisions based on specific data.
  • Training support: Make sure your employees are trained on how to use UKG Pro Classic APK. This helps them make good use of features and workflows.
  • Back up data regularly: Perform regular data backups to ensure that you don't lose important information in the event of a crash or data loss.
  • Regular updates and upgrades: Always make sure you use the latest version of the app and perform updates and upgrades when available. This ensures stability and improved functionality.

Pros and Cons of UKG Pro APP APK


  • Comprehensive and integrated: UKG Pro Classic offers a range of human resources management features from work schedule management to salary calculations and time management, all in a single application. This helps create alignment between HR processes and data.
  • Highly Customizable: This application allows you to customize your workflow and settings to fit your organization's specific needs. This creates flexibility and ensures that the application fits into existing workflows.
  • Security and compliance: UKG Pro Classic complies with high-level security standards and data management regulations, ensuring that personnel information is securely protected.
  • Data Analytics: This app provides data analysis and report generation to track performance and make decisions based on specific data.


  • Training requirements: To take full advantage of the application's features, users and employees need basic training and an understanding of the workflow.
  • Good infrastructure required: To use this application effectively, you need a good technological infrastructure and a stable Internet connection.
  • Integration can be complex: Integrating UKG Pro Classic with other systems in the organization can require high effort and resources, especially if you use other complex systems.


UKG Pro Classic APK is a powerful human resource management application, designed to help organizations and businesses effectively manage HR-related processes. This application has many advantages, including high integration, customization, security and data analysis capabilities.


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FAQs? UKG Pro Classic APK

How do I book holidays or leave on the app? +

Usually, you will need to go to the "Work Schedule" or "Vacation" section to register for days off or leave. You will have to choose the date and type of leave and then submit the request to the manager.

How do I check my work schedule? +

Work schedules can usually be accessed under "Work Schedule" or "Work Hours." You can view your work schedule to see your shifts, days off, and working hours.

How do I create an HR process, such as a recruitment process? +

To create an HR process, you need to visit "Manage Processes" or "Workflows." From there, you can create a new flow, add steps, and send the flow to participants.

How to create reports or export data from UKG Pro Classic APK? +

To create reports or export data, you'll typically look for "Reports" or "Export data." The application often allows you to customize reports and select which data to export.

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