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SurVive! APK is an adventure game, the player needs to prevent the extinction because of the outbreak of a deadly virus, complete all the missions and stop the group of Hunters.


Name SurVive
Version 1.0.2
Size 67 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer ingeniusstudios

About SurVive! Game APK

The SurVive game is a genre in which the player must survive on one or more deserted islands, where there is no abundant food and water source, and are rife with dangers such as earthquakes, wildfires, and storms. , tsunami, etc. The player's task is to find and use the resources of the surrounding environment to survive and avoid dangers, while trying to find a way to find relief or wait until someone comes to rescue.

In survival games, players often have to collect resources such as stones, wood, leaves, ores, food, water and utensils, and then use them to build bases, make weapons, and create items. use and craft tools to support their survival. In addition, survival games often have a construction element, allowing the player to design and build facilities, hidden rooms, and more.

Some examples of popular survival games include: Minecraft, Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved, DayZ, and Don't Starve.

Overview Of SurVive Mobile Game

In the gaming world, the SurVive APK game genre is considered one of the most popular and attractive genres. Games in this genre often have impressive graphics, diverse gameplay systems, and compelling storylines.

In SurVive games, players not only face survival challenges, but also face other dangers such as enemies, monsters, or even zombies. These games often have horror elements, creating an atmosphere of pressure and tension for players.

In addition, SurVive Android also allow players to interact with each other through online multiplayer mode. Players can cooperate to survive and build a community, or confront each other for resources and survival.

An attractive feature of the SurVive Game Mobile genre is its high reproducibility. Because the environment and situations in the game change randomly, no two SurVive games are alike. This creates a richness and fun for the player, and also helps the game to last.

With attractive features and relatively high difficulty, the SurVive APK genre has attracted a large number of players around the world.

Features of SurVive! For Android

  • Natural Environment: SurVive APK games often take place on deserted islands, where players have to deal with natural factors such as weather, earthquakes, wildfires, storms, tsunamis, and more. These factors can affect the health and survival of the character.
  • Resource Gathering: The player must collect resources such as stones, wood, leaves, ores, food, water and utensils from the surrounding environment to use for survival and construction.
  • Construction: Players can build facilities, hidden rooms, houses, and more. to protect and support their survival.
  • Crafting: Players can use the resources collected to craft tools, weapons, and paraphernalia to support their survival.
  • Health system: SurVive games often have a health system, allowing the player to manage the character's hunger, thirst, and overall health.
  • Horror element: Many SurVive APK have a horror element, with extremely scary enemies or monsters, creating pressure and tension for the player.
  • Online Multiplayer Mode: Some SurVive games allow players to connect and cooperate with each other for survival and community building, or confront each other for resources and survival.
  • Reproducibility: Due to the randomly changing environments and in-game situations, no two SurVive mobile are alike, creating a rich and enjoyable experience for players.
  • Plot: Some SurVive Games! The APK has a special storyline, providing the player with a clear goal or secrets waiting to be discovered. Specific missions or timelines can also be provided to create a challenge and increase the fun of the game.
  • Progress: In many SurVive! iOS, the player is faced with different stages of survival, from simply finding food and water to building a community or farm, and finally the same is to confront adversarial challenges such as enemies or natural disasters.
  • Systemic: In systematic SurVive games, players can train and upgrade their characters' skills, from combat skills to crafting and resource management. This system allows players to customize and develop their characters in their own way.
  • Terrain Variety: SurVive Games! often have a variety of terrain, from jungle to arid desert, from mountains to sea. Each terrain has its own elements and resources, requiring players to have the right strategy to survive.

The gameplay, gameplay and tips SurVive APK

  • Resource Search: This is the most important element in SurVive games! APKs. Players need to find food, water, building materials and other resources to survive. It is advisable to look for areas with a lot of resources and store them adequately.
  • Build a base: After finding the necessary resources, the player needs to build a safe base to avoid being attacked or devastated by natural disasters. It is advisable to choose a good strategic location and build protective structures such as fences, plains, houses, etc.
  • Skill Enhancement: In systematic SurVive Android, players should focus on enhancing the character's skills for better survival. You should look for ways to train and upgrade skills in a direction that aligns with your strategy.
  • Quests: In many SurVive games, there are specific missions for the player to complete. It is recommended to perform these tasks to increase experience points and collect necessary resources.
  • Creativity: One of the fun elements of SurVive games! is the player's creativity and freedom in base building and resource management. It is advisable to find ways to utilize available resources to create new and innovative items.
  • Responding to Challenges: SurVive APK games often feature a variety of challenges, from hunger and cold to enemies and natural disasters. Find ways to deal with these challenges and make the right decisions to survive.
  • Concentration: In SurVive Mobile games, concentration is an important factor to ensure the survival of the character. Always focus on your goals and avoid being distracted by other factors.
  • Resource Management: Resource management is an important skill in SurVive APK. You should manage your resources effectively to ensure enough food, water and construction resources.
  • Make the most of items: In SurVive games, items are often very important and have a high value. Should make the most of the items and avoid waste to ensure survival.
  • Join the community: SurVive APK often have large and vibrant communities. Should join the community to learn from experience and share with other players.
  • Beware of danger: In SurVive games, there are many potential dangers from wild animals to enemies and emergency situations. Be careful and watch out for these dangers to avoid injury or loss of life.

Graphics of SurVive! APK Latest version

Graphics of SurVive APK often have many fluctuations depending on the platform and developer of the game. However, with the development of modern technology, these games often have beautiful and realistic graphics, with beautiful natural landscapes, designed objects, characters, monsters and items. detailed and vivid.

SurVive Games! uses 3D graphics to recreate the world in the game, creating a vivid and realistic environment for players to explore. Game objects and characters are often designed with detail and variety to enhance the gaming experience.

The sound effects in the game also play an important role in creating a lively and realistic environment. Sound effects are used to reproduce sounds of nature, wildlife, items, character voices, and game emergencies.

Overall, the graphics in SurVive APK games have been greatly improved compared to the early years of this game genre. Players will enjoy a great gaming experience with realistic, vivid and attractive graphics.

Pros and Cons of SurVive! Game APK


  • The gaming experience is challenging and engaging, creating a sense of extreme suspense and tension as players face challenges and dangers.
  • Gameplay variety and long storyline, or explore and survive in an open world.
  • Graphics and sound are well designed, creating a vivid and realistic environment for players.
  • SurVive mobile games often have a combination of survival and construction elements, helping players develop resource management skills and build survival bases.


  • Game SurVive APK has a high level of difficulty and requires players to invest a lot of time to complete the objectives and deal with the challenges in the game.
  • With many SurVive Games, facing a harsh environment and constant danger can make players feel stressed and exhausted.
  • The lack of interaction with other players can make the gaming experience monotonous and boring.
  • Some SurVive Android have limited or no social interaction elements, leading to loneliness and feelings of isolation for the player.


SurVive APK is a challenging and exciting game genre, requiring players to face a harsh environment and find a way to survive. Dealing with challenges and making the right decisions to survive will help players develop resource management skills and build a survival base. However, investing a lot of time completing objectives and dealing with in-game challenges, coupled with high levels of stress and fatigue can make it difficult for players to play.

However, with well-designed graphics and sound, the game survive creates a lively and realistic environment for players, helping to increase the thrill and tension of playing the game.

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