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Tachiyomi APK Premium is a multi-source, flexible, and customizable manga reading app that provides an amazing manga reading experience on the Android platform.


Name Tachiyomi
Version 0.15.3
Size 48.8 MB
Category Comics
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer inorichi

About to Tachiyomi APK

Tachiyomi APK español is a convenient and powerful manga reading program that helps you easily enjoy thousands of works from many different sources. Tachiyomi failed to fetch available extensions APK is a manga reading application for the Android operating system, allowing you to experience the diverse world of comics with convenience and flexibility.

One of the strengths of mangadex extension Tachiyomi APK is its ability to connect to many different comic sources such as Mangafox, Kissmanga, Mangahere, and many more. You can easily search and choose between hundreds of your favorite manga titles in just a few taps.

More Overview of Tachiyomi Mobile App

The great thing is that you can customize settings to tailor your reading experience, from page size in full screen mode, to basic control configuration, to customizing background color. This helps create an optimal and comfortable reading experience.

Descargar Tachiyomi repository also supports multiple languages and is available in the latest updated version, ensuring you always have access to the newest and hottest manga from a variety of sources. Download mangakakalot extension Tachiyomi APK now to experience the convenience and variety of reading manga on your mobile phone.

All features in Tachiyomi Latest Version

  • Multiple Comic Sources: Tachiyomi failed to get extension list supports many different manga sources from popular websites such as Mangafox, Kissmanga, Mangahere and many more. You can easily search and experience thousands of manga titles from trusted sources.
  • Interface Customization: The app allows you to customize the user interface as you like, from page size in full screen mode to changing the background color. This helps create a personalized and comfortable reading experience.
  • Supports Multiple Languages: ekstensi Tachiyomi APK not only supports English but also many other languages, helping to expand comic accessibility to readers around the world.
  • Display Options and Night Reading: You can fine-tune many display options, night reading mode to protect your eyes during long reading sessions.
  • Connects to Multiple Platforms: komga Tachiyomi APK not only supports Android but is also compatible with many different platforms, helping you easily switch between devices without losing your reading data.

Instructions, how to use Tachiyomi For Android

Add Story Source: Open the app, select "Source" and add the story source you want to follow.

Search and Select Stories: Use the search engine to find stories by title or author. Choose a story title to start reading.

Customize Settings: Go to settings to tweak the interface, page size, reading mode, and other options to your personal preferences.

Read Stories Conveniently: You can switch between pages by swiping or using basic controls. Enjoy the story conveniently and comfortably.

Tips and advice when using for Tachiyomi iOS

Browse Story Sources Flexibly: When adding story sources, experiment with a variety of sources for a varied reading experience. Some sources may provide better translation quality or less latency.

Use Advanced Search Options: Tachiyomi repos  APK has an advanced search option that helps you filter stories by many criteria such as author name, genre, or status (ongoing, completed).

Set Night Reading Mode: Activate night reading mode to reduce blue light and protect your eyes when reading at night. This can help reduce fatigue and make it easier for you to transition from bright to dark environments.

Data Backup Settings: To avoid losing reading data when switching devices or updating apps, use the data backup feature in settings.

Advantages and disadvantages Tachiyomi APK


  • Diverse Comic Sources: Tachiyomi APK is truly impressive with its ability to connect to many different comic sources, bringing diversity in reading content.
  • Flexible Customization: The ability to customize the interface and reading settings is a strong point, helping users enjoy the reading experience in their own way.
  • Multi-Language Support: Multi-language support expands access opportunities for readers around the world.


  • Only Compatible with Android: A major drawback is that Tachiyomi only supports the Android operating system, limiting options for users of iOS or other platforms.
  • High Knowledge Required: Sometimes, installing and customizing Tachiyomi APK may require some technical knowledge, especially for those new to the app.


Tachiyomi APK is truly a diverse and flexible manga reading application, giving users interesting comic reading experiences. With the ability to connect multiple story sources, the ability to customize the interface and reading settings, along with multi-language support, Tachiyomi is the ideal choice for manga lovers.

Hopefully with Tachiyomi APK, you will have relaxing and engaging manga reading moments. Wishing you have exciting moments exploring the diverse world of comics!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Tachiyomi APK

Why should I use Tachiyomi APK instead of other manga reading apps? +

Tachiyomi APK stands out with its ability to connect multiple manga sources, flexibility in interface and reading customization, along with multilingual support. This creates a diverse and convenient manga reading experience.

How to add manga sources to Tachiyomi? +

In the app, go to "Sources" and tap the "+" icon to add a new source. You can enter the URL of the story's website or select from a list of available sources.

How to customize the interface and reading settings? +

Going to the settings in the app, you can customize the page size, background color, as well as choose night reading options and basic controls.

Can I back up my reading data? +

In the settings, there is a data backup feature that helps you avoid losing reading data when switching devices or updating applications.

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