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Download Survival Game Master APK - Collect as many homeless people as possible, let them participate in the game and get a lot of money from VIPs to expand your game.


Name Survival Game Master
Version 1.27
Size 275.87 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer ZPLAY HC Games

Survival Game Master APK - Survival Inc.

There are great talent games that you can play whenever you want. If you are a mobile gamer, there are many games that you can play for free.

If you want free games, pay for games. Many games like survival games can be sponsored by a champion. Squid Games is a popular Netflix app that makes people play deadly games. Due to its popularity, many mobile games have appeared and players can enjoy the game.

But today there are too many games that make you feel bored. This is a survival game with 456 bosses, a special game where you collect a lot of random numbers to enter the game. 456 Ink Survival Games is a fun and innovative game to play and win. We need more drivers in the game and more VIP coins to put on a smile.

Fun is an educational academy that can be played like a regular arcade game on a mobile platform, allowing you to escape from everyday life and enjoy a perfectly balanced gameplay experience. Likewise, with the game Perfect Survivor Masters, he plays one of the most famous presenters in the world. During the competition, skaters will be awarded various prizes and have the opportunity to win great prizes.

Viewers of these shows are heroes and investors are willing to pay a lot of money for a successful and enjoyable show. According to conservationists, the first priority is to increase the number of refugees, followed by full control of the river. Master Survival is a great game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

Survival Master Game APK Inc.

A survival game used by society. Many games are now available on mobile devices. Now you can enjoy adventures from racing to RPGs and simulations.

Whether you are a professional or casual gamer, you can download thousands of mobile games for free. You can play multiple games for free at the same time, so you don't have to pay to play. You can download Master Survival game. Fun game.

And there are many Kali series games. Popular shows are repeated and viewers get tired of watching them. However, unlike ZPLAY HC, Master Game Survival allows you to create up to 456 survival games.

This organization started the game of a lifetime with the homeless. You can then see how many coins the visitor has earned from different games. You can hire security guards, buy cars and drive games.

Highlights of Survival Master

The game has now become a master among the masters of the game! Enjoy a safe game. Boss, you can play the game on your phone as many times as you want. Now most people just play games. You can enjoy the game more. But if you like space games, now you can install and enjoy survival games. If you like octopus games, this is the game for you.

You will be able to open more games and attract more visitors. You can hire workers to perform various tasks, including recruiting and shipping. You can then open consoles, games, and other sites. Good game!

Open more games. You can enjoy different sports anywhere and anytime. If you want unique games, here are many games for you to enjoy. There are many games that keep you busy, especially if you like survival games.

Here you can play many popular game series. Watch your matches live and win with VIP. This game is a game! Caring, caring for people. If you like survival games then this game is for you. Here you can assign different people with different roles to promote your business.

Human resources, security and emergency services may work in different positions. You can increase your productivity and income by focusing on other important areas. This game allows you to innovate in your business and grow your business.

Buy Cars A survival game where you buy cars and transport people to specific locations. Many people can do more than that. it's a game for players. If you want to manage and save games, this is the game for you. 456 owners of gambling companies survived.

Survival Master is a game based on the famous movie Ink that encourages players to experience reality. But unlike in the movies, in real life you are not the loser, you are the master of the game. Your job is to find and recruit homeless people to participate in recreational activities created by you and buy soldiers to distribute to other amusement parks.

Be a rich boss

The survival game master startup gives you some money to recruit in search of homeless people. In addition, you need to buy an additional red protective suit for each transition or survival play area. Once everything is done, you can start a killing match to see the players compete against each other. To participate in the game, players must go to paid locations and earn money.

Design and construction of amusement parks

In Survival Game Master, each player can participate in death games and earn money to buy items. You can invest in building a playground, improving equipment to attract players. In addition, some areas can be open with new games, such as Tug of War, Glass Bridge, Rice Candy, and 8 Fishing Games. The more modern cars you own, the more money you make.


Now you can play another survival game in Game of Life. As a game controller, you can choose what you like! Modern mobile games always offer different entertainment options. Play the game on your phone.

Today every hunter is looking for something related to this site. Developers want to make money before limits are set, so they don't care about quality releases. But we cannot talk about such games. In addition to attending performances, concerts are held here, VIP guests are invited and money is asked.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Survival Game Master APK

I have technical problems in the game, how do I solve it? +

If you experience technical problems, you can try restarting the app or your device. If the problem persists, seek technical support from the developer or the player community.

How to save my game in Survival Game Master APK? +

To save a game, you will usually need to create a user account or use the app's built-in save feature.

How to upgrade items and skills in the game? +

The upgrade process often involves evolving through levels and gathering resources. Specific details on how to upgrade can be found in the game's instructions.

On which platforms can I play "Survival Game Master"? +

Survival Game Master is usually available for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. You can also play it on your computer through Android emulators like BlueStacks or LDPlayer.

Is there any way to increase survivability in the game? +

To increase your chances of survival in "Survival Game Master," you can perform the following actions:

  • Find and stock up on adequate food and water.
  • Build a house or shelter to protect against monsters or harsh weather.
  • Create tools and weapons to defend yourself and hunt for food.
  • Learn about your surroundings to learn how to utilize resources.
  • Join the multiplayer community to cooperate and trade with others.
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