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Transfermovil APK is an mobile application of great significance in providing financial services and online payments with continuous improvement and support from service providers.


Name Transfermóvil
Version 1.231214
Size 6.49 MB
Category Finance
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Developer ETECSA

About of Transfermóvil APK

Transfermóvil APK cuba descargar is a mobile application in Cuba developed to provide financial services and online payments to citizens. Launched in 2014, the app has quickly become an important part of Cubans' daily lives, offering a wide range of services, from money transfers to bill payments and online shopping.

Transfermóvil's goal is to give users easy access to financial services, especially those that were previously difficult to do in Cuba, allowing users to quickly and conveniently transfer money between accounts and between individuals.

Overview of Transfermovil Mobile APK

Transfermóvil App APK actualizacion offers online shopping, allowing users to purchase products and services from affiliated stores and vendors. The app allows users to check their bank account balances and perform account related transactions.

To use aplicacion Transfermóvil APK free download, users need to register and activate an account through the application's resellers or through service points provided by carriers and affiliated partners. After successful registration, they can upload the app to their mobile phone and start using the features and services offered.

In the context of Cuba as a country affected by international financial and trade restrictions, Transfermóvil Apphas played an important role in making it convenient and efficient for citizens to access financial and digital services.

Features of Transfermóvil APK For Android

Here are some key features of the Transfermóvil 2023 APK:

  • Transfer and receive money: Transfermóvil allows users to transfer funds between accounts and between other Transfermóvil users easily through their mobile phones. This saves time and money compared to traveling directly to the point of sale.
  • Bill Payment: Users can pay bills for electricity, water, mobile phones, Internet and many other types of services through the Transfermóvil application. The payment through the application helps people save time and reduce the risks that may arise when carrying cash.
  • Online shopping: Transfermóvil offers online shopping, allowing users to purchase products and services from affiliated stores and vendors. Users can choose from product categories and make online payments securely and conveniently.
  • Mobile Recharge: Users can recharge their mobile phones through Transfermóvil APK iphone. This saves time and effort and ensures that the mobile phone always has enough money to use the related services.
  • Bank Account Management: The app allows users to check their bank account balances and perform account related transactions. Users can check transaction history, transfer funds between accounts and perform other banking related transactions.
  • Check e-wallet account: Users can check the balance and transaction history of the e-wallet account associated with Transfermóvil APK.
  • Look up service information: Transfermóvil provides information about various services and products, helping users learn about the opportunities and offers available through the app.
  • Security and safe transactions: The Transfermóvil APK application is designed with high security measures to ensure that users' information and transactions are protected securely and privately.

Instructions, how to use Transfermóvil APK iOS

Step 1: Download the Transfermóvil application

  • First, download the Transfermóvil APK application from the APKRabi website on your mobile phone.
  • After downloading and installing the app, open it up.

Step 2: Register and activate your account

  • During the first process of using the application, you will be asked to register for an account.
  • Enter the necessary information, including mobile phone number and some other personal information.
  • Next, you need to confirm your account via a confirmation code sent to your registered mobile phone number.

Step 3: Link your bank account or e-wallet (optional)

  • You can choose to link your bank account or e-wallet with the Transfermovil application for more convenience in performing financial transactions.

Step 4: Make transactions and payments

  • After registering and activating your account, you can make transactions and make payments through the Transfermóvil app APK.
  • For money transfers, you can choose the recipient and the amount to send, then confirm the transaction.
  • For bill payment, you can choose the invoice type and amount to pay, then confirm the transaction.

Step 5: Recharge mobile phone (optional)

  • If you want to top up your mobile phone through Transfermóvil APK, you can select the item "Recharge your phone" and follow the instructions on the app.

Step 6: Check your account and transaction history

  • Transfermóvil offers balance checking and transaction history, which helps you keep track of your executed transactions and the available balance on your account.

Tips and advice when using Transfermóvil APP APK

  • Account security: Create a strong password and do not reveal it to others. If possible, use two-factor authentication (2FA) if your app supports it to protect your account.
  • Make sure personal information is safe: Do not share your personal information or account information with strangers or through unsafe channels such as unknown emails or strange calls.
  • Confirm transactions: Before confirming any transactions in the app, be sure to review the transaction information carefully to avoid errors.
  • Check balances and transaction history: Monitor balances and check transaction history regularly to detect any invalid or unknown transactions.
  • Top up your app account: Fund your app account through trusted and official channels, but avoid funding through unknown or unsafe channels.
  • Choose secure payment options: When making online payments or shopping on Transfermóvil APK, use secure payment methods such as e-banking or linked e-wallets.
  • Avoid using unsecured public networks: When making transactions in the Transfermóvil app, avoid using public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks, to reduce security risks.
  • Contact support: If you have any problems using Transfermóvil or need assistance, contact your service provider or application support team for help.
  • App Updates: Always make sure you're using the latest version of the Transfermóvil APK app to enjoy the latest improvements and better security.

Pros and cons Transfermóvil APK Latest Version


  • Convenience and ease of use: Transfermovil offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to perform financial transactions and online payments with ease and convenience.
  • Save time and effort: Thanks to Transfermóvil APK, users do not need to travel to traditional transaction points, saving time and effort.
  • Supports a wide range of financial services: This app offers a wide range of financial services, from money transfers to bill payments and online shopping, making them easy for citizens to access.
  • Enhancing the convenience of life: Transfermóvil has helped improve the convenience of the Cuban people's daily lives, especially in the context of international trade and financial restrictions on the country.


  • Limitations on connectivity and usability: Due to limited network infrastructure in Cuba, accessing and using Transfermóvil may not always be stable and fast, especially in remote areas.
  • Limitations on integration with banks and international payments: Transfermóvil may have difficulty integrating with some banks and international payment services, limiting its ability to conduct international transactions.
  • Limited usage: Transfermóvil APK is a popular application in Cuba, but has not yet developed internationally, so if you are abroad, you may have difficulty using it.


Transfermóvil APK is an online financial and payment application that has brought many benefits and conveniences to the Cuban people. With a simple interface and diverse features, users can easily perform financial transactions, transfer money, pay bills and shop online conveniently and save time.


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