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Tom and Jerry Mobile Game APK is an exciting and humorous adventure, where players have the opportunity to participate in classic chases between the mischievous mouse Jerry and the clumsy cat Tom.


Name Tom and Jerry: Chase
Pagekage name com.netease.tjglobal
Version 5.4.59
Size 1.57 Gb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Developer NetEase Games

About to Tom and Jerry: Chase APK

Tom and Jerry: Chase APK + obb is not only a traditional puzzle game, but also a great adventure that takes you back to your childhood memories of the classic cartoon. If you've ever loved the humorous chases between a mischievous mouse and a clumsy cat, this is your chance to reunite with familiar characters.

More Overview of Tom and Jerry: Chase Latest Version

In Chase Tom and Jerry APK, you can choose to be Tom or Jerry, participate in bouncing races, overcome difficult obstacles and enjoy the fun of endless confrontation. Great graphics, exciting music and unique features create a unique gaming experience.

Unique features of this game include the opportunity to connect with friends, challenge and prove who is the real boss in the world of Tom and Jerry. At the same time, a diverse system of characters and items helps you customize your experience in your own personal way.

All features in Tom and Jerry: Chase Mobile Game

Diverse Play Modes:

  • Jump Race: Participate in the race between Tom and Jerry, overcome obstacles and collect items to win.
  • Challenge: Face off against other players in exciting challenges, proving who is the "Chasing Boss."
  • Team Battles: Join a team and participate in team battles to achieve common goals together.

Character and Skill System:

  • Diverse Characters: Choose to become Tom or Jerry, each character has their own skills, from the ability to chase quickly to the ability to attack powerfully.
  • Unique Items: Use items such as bombs, gift wrap, or traps to trick your opponents and create unique strategies.

Special Event Mode:

  • Sports Events: Participate in special events like cycling or football races, improve your skills and race to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Flirting Events: Participate in Flirting events to receive unique rewards and earn points for your team.

Social Connection:

  • Connect Friends: Connect with friends via social media accounts and challenge them to exciting matches.
  • Night System: Play at night to get extra rewards and enjoy the mystical atmosphere.

Character and Item Improvements:

  • Upgrade System: Upgrade characters and items to enhance your abilities and tactics.
  • Unique Outfits: Open and change outfits to create your character's unique and personal style.

Great Graphics and Music:

  • High Quality Graphics: Experience the world of Tom and Jerry with sharp graphics, bright colors and unique designs.
  • Exciting Music: Fun and exciting music enhances the atmosphere of the game.

Interface, graphics on Tom and Jerry APK For Android

Sharp Image Quality: Tom and Jerry: Chase APK download android uses high quality graphics, delivering sharp, clear and detailed images. Characters, environments and other details are all meticulously designed to realistically recreate the world of Tom and Jerry.

Stylish Character Design: Tom, Jerry and other characters are designed with a distinctive style, preserving their cute and humorous look from the classic cartoon. The variety in character design creates a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Special Effects: Tom and Jerry: Chase global APK uses special effects such as lighting, shadows, and other special effects to make each race more vivid and dramatic. These effects not only enhance the gaming experience but also add to the appeal of the game.

Friendly Player Interface: The player interface of Tom and Jerry: Chase download ios is designed to make the gaming experience easy and friendly. Control buttons and game information are arranged reasonably for players to easily interact.

How to play, gameplay for Tom and Jerry: Chase iOS

Character Choice: You can choose to join team Tom or team Jerry Chase app store. Each team has its own advantages and tactics, creating diversity in gameplay.

Bounce Race: Participate in bounce races across diverse levels. Your mission is to overcome obstacles, collect items and reach the finish line before your opponents.

Using Skills and Items: Each character has special skills. Use them strategically to overcome your opponents. In addition, you can also use items such as bombs and gift wraps to create unique strategies.

Challenges and Team Battles: Participate in challenge matches against other players to test your skills and strategies. Join the team to participate in exciting team matches.

Upgrade Characters and Items: Accumulate experience points and resources to upgrade characters and items. This helps enhance your abilities and create new tactics.

Outfit Customization: Open and customize your character's outfits, expressing your unique and personal style.

Special Events: Participate in special events like sporting events or drop events to receive unique rewards and earn points for your team.

Pros and Cons of Tom and Jerry: Chase APK


  • Unique Gameplay: Tom and Jerry: Chase APK free download offers unique gameplay and combines racing and strategy elements, creating a new experience for players.
  • Sharp Graphics: The game's graphics are very sharp and detailed, realistically recreating the humorous world of Tom and Jerry.
  • Social Features: The ability to connect with friends and challenge creates a diverse and vibrant gaming community.
  • Regular Special Events: Update special and exciting events regularly, keeping the game fresh and stimulating.


  • Internet Connection Required: The game requires an internet connection to play, which can be a hassle for players who want to play offline.
  • Ability to Integrate Ads: Like many other free games, Tom and Jerry: Chase has the ability to integrate ads, which can annoy players.
  • Challenges for Beginners: There may be some challenges for beginners as the difficulty increases through the levels, especially when facing advanced players.


Tom and Jerry: Chase china APK is a unique and interesting puzzle game, giving players the opportunity to reunite with legendary characters from the cartoon world. Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK play store now to join this wonderful adventure and create funny and exciting memories together. Surely, with this game, you will not only play the game but also "experience" a memorable piece of childhood memories. Hope you have truly wonderful moments of relaxation!


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FAQs? Tom and Jerry: Chase APK

How to customize character costumes in Tom and Jerry: Chase APK? +

To customize your outfit, you can access the "Customize" section in the game's main interface. Here, you will be able to openand change outfits according to your personal preferences.

How to upgrade characters and items in the game? +

To upgrade characters and items, you need to accumulate experience points and resources through races and events. After that, you can go to the "Upgrade" section in the main interface to improve the skills and tactical abilities of your character and items.

How to participate in team races in Tom and Jerry: Chase APK? +

To participate in a team race, you need to join or create a team in the "Team" section in the main interface. After joining the team, you will be able to participate in exciting team matches and unite with your teammates to achieve victory.

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