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Tasker Pro APK is a powerful Android automation app that offers unique customization capabilities to users to flexibly control and automate every aspect of their phone.


Name Tasker
Version 6.3.13
Size 15.4 MB
Category Tools
Price $3.49
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer joaomgcd

About to Tasker APK

For those who love customization and want to make the most of their smartphone's potential, Tasker crazy hero APK is a must-see.

Tasker secondary APK is not just an app, but a powerful tool that you can use to automate everything on your phone, from changing volume settings to handling messages. Best of all, it doesn't require root access (although some functions do), which makes Tasker app examples an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced users.

More Overview of Tasker Mobile App

Tasker app download APK allows you to take advantage of over 130 different statuses and events to automate your phone. From location to time of day, from the app you're using to the Wi-Fi network, Tasker can automatically change your phone's behavior based on context.

With over 350 actions, you can do almost anything on your phone. Send messages, create notifications, change system settings, control media, and more. Tasker APK reddit helps you customize your phone the way you want.

All features in Tasker Latest Version

  • Diverse Automation: termux Tasker APK is an expert in automating every aspect of your phone. From changing volume settings to switching do not disturb mode based on location, Wi-Fi network, or even the content of the app you're using - nothing is too complicated with Tasker.
  • Flexible Actions: With over 350 different actions, Tasker premium APK opens up a new world of customization. Send automated messages, change system settings, control media, or even create your own automated applications - everything is possible.
  • Automatic Backup: The ability to automatically back up files is an important feature of Tasker. You can set to back up your data to various locations such as SD card, Google Drive, or even USB, keeping your data safe and easy to restore when needed.
  • Strong Support Community: Tasker is not just an app, but a community full of creativity and support. You can take advantage of other people's experiences through the official forum, where the Tasker community will help and share ideas.
  • Developer Friendly: With the ability to call Web APIs and interact with various third-party applications, Tasker not only helps you interact with your phone but also with other services and applications you are using. use.
  • 7-Day Trial - One-Time Payment: Tasker APK full not only has a 7-day trial feature for you to experience but also applies a one-time payment model. One payment open all features and delivers the fastest experience. Get it here:

Instructions, how to use Tasker For Android

Start: Open the application after downloading and installing, you will be taken to the main interface.

Main Interface: Tasker's main interface includes tabs such as Profiles, Tasks, Scenes, and is where you create and manage automated tasks.

Create Profile: Click on the "Profiles" tab and add a new Profile by pressing the "+" button. Select trigger conditions, such as time, location, or other event.

Create Task: After creating Profile, you need to create a Task to execute when the trigger condition is met. Click the "Tasks" tab and add a new Task. Name your Task.

Actions in Task: Each Task includes Actions, or specific actions that you want to perform. Add an Action by pressing "+" and choosing from the list of available actions.

Activate Tasks: Once you have created Profiles and Tasks, you need to activate them by pressing the "On" button in the top right corner.

Tips and advice when using for Tasker iOS

Take Control: Start with simple tasks before moving on to complex automation. Check results after each change to ensure performance.

Use Variables and Functions: Take advantage of variables and functions to make your tasks more flexible and maintainable.

Reading Documentation and Community: The Tasker website provides many useful documents and practical examples. Join the Tasker community on forums and Reddit to learn and share experiences.

Create Beautiful Scenes: Use the Scenes feature to create custom user interfaces for your tasks.

Backup and Restore: Regularly back up your Tasker configuration to avoid data loss when updating or moving to a new device.

Be Patient and Test: Automation can take time to get right. Be patient and experiment a lot to find the best settings for you.

Advantages and disadvantages Tasker APK


  • High Flexibility: Tasker offers great flexibility, allowing users to automate almost any aspect of their phone the way they want.
  • Power of Options: With more than 350 actions and 130+ different states, Tasker offers great power of options to customize the phone according to the user's specific needs.
  • No Root Required (for most features): Importantly, Tasker does not require root permissions for most features, allowing many users to take advantage of the power of this application without needing to root their phone.
  • Strong Community Support: There is a large and active community on the forum and Reddit, where users can share ideas, ask questions, and benefit from each other's experiences.


  • Difficult User Interface: Tasker's interface can sometimes be daunting for beginners, and setting up complex tasks can take some getting used to.
  • Potential for Confusion: With so many options and features, there is a chance that users will get stuck and create unexpected tasks if they are not careful during setup.
  • High Price: Although there is a trial version, Tasker's price is quite high compared to other automation applications on the market.


Tasker APK is not just a tool, but a journey to find flexibility and creativity in automating daily life. With patience and experimentation, users can explore Tasker's promising potential in customizing and automating their Android phones. Tasker APK is a powerful tool for those who want granular access and unique control of automation.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Tasker APK

How to get started with Tasker? +

For beginners, I recommend starting with simple tasks such as changing the volume, automatically changing the wallpaper, then gradually move to more complex tasks.

How to create a new Profile? +

To create a Profile, go to the "Profiles" tab, press the "+" button and select a trigger condition such as time, location, or other event.

How to create a new Task? +

Go to the "Tasks" tab, press the "+" button and name your Task. Then, add the actions you want to perform in that Task.

How to interact with third-party applications? +

Tasker has the ability to interact with third-party applications and services through built-in actions or through HTTP Requests.

Can Tasker backup configuration? +

Yes, you can back up your configuration via the "Data" tab in Tasker's settings.

How to join the community and get help? +

You can join the official forum or follow the community on Reddit to share experiences and ask questions.

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