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Hitori No Shita: The Outcast APK is a fascinating mobile game, taking players into a mysterious world with a deep storyline, vivid graphics, and a diverse combat system.


Name The Outcast Game
Version 1.0
Size 9.95 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer MoreFun Studios

Introduce to Hitori No Shita: The Outcast APK

The Outcast Game APK was developed based on the famous manga of the same name, and has succeeded in conveying the mysterious, dark atmosphere of the story into the game experience. Players will enter the world of Chou Soran, an ordinary guy but with some special abilities. His journey to find the truth about the past and face supernatural forces highlights the game's appeal.

One of the unique features of Outcast Game Mobile APK is its excellent graphics, bringing players to a world full of detail and color. Music and sound effects are meticulously cared for, helping to enhance the interactive experience and create a tense and suspenseful atmosphere in each action phase.

More Overview of The Outcast Mobile Game

The game also attracts players with a flexible and diverse martial arts system. Players will have to fight evil forces, using clever techniques and tactics to overcome each challenge. At the same time, the story will keep players in a state of suspense and curiosity, discovering the secrets hidden behind each event.

If you are a lover of the anime genre and want to experience an engaging storyline combined with vivid graphics, then The Outcast Mobile APK is the choice worth watching. Download now and explore this mysterious world, where every decision you make affects the final outcome of the story. Wish you have hours of interesting entertainment!

All features in The Outcast Game Latest Version

Excellent Graphics and Sound:

  • High quality graphics with unique effects, bringing an engaging experience to players.
  • Lively music and sounds, compatible with the mysterious and dramatic atmosphere of the story.

Rich Storyline:

  • Based on the popular manga series, providing a deep plot, perhaps with more development and imaginative principles.

Characters and Skills:

  • The characters are uniquely designed with distinct skills and personalities.
  • Flexible skill and strategy system, allowing players to customize tactics according to their style.

Combat System and Martial Arts:

  • Combat is real-time or schematic depending on the game's settings.
  • Offers a variety of unique martial arts techniques, from simple to complex.

Exciting Quests and Events:

  • The mission system is diverse and rich, helping players experience many aspects of the game world.
  • Regular events with attractive rewards to stimulate interaction and accumulation.

Diversifying Characters:

  • Opportunity to customize and upgrade characters, from costumes to weapons and jewelry.
  • Level and skill system so players can pursue development and strengthen their character.

Interface, graphics on The Outcast Game For Android

Colors and Color Combinations: Project The Outcast Game APK is impressive with its delicate color play and sharp color combinations. The mysterious and magical beauty of the world in the game is clearly shown through the diversity and flexibility of color gamut.

Character Design Features: Characters in the game are designed in a unique and classy way. From facial expressions to small details on costumes, the graphics of The Outcast Mobile APK download truly bring players into a world full of humanity and modernity.

Unique Effects: Unique effects in the game create a mysterious and dramatic feeling. From light and shadow to special effects in combat skills, every situation in the game comes alive and captivating.

Fluid Movement: What makes the graphics really stand out is the fluid movement of characters and items in the game. The softness and naturalness of the movements create a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

How to play, gameplay for The Outcast Game iOS

Fascinating Journey: The Outcast Game APK stands out with its rich and complex storyline. Players will begin their journey from past secrets and face mysterious challenges.

Flexible Combat: Diverse combat system, from hand-to-hand combat to using unique skills and weapons. Players have the opportunity to develop their strategies to overcome all challenges.

Character Options and Upgrades: Explore a variety of characters, each with their own skills and personalities. Players can customize and upgrade their characters to reflect their personal play style.

Rich Missions and Events: Diverse mission and event system, helping players go through a series of activities and collect valuable rewards.

Pros and Cons of The Outcast Game APK


  • Outstanding Graphics and Music: The graphics are sharp and detailed, creating a beautiful world. Careful music and sound effects enhance the gaming experience.
  • Deep Story: The story is rich and relevant, keeping players intrigued and curious with each chapter.
  • Character Diversity: The ability to customize and upgrade characters, creating diversity and individuality.


  • High Configuration Requirements: High configuration requirements may be required on some devices, which may affect the experience for users of older devices.
  • Internet Connection Required: Requires a constant internet connection which can make the game difficult to play offline.


The Outcast Game APK is not just a simple mobile game, but also a profound adventure that takes players into a world full of mystery and mysticism. With a complex plot, unique characters, and flexible combat system, the game creates a unique and engaging gaming experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? The Outcast Game APK

How to interact with the characters in the game? +

Often, interaction with the character will be done through buttons or gestures on the screen. Check the game guide or dashboard for more details.

How to upgrade and customize my character? +

As for upgrading and customizing characters, you will usually have an item in the game or main menu to do this. Read the instructions or help section for details.

How to participate in events and quests? +

Events and quests are usually displayed in the main menu or information page. You can start participating by clicking on the corresponding icon and following the instructions.

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