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Download Twisted Metal APK is a game that combines racing and fighting with powerful weapons, this game creates a thrilling and exciting action experience.


Name Twisted Metal
Version 3
Size 325 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Developer Micro SMI PUK Labs

About of Twisted Metal APK

Twisted Metal release date APK is a series of racing and action video games developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In Twisted Metal APK passwords, players will participate in violent and action-packed car races in optional vehicles equipped with powerful weapons. The main objective of the game is usually to destroy all opponents or to complete some specific objective, such as destroying a certain structure.

Each Twisted Metal codes title typically features a series of playable characters, each of whom controls a vehicle and has unique characteristics and weapons. For example, there are tanks, speeding cars, ambulances, and even quirky vehicles like crawlers or helicopters.

Overview of Twisted Metal Game Mobile APK 

This series of games has gone through many versions and improvements, along with changes in graphics and plot. Twisted Metal APK free download has attracted players by its combination of racing and fierce action, along with elements of combat with diverse weapons.

In addition to the mainstream version, Twisted Metal APK obb also has spin-offs like Twisted Metal: Black, which are focused on creating a darker and more violent world, along with separate stories for each character.

Features of Twisted Metal APK Android

Here are some popular features of Twisted Metal APK:

  • Diverse Vehicles: Each playable character has their own vehicle with unique designs and abilities. These can be cars, tanks, helicopters, or even quirky and uncommon vehicles such as scale cars or snowmobiles.
  • Various Weapons: Each vehicle is equipped with a variety of special weapons. These can be machine guns, missiles, bombs, lasers, and many other weapons. Each weapon has its own characteristics in terms of damage, range, and impact.
  • Diverse game modes: Twisted Metal cars and drivers usually offers many different game modes such as racing, Survival mode (survival), Deathmatch mode (death arena), and many more. Players can participate in single matches or play in multiplayer mode.
  • Diverse characters: Each character in the game has its own background and story. These characters often have unique personalities and complicated pasts. They are often divided into different factions and enter the fight to claim the prize they dream of.
  • Maps and environments: In Twisted Metal APK, players will face a variety of maps and environments. Maps often include interesting locations such as cities, deserts, abandoned factories, and futuristic areas. The environment can affect a player's tactics and gameplay.
  • Graphics and sound: Twisted Metal APK sin emulador often has impressive graphics and sound effects, creating a breathtaking action experience. Destruction effects, explosions and interactive objects are all designed in detail to increase the appeal of the game.
  • Online mode: Some versions of Twisted Metal allow players to participate in online matches with other players around the world, creating intense and fierce battles.
  • Plot and theory: Each version of Twisted Metal usually comes with a special plot and theory, building a diverse world with important characters and events.

How to play, gameplay of Twisted Metal APK

  • Character and vehicle selection: You'll start by choosing a character and vehicle you want to control. Each character will have their own vehicle, with a unique design and weapon.
  • Racing and Action Match: During the match, you will participate in car races and fight opponents. You can use weapons and tactics to destroy opponents or complete specific goals. Your opponents will also use weapons and tactics to try to destroy you.
  • Use weapons and skills: In Twisted Metal APK, you can use special weapons to attack your opponents. These weapons can be machine guns, missiles, bombs, lasers, and many more. You can also use the vehicle's special skills to dodge attacks or attack more effectively.
  • Choose tactics and locations: Each map and environment has its own characteristics. You need to choose the right strategy for the terrain and situation to optimize your combat ability.
  • Survive and win: The main goal in Twisted Metal APK is usually to destroy all opponents or to complete a specific goal, such as destroying a certain structure. You need to utilize your weapons and skills to survive and win.
  • Diverse game modes: Twisted Metal usually offers many different game modes such as racing, Survival mode (survival), Deathmatch mode (death arena), and many more. Each mode will require you to apply different tactics to win.

Pros and Cons of Twisted Metal APK Latest Version


  • Diverse Action: Twisted Metal APK offers a varied action experience that combines racing and weapon combat, making the game engaging and exciting.
  • Unique Vehicles and Weapons: Each vehicle in Twisted Metal has a unique weapon and design, creating a variety of gameplay and tactics.
  • Diverse game modes: Diverse game modes such as racing, Survival mode, and Deathmatch bring different emotions and challenges to players.
  • Rich world and storyline: Twisted Metal APK is often accompanied by compelling stories and theories, creating a multi-dimensional world for players to explore.


  • Violent and shocking elements: Twisted Metal APK contains many violent and shocking elements, not suitable for all types of players, especially children.
  • The ability to cause tension: Due to its fierce action and fierce combat, Twisted Metal can create tension and pressure on the player.
  • Requires skill and time: To master and win in Twisted Metal APK, players need to have good skills and be willing to invest time in getting used to the gameplay and mastering the strategy.

Graphics of Twisted Metal APK iOS

Graphics in the Twisted Metal series vary from version to version, depending on release time and technology. The vehicle and environment models are designed in more detail, and the destruction, lighting, and shadow effects have been improved.

High-quality 3D graphics, very detailed and vividly designed environment and vehicle models represent very well the gloomy nature of the game and create a whimsical world.


Twisted Metal APK is a diverse and exciting line of racing and action games. With a combination of racing and combat with powerful weapons, this game makes for a tense and engaging action experience. Unique vehicles and weapons, along with diverse game modes, create multidimensional and challenging for players.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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