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Traffic Racer APK is an adventure racing game with high graphic quality, taking players into high-speed races on crowded roads, with many types of vehicles and diverse environments.


Name Traffic Racer
Pagekage name com.skgames.trafficracer
Version 3.7
Size 107.28 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Soner Kara

Introduce toTraffic Racer APK

Traffic Racer russian village APK is an adventure racing game with high graphics quality, developed by Soner Kara. This game has attracted millions of players worldwide and is available as an APK installation file for Android devices.

In Traffic Racer Pro APK, you will experience the feeling of high- speed driving on busy and challenging roads. Your goal is to drive through heavy traffic, overtake other cars, earn points and get as far as you can before time runs out or crashes.

The game offers a variety of vehicles for you to choose from, including sports cars, classic cars, trucks and buses. You can upgrade and customize your car using the money you earn during the game. Besides, there are also diverse environments such as night city, wild desert and green fields for you to explore.

More Overview of Traffic Racer APK Mobile Game

The Traffic Tour Car Racer Game APK game has an easy control mechanism, allowing you to choose to hold the virtual or touch steering wheel to drive. You can also change the camera angle for the best driving experience.

Highway Bike Traffic Racer 3D APK offers multiple game modes, including In Time mode, Top Speed mode, Police Chase mode and Freestyle mode. Each mode offers its own challenges and goals for you to overcome.

If you like simple but addictive racing game, Traffic Racer pro car games APK is a great choice. You can download the APK installation file of this game from reliable sources online and install it on your Android phone or tablet to start experiencing the exciting races.

All features in Traffic Racer APK for Android

  • High-quality graphics: Traffic Racer APK revdl has beautiful and detailed 3D graphics, creating an intuitive and vivid environment for the game. Vehicle details, environments and effects are all carefully designed to provide the best visual experience.
  • Variety of vehicles: The game offers a variety of vehicles for you to choose from. You can choose from regular cars, sports cars, trucks and buses. Each vehicle type has its own characteristics and different performance, offering a variety of choices and driving experiences.
  • Vehicle Upgrades and Customizations: You can upgrade and customize your vehicle for enhanced performance and personalization. Using the money you earn in the game, you can upgrade the engine, steering, brakes, speed, and even change the paint and tire color.
  • Diverse Environments: Traffic Racer offers many different environments for you to explore and experience. You will drive through locations such as the night city, green fields, forests, deserts and many more. Each environment offers unique landscapes and challenges.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers many game modes for you to choose from. You can participate in Time mode, Top Speed mode, Police Chase mode and Freedom mode. Each mode offers its own missions and challenges, adding variety and richness to the game.
  • Scores and achievements: The game records your achievements, including the distance driven, the number of cars passed and the score achieved. You can try to improve your personal record and compete with your friends through the online ranking system.
  • Easy control mechanism: Traffic Racer offers flexible control options. You can choose to hold the virtual or touch steering wheel to drive. Besides, you can customize the camera's viewing angle for the best driving experience.
  • Traffic Racer APK indir offers a simple, yet addictive and varied racing experience with high-quality graphics, rich vehicle selection, diverse environments and exciting game modes. Download this game and participate in exciting races on exciting roads.

Interface, graphics on Traffic Racer APK

Graphics in the game Traffic Racer APK are appreciated with high quality and remarkable detail.

3D Graphics: Traffic Racer uses 3D graphics technology to create an intuitive and vivid environment. Objects, vehicles and environments are simulated in great detail, from vehicle details to the surrounding landscape.

Detailed vehicle models: Traffic Racer vehicle models are designed with care and precision, ensuring that details such as shapes, headlights, doors, and wheels are all faithfully sketched.

Light and shadow effects: Traffic Racer uses light and shadow effects to enhance the realism and vibrancy of the graphics. The headlights, street lights, and shadow effects are handled with care, creating a realistic and engaging environment.

Diverse Environments: The game offers players a variety of environments to explore, including a night city, a forest, a desert, and a field. Each environment is designed with specific details and landscapes, creating diversity and a new feeling for players.

Special Effects: The game uses special effects to increase the fun and richness of the experience. Effects such as blur effects, explosion effects and motion simulation effects help create a unique and vibrant racing space.

How to play, gameplay for Traffic Racer APK Latest version

Download and install Traffic Racer APK: Search and download Traffic Racer APK installation files from trusted sources online. Then install the APK file on your Android device.

Start the game: Find and open the Traffic Racer app on the home screen of your Android device.

Choose vehicle and environment: After opening the game, you will be taken to the main menu. Here you can choose the vehicle you want to drive and the environment you want to explore. There are a variety of vehicles and environments to choose from, so pick one to get started.

Choose a game mode: Next, you need to choose the game mode you want to experience. The game offers modes like In Time, Top Speed, Police Chase and Freestyle. Each mode has its own goals and challenges, so choose the mode you want to participate in.

Vehicle controls: When you start playing, you'll see a screen showing traffic and your vehicle. Use control options such as a virtual or touch-sensitive steering wheel to steer the vehicle through traffic. Be careful to avoid collision with other cars and pass them to earn score.

Earn points and upgrade: During the game, you will earn coins and scores. Use coins to upgrade your car, including improving performance, speed and other features. Your score will be recorded to compare and compete with other players.

Challenges and Accomplishments: Each game mode has its own set of goals and challenges. Try to drive as far as possible, overtake the maximum number of cars, avoid being caught by the police or freely explore in an unrestricted environment. Try to complete the goal and get the best score possible.

Pros and Cons of Traffic Racer APK


  • Diversity of game modes: Traffic Racer offers various game modes such as In Time, Maximum Speed, Police Pursuit and Freestyle, providing variety and challenges for players.
  • Vehicle Selection and Customization: The game offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, and the player can upgrade and customize the vehicle as they wish.
  • Diverse Environments: Traffic Racer has many different environments such as night city, forest, desert, providing a new landscape and experience.
  • Achievements and Rankings: The game recognizes players' achievements and has an online ranking system that encourages competition and competition with friends.


  • No online head-to-head racing mode: Traffic Racer does not support online head-to-head racing between players.
  • Lack of social interaction: The game does not offer rich social interaction, limiting your ability to connect and compete with other players.
  • No online head-to-head racing: Traffic Racer does not support online head-to-head racing, which can reduce excitement and competition.


Traffic Racer APK is an exciting adventure racing game with high quality graphics and simple gameplay. With a variety of game modes, vehicle selection and diverse environments, the game offers exciting and challenging experiences for players.

Traffic Racer APK is still a great choice for lovers of simple but addictive racing games. Download and join the race on busy roads to experience the feeling of speed and become a skilled driver.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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