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Succubus Stronghold Seduction APK Mobile is a side-scrolling fighting game about a young prince who rushes to a princess across the world to connect with love.


Name Succubus Stronghold Seduction
Version v1.0.3
Size 168 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Etching Dev

Succubus Stronghold Apk is a side scrolling fighting game about a young prince who goes to meet a princess on the other side of the world in search of love. A vast magical world flows through the palace.

A vast magical world ruled by a royal palace. The heirs of the great rulers are now the only ones to bring peace to the land.


Succubus Stronghold Seduction a vast magical world ruled from a royal palace. The heirs of great rulers are now the sole bearers of the peace of the inhabitants. Evil forces and desires are tearing the kingdom apart, needing a true rising generation that can avert impending trouble. She needs a husband to be her heir, but her surroundings leave much to be desired.

On the other side of the earth, a young man with belligerent and brave blood running through his veins has sensed the alarm and set out in search of the queen. His intuition told him he was needed. In Succubus Stronghold APK the guy looks cool:

  • The big cloak fluttering in the wind
  • Silky blonde hair
  • A loose linen suit
  • A leather belt

Style play

Succubus Stronghold Download Mobile a confident and proud person who considers himself master of the world. Moving from the edge of the kingdom to the center, he was attacked by powerful female monsters.

Players Succubus Stronghold Seduction APK iOS launch through spikes to the stars. The two-way locations are amazing: a jet ski race at sea, a giant old ship against a purple sunset, a dungeon with lightning shadows, an abandoned palace with ghosts and candles , a high stone bridge between the clouds , a yellow house with pink wallpaper , a wooden boat with a baby on the oars .

Dangerous but cute enemies blocking the way:

  • Cuties in turtlenecks and bathing suits
  • Soft and warm beauty in pirate costume
  • Flying birds with green eyes and horns
  • Big beauty in red swimsuit
  • The nurse with purple hair looks you straight in the eye

Players Succubus Stronghold Seduction must maintain the health scale, collect keys and gold coins. Jump, hit with hands and feet to go further.

Features of Succubus Stronghold APK

  • Fast and furious action with 40 different weapons and 20 special powers
  • Personal battles.
  • World map Succubus Apk.
  • Style customization.
  • Central office and customization options.
  • Organize websites and online databases.
  • Weapon and armor system based on player stats.
  • A rich and varied Succubus Stronghold world.
  • A multi-story action that combines horror, action and survival.
  • A hostile environment full of traps and enemies.
  • View and clean the environment.
  • Combat Commander.

Gameplay Of Succubus Stronghold APK

The player assumes the role of a child who must collect stars to open the door of his stronghold. The road to get there is full of thorns, you will get entangled if you touch them. You can only go through them when they are open.

The game features great design elements and lively interactivity, as the player takes control of a powerful Succubus and explores a dreamland full of risk and experience.

Succubus Fortress also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing players to collaborate with friends or other internet players to overcome difficulties and fend off powerful supervisors.

Players must monitor their health bar and pick up keys and gold coins along the way to move forward. To move forward, jump and hit with your hands and feet. In this game, a person takes the form of a mighty knight or hero. His clothes were blown by the strong wind on his way back to the palace, he was attacked by a beautiful sorceress with baggy clothes and belts and skilled boxing skills. But destroy them all and find the princess in time.

Regardless of your role, you should make sure your health meter stays within safe limits. Keep playing even when you're running low on health or taking damage. Keys and gold coins must be collected to open or purchase special items.

Actions in Fort Succubus include jumping and hitting enemies with hands and feet during combat. You can customize your personalization style. Weapon and armor system based on player input. This means you have to work hard to get better weapons.


It was a vast magical world ruled by a castle. The descendant of the great king is now the sole bearer of the peace of the peasants. Evil forces and ambition are tearing the kingdom apart, looking for the right generation to avert the coming calamities.

Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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