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TV TimeBD APK is a diverse entertainment app that allows you to experience the world of sports, games, and your favorite movies directly from your mobile device.


Name TimeBD
Pagekage name com.itbari.bdtimebd
Version 9.8
Size 14.5 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer IT Bari

Introduce About to TimeBD APK

TimeBD APK is an application that caters to your passion for sports, games, and dramas. With an attractive user interface and many convenient features, Time BD APK provides a diverse and exciting entertainment experience. Internet TimeBD APK allows you to follow your favorite matches and games live. No more worrying about missing out on exciting moments in the world of sports and entertainment.

With this feature, you can easily search for content that interests you. Search by movie name, show, or genre to easily find content that suits your interests. This can be useful for people who want to change the language or tone when viewing content. Fifa TimeBD APK ensures flexibility and diversity in user experience.

More Overview of TimeBD Android

HotFlix TimeBD APK download allows you to enjoy your favorite content in full screen, creating a more interactive and engaging experience. The application provides many options for movie quality, from LQ (Low Quality), SD (Standard Definition) to HD (High Definition), so you can choose based on your internet connection and device.

Additionally, internet TimeBD apps download APK is committed to the principle of "Fair Use," ensuring that users have an entertainment experience within the bounds of the law. If you detect any copyright or trademark violation, the application is ready to assist you in resolving this issue.

With bpl TimeBD APK, you will easily find and watch the content you love conveniently and smoothly. Let's explore the diverse and rich world of entertainment through this application.

All features in TimeBD Latest Version

Here are all the features of the TimeBD APK app:

  • Live Games: icc TimeBD APK app allows users to watch their favorite sports matches, games, and sporting events live from anywhere.
  • Search system: Users have the ability to search content easily through the integrated search system. You can search by program name, movie name, or content genre that interests you.
  • Voice changer: This feature may involve changing the language or tone when viewing content. This helps ensure that users can enjoy content in a language they understand.
  • Smooth Controls: TimeBD APK provides smooth controls for content viewing experience. This includes features like fast forward, slow rewind, and pause, giving you complete control over the content.
  • Full screen viewing: The application allows users to view content in full screen, optimizing the viewing experience and creating a large and clear image.
  • Diverse movie quality: TimeBD APK provides many options for movie quality, including LQ (Low Quality), SD (Standard Definition), and HD (High Definition). Users can choose depending on their internet connection and device.
  • Legal Compliance: TimeBD APK App is committed to following the guidelines of "Fair Use." If users detect a copyright or trademark violation in content, they can contact the app directly to resolve the issue.

As such, TimeBD APK offers a series of features to ensure that users have a comfortable and enjoyable online entertainment experience. From watching sports matches live to finding your favorite movie and controlling movie quality, this application meets many user needs.

Instructions, how to use TimeBD Mobile App

Step 1: Download and Install the TimeBD APK application

First, you need to download the TimeBD APK app from the Google Play store on your mobile device. If you use iOS, find the app on the App Store.

Step 2: Login or Register Account

Open the TimeBD app after installation and you will encounter a login or registration screen. If you have account, please login. If you don't have one, you need to register a new account.

Step 3: Search Content

After logging in, you will see the main interface of the TimeBD application. Use the search feature to find content that interests you. You can search by movie name, show name, or genre.

Step 4: Watch Live or Choose Movie Title

Once you've found what you want to watch, you can choose to watch it live or choose a title to watch later.

Step 5: Control Video Playback

Once you've started watching, you have options to control video playback. This includes fast forward, slow forward, pause and forward. Make sure you understand how to use these features.

Step 6: Control Video Quality

TimeBD APK offers many options for video quality, from LQ to HD. Customize video quality based on your internet connection and device.

Step 7: Close the application and Log Out

When you finish viewing, close the application or exit it. If you want, you can also sign out of your account.

Tips and advice when using for TimeBD iOS

Use a Trusted Source: Always download the TimeBD APK app from a trusted source, such as the app's official website or a mainstream app store, like Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for Android devices. suffer from iOS.

Regular Updates: Make sure your TimeBD APK app is always updated to the latest version. Updates often include bug fixes, new features, and improved security.

Protect Personal Information: Make sure you don't share important personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses or bank account information, on this or any other app .

Network Quality and Data Capacity: Make sure you have a stable internet connection to watch content smoothly and avoid stuttering. If you have limited mobile data capacity, consider adjusting video quality to save data.

Watch Legally: TimeBD APK offers a variety of entertaining content, but make sure you follow the legal regulations regarding viewing and downloading content.

Contact Support: If you have problems or questions, use the support feature in the app or on the official website to contact the TimeBD APK support team.

Pros and Cons of TimeBD APK


  • Live Access to Sports and Entertainment: TimeBD APK allows users to watch live sports matches and favorite TV series conveniently from anywhere.
  • Integrated Search: The search feature helps users search for content by movie name, program, or genre, creating convenience in finding content.
  • Varied Video Quality: The app offers multiple video quality options, including LQ, SD, and HD, allowing users to customize the quality according to their internet connection and device.
  • Voice Changer: The voice changer feature can be useful for users who want to view content in a different language or accent.


  • Payment Options: If the TimeBD APK app offers payment services, users should carefully check the transactions and ensure that they are not paying for unwanted services.
  • Depends on Internet Connection: To watch videos smoothly, users must have a stable internet connection. This may create difficulties for users in areas with unstable internet connections.


TimeBD - Live Sports & Drama APK is a powerful entertainment app for people who love sports, games, and dramas. This app offers many advantages, including the ability to watch your favorite matches live, an easy-to-use interface, flexible content search, and diverse video quality options.


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How to register or log in to TimeBD APK account? +

Open the app and you will see the login or registration screen. If you already have an account, log in with your credentials. If not, you can register a new account.

How to search for content in the application? +

Use the search feature by entering the movie name, show name or genre that interests you. Search results will display based on your request.

How to watch live content? +

Once you find the content you want to watch, you can tap it to watch it directly. You can also choose a movie title to watch later.

How to control video quality? +

During viewing, you can adjust the video quality depending on your internet connection and device. You'll usually find the video quality option in the settings or menu.

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