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Spellai - AI Art Maker APK is a unique application that turns text into unique and creative digital art in just a few seconds with the power of artificial intelligence and a variety of art styles.


Name Spellai
Pagekage name
Version 1.3.36
Size 58.26 Mb
Category Art & Design
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About to Spellai APK

Spellai APK is not just a regular app, but also your AI art ally. With the power of artificial intelligence, this app allows you to convert every word and sentence in your text into vivid pictures, from anime-style drawings to lifelike works of art .

The great thing is that you don't need any artistic skills or experience to get started. Spellai offers a user-friendly interface and pre-made prompts that help you quickly choose your style and create unique compositions.

More Overview of Spellai Mobile App

With a variety of styles from realistic to anime, you can create your own creative space and even make the world of your avatar come alive. Spellai APK is not just a regular photo editing tool, but also a creative journey where you can turn your ideas into reality with just one click.

With detailed shaping and editing capabilities, this application provides an exciting and constantly innovative experience. Whether you want to share your artwork on social networks or as a background for your device, Spellai is the perfect tool to express your creativity and ego.

All features in Spellai Latest Version

  • Convert Text into Diverse Art: Spellai has the ability to convert your text into digital works of art in a variety of styles, from realistic to anime or cartoon.
  • Powerful AI Editor: The application uses powerful artificial intelligence to edit and create unique details in each picture.
  • Diverse Styles and Template Selection: Spellai APK offers a variety of style templates, from classic to modern, from photo-realistic to manga style.
  • Make Your Own Animations and Avatars: You can create your own cartoon characters and even bring avatar worlds to life with detailed editing capabilities.
  • Pre-made Effects and Prompts: The app comes with many pre-made effects and prompts to help you explore and add uniqueness to your creations.
  • Easy Sharing: You can easily share your work on social platforms or use it as wallpaper for your phone.

Instructions, how to use Spellai For iOS

Open the app and Sign in: Open the app and sign in to your account if the app asks.

Select Style and Enter Text: Select the art style you want and enter the text you want to convert.

Effects and Detail Options: Use detailed effects and editing options to make your work the way you want it.

Share or Save: When you are satisfied with the result, you can share your work or save it directly on your phone.

Tips and advice when using for Spellai Android

Experiment with Different Styles: Don't hesitate to experiment with different styles. Spellai has many templates to choose from, from realistic to anime styles. Explore and find the style that suits your ideas.

Detailed Editing If Needed: Use the detailed editing feature to make your work more unique. Sometimes, some small things can make a big difference.

Take advantage of pre-made effects and prompts: Ready-made effects and prompts are powerful tools for creating unique creativity in your work. Try them out and see how they make a difference.

Save the Original: Before making any edits, save the original of your work so you can compare and clearly see your progress.

Share and Get Feedback: Share your work on social networks and get feedback from the community. This can help you improve and find new ideas.

Advantages and disadvantages Spellai APK


  • Style Diversity: A clear advantage is the variety of styles, from realistic art to anime, giving users many creative options.
  • Friendly Interface: User-friendly interface helps new users easily get acquainted and quickly create works.
  • Powerful AI Integration: Powerful artificial intelligence helps create unique details and works of art from simple text.


  • Internet Connection Required: Some features of Spellai require an internet connection, which can be inconvenient when you are offline.
  • Need to Improve User Experience: Although the interface is user-friendly, updating to improve user experience could be recommended.


Spellai APK is not only a text-to-art tool, but also a creative journey where you can express your ideas quickly and uniquely. Spellai's great advantages lie in the variety of styles and powerful editing capabilities of artificial intelligence. This provides space for fresh creativity and exploration, from turning ordinary text into vibrant digital art to creating unique personal avatars.


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FAQs? Spellai APK

What are the main features of Spellai? +

Spellai mainly focuses on turning text into digital art in a variety of styles, from realistic to anime. It also has powerful editing capabilities and uses artificial intelligence to create unique works.

Do I need to have artistic skills to use Spellai? +

No, Spellai is designed to be easy to use for anyone without artistic skills or prior experience. User-friendly interface and automatic editing feature help users enjoy a creative experience.

Is Spellai available for both iOS and Android? +

Currently, Spellai APK is only available for Android operating system. For iOS users, it may be necessary to wait or check if a new version is available.

How do I share my work from Spellai? +

After creating and editing your work, you can share it directly from the app to social platforms or save it on your device.

Is an internet connection required to use Spellai? +

Some features of Spellai require an internet connection. To use the full potential of the application, a network connection is recommended.

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