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Star Wars Hunters Mobile APK is a free-to-play arena shooting game where players engage in dramatic 4v4 battles on the planet Vespaara, facing off against unique characters from the Star Wars universe to become legends.


Name Star Wars Hunters
Version 1.1.1
Size 2.13 GB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9+
Developer Zynga

Star Wars: Hunters APK - Experience a New Galactic Battlefield

Do you love shooting and arena games? If the answer is yes, then StarWars Hunters APK is a game you cannot miss. Developed by Zynga, Star Wars: Hunters plunges players into thrilling battles on the planet Vespaara, where warriors from the fallen Galactic Empire and new heroes clash to become legends. Let's explore the highlights of Star Wars Hunters APK and why you should download it today.

Experience an All-New Star Wars Battlefield

Set Foot on Vespaara

Star Wars Hunter APK is set on the planet Vespaara, deep in the Outer Rim. This is a brand-new location in the Star Wars universe, under the watchful eye of a Hutt command ship. The battles in the Arena here are not just simple skirmishes but also stories that recreate the battles that shaped galactic history, creating a new era of combat entertainment.

Constant Updates

To keep the game fresh and exciting, Star Wars Hunters android continuously adds new hunters, weapon wraps, maps, and other content each season. This ensures that players always have something new to explore and experience.

Meet the Hunters

Choose Your Combat Style

In Star Wars Hunters on pc, players can choose from a roster of unique characters, including dark side assassins, one-of-a-kind droids, cunning bounty hunters, Wookiees, and Imperial stormtroopers. Each hunter has their own skills and strategies, allowing players to master diverse abilities to excel in battle.

Intense 4v4 Battles

The game focuses on 4v4 battles, requiring players to coordinate and utilize each character's skills to achieve victory. To win, you must understand and maximize each character's abilities and work well with your team.

Thrilling Team Battles

Team Arena

Star Wars Hunters MOD APK is a team-based arena shooter where two teams face off in intense online matches. Fans of multiplayer games will find the relentless battles irresistibly engaging.

Iconic Locations

Players will fight on challenging battlefields reminiscent of iconic Star Wars locations such as Hoth, Endor, and the second Death Star. Each location is meticulously designed to provide the most authentic experience for players.

Character Customization

Star Wars Hunters update allows players to customize their hunters with unique outfits, victory poses, and weapon appearances. This not only helps your character stand out on the battlefield but also showcases your style and personality.

Diverse Events and Game Modes

Participate in Events

Players can join new events, including seasonal ranked events and new game modes, to earn attractive rewards. These events not only provide rewards but also offer opportunities for players to test their skills and improve their strategies.

Various Game Modes

  • Dynamic Control: This mode requires players to capture and hold control points on the battlefield while preventing the opponent from infiltrating the control area.

  • Trophy Chase: In this mode, two teams try to hold the Trophy Droid to score points. The first team to reach 100% wins.

  • Squad Brawl: This is a team battle mode where the first team to achieve 20 eliminations wins.

Star Wars Hunters APK latest version promises an exciting and dynamic experience for fans of the Star Wars universe and competitive gaming. Download it now and start your journey to becoming a galactic legend!

Ranked Play

Show Off Your Skills

Star Wars Hunters beta features a ranked mode where players can showcase their skills and climb the leaderboard. Hunters will use iconic weapons such as lightsabers, scatter guns, blasters, and more to fight.

Competitive Arena

Players can challenge themselves in this competitive shooting mode with friends. Climb through Leagues and Divisions for a chance to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard and become a star of the game.

Download and Play for Free

Free with In-App Purchases

Star Wars Hunters ios download is free to play and includes optional in-app purchases. If you wish to disable in-app purchases, you can turn them off in your phone or tablet’s settings.

How to Download Star Wars Hunters APK

Step 1: Download the APK File

  • First, download the APK file of Star Wars Hunters APK obb from the Download link on APKRabi or from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Install the APK

  • After downloading, open the APK file and install it. You may need to enable the Install from unknown sources option in your device’s security settings.

Step 3: Launch the Game

  • Once the installation is complete, open the game and log into your account to begin your journey on Vespaara.


Star Wars Hunters latest APK is not just a regular shooter game it's an exciting and immersive experience in the Star Wars universe download. With unique characters, diverse game modes, and deep customization mechanics, the game promises hours of unforgettable entertainment. Download Star Wars Hunters APK today and step into thrilling battles to become a legend on the planet Vespaara.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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