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Temple Run 2 APK is the famous endless running game, the player's goal is to run as far as possible on dangerous roads, avoid obstacles and collect coins and items to get the highest score.


Name Temple Run 2
Pagekage name com.imangi.templerun2
Version 1.111.0
Size 149.74 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Imangi Studios

About of Temple Run 2 APK

Temple Run 2 is the mobile version of the game Temple Run 2, a famous and popular endless runner game on the mobile platform. The game is developed by the company Imangi Studios and has attracted millions of players worldwide.

In Temple Run 2, players will assume the role of an explorer and explore mysterious temples around the world. The goal of the game is to run as far as possible on dangerous roads, avoid obstacles and collect coins and items to earn the highest score.

Overview of Temple Run 2 Mobile APK

Temple Run 2 APK allows players to download and install the game for free on their mobile phones or tablets. By using the virtual handle on the touch screen, the player can control his character and perform actions to jump, slide, turn left or turn right to avoid colliding with obstacles.

Temple Run 2 APK game has beautiful graphics, vivid sound and agile gameplay. In addition, it also has a level and achievement system for players to try to complete and achieve new records.

To download Temple Run 2 APK, you can access the application store of your mobile device, such as Google Play Store for Android operating system or App Store for iOS operating system. Search for "Temple Run 2" and select the APK version to download and install the game on your device.

Features of Temple Run 2 for Android

  • Gameplay Endless Runner: Temple Run 2 is an endless runner game, meaning the player will keep running until they encounter an obstacle and finish the game. The goal is to run as far as possible, getting the highest score possible.
  • Various obstacles: During the run, the player will have to avoid obstacles such as pillars, mountains, cliffs, fire, and monsters. There is a variety and random arrangement of obstacles, creating unique and non-stop challenges.
  • Diverse characters: Temple Run 2 APK provides many different characters for players to choose from. Each character has their own special skills and abilities, such as increased speed, extended immortality, and faster coin collection.
  • Support items: During the run, the player can collect and use support items such as the circle of immortality, fireworks, golden arrows and more. These items help players enhance their playability and achieve higher scores.
  • Exploring Worlds: Temple Run 2 APK has many different worlds for players to explore, including rainforests, deserts, snowy regions, and more. Each world has its own character and landscape, offering variety and variation in the gameplay experience.
  • Levels and Achievements: The game records the player's achievements, including the highest score, the number of coins collected, and the objectives completed. Players can view detailed statistics of their progress and try to achieve new goals.
  • Constant updates and development: Imangi Studios, the developers of Temple Run 2, continues to provide new updates to enhance the game and bring many new features to the players.

Game mode, graphics of Temple Run 2 APK

Environments and Landscapes: Temple Run 2 APK brings players into vivid and diverse environments, including rainforests, caves, deserts, and snowy regions. Each environment is designed with detail and vibrant colors, creating a fascinating landscape and creating a sense of adventure.

Special Effects: Temple Run 2 APK uses special effects to make the experience more intuitive and engaging. For example, when characters run faster, they can create light trails behind, creating a sense of speed. In addition, lighting, shadow and motion effects are used to create a vivid and multi-dimensional world.

Character Design: The characters in Temple Run 2 APK are designed with detail and personalization. Each character has a unique appearance and style, giving players variety and choices.

Item and Obstacle Details: In-game items and obstacles are also designed with care. For example, pillars, mountains and cliffs have clear detail and precise structure, creating variety and challenge for players.

Smooth animations: The graphics in Temple Run 2 APK are optimized to ensure smooth and lag-free animations. Players can experience a continuous running journey without performance or compatibility issues.

How to play the game Temple Run 2 Latest version

Start the game: Find and install the Temple Run 2 APK app from the app store on your mobile device. Once the installation is done, open the app to start the game.

Choose a character: Before you start playing, you can choose the character you want to use in the game. Each character has its own special skill, so choose the one that suits your playing style.

Start running: At the start of the game, your character will start running automatically. Your task is to control the character to avoid obstacles and collect coins.

Character control: Use on-screen keys or gestures to control the character to move left, right, jump up or slide down. This helps you avoid colliding with obstacles and collect coins.

Collect coins and items: On the run, try to collect as many coins and support items as possible. Coins help you buy upgrades and new characters, while boosters like the circle of immortality or golden arrows make it easier for you to overcome challenges.

Avoid obstacles: Be careful with obstacles like pillars, mountains, cliffs, fire and monsters. Jump up, slide down or change direction to avoid collision and keep running.

Character Upgrade: Use the coins you collect to upgrade your character. Upgrades will increase the character's jump, speed, invulnerability, and other abilities.

Beat Goals: In Temple Run 2, there are specific goals that you can complete to get a high score and achieve in-game achievements. Work your way through these goals to advance and open new content.

Use boosters: When you have boosters like circles of immortality or fireworks, use them smartly to increase survivability and get higher scores.

Track progress: The game records your top score, coins and achievements. You can track your progress and compare with other players.

Pros and cons of the game Temple Run 2 APK


  • Addictive gameplay: Temple Run 2 APK has simple yet addictive gameplay that makes players want to keep playing to achieve higher scores and overcome challenges.
  • Diverse and changeable: Temple Run 2 APK offers many different worlds to explore, each with its own character and landscape. This helps the game become diverse and not monotonous.
  • Many characters and items: The game offers many different characters and items to choose from, each with their own skills and abilities. This creates diversity and exploration for players.
  • Challenges and Goals: Temple Run 2 APK has many goals and challenges to complete, giving players specific goals and promoting progress in the game.


  • May become repetitive: Some players may feel Temple Run 2 APK becomes repetitive after a long time playing. Running forever without major changes can make the game monotonous.
  • Depends on the element of luck: An important part of Temple Run 2 APK is luck. Sometimes, achieving a high score depends on getting support items and obstacles arranged in a beneficial way. This can make the game unfair and not based on skill.
  • Depends on the freemium model: Temple Run 2 APK belongs to the freemium model, which means the game may require costs to purchase items and upgrades faster. This can cause imbalance and affect the player's playing experience.


Temple Run 2 APK is an attractive endless runner game on mobile devices. With high-quality graphics, addictive gameplay and diverse features, the game has attracted the attention of many players around the world.

Try this game and experience the endless adventure in the world of Temple Run. Share with everyone to discover a good entertaining game.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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