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Slavery Owner Simulator Idle APK is a simulation game, the player will play the role of a slave owner and have the task of managing and expanding his slave business.


Name Slavery Owner Simulator Idle
Version 1.0
Size 60.1 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer MagnusGames

About Slavery Owner Simulator Idle APK

Slavery Owner Simulator Idle is a simulation game with fantasy elements, where you play the role of a slave owner, reflecting a bit of world feudal history. Developed and published by an independent game development company, this game has generated widespread controversy and attention in the gaming community.

In Simulador De Escravidão APK, you will control a system of slaves by buying and selling slaves, managing your business and finding ways to maximize your profits. You will have to build and upgrade facilities, such as slave camps and other areas, to keep your business running.

During the game, you will face controversial moral decisions. You can choose to abuse and oppress the slaves, or find ways to improve their living conditions. However, the game system often encourages the exploitation and exploitation of slaves to increase your income.

This game uses autoplay, which means you can continue to earn and grow your business without constant interaction. You can scale your operations, hire and upgrade employees, and engage in various business activities to increase profits.

However, Slavery Owner Simulator Idle has caused great controversy in the gaming community because of the ethical and sensitive nature of the topic. Many people believe that this game infringes on human rights and should not be created and released. The game has been criticized for encouraging violence, exploitation and coercion, and for not respecting human rights.

Features of the game Slavery Owner Simulator Idle

Slavery Owner Simulator Idle is a fantasy game and does not really exist in reality. But based on other business simulation and management simulation games, here are some features that can be imagined in this game:

Manage the slave system: You will have the ability to buy and sell slaves, manage the number and type of slaves in your possession. You can collect information about different slaves, such as labor capacity, value, and availability.

Build infrastructure: You can build and upgrade facilities like slave camps, prisons or other places to maintain and expand your business. Each base upgrade level can bring other financial and utility benefits.

Profit Optimization: You will need to find a way to optimize the profit from your business. This may include slave pricing, job management, scheduling, and production optimization.

Business Activities: You can engage in various business activities to increase your profit. This may include participating in the slave market, buying and selling goods, and engaging in other economic transactions.

Progression and Achievement System: The game can provide a progression and achievement system to promote play and provide goals for the player. You can unlock special levels, skills or rewards for reaching certain goals.

Note that this game Simulador De Escravidão APK specific features may vary depending on its development and design.

Graphics of Slavery Owner Simulator Idle for Android

In typical business and management simulation games, graphics are often used to show parts of the system, characters, infrastructure, and other elements of the game.

Graphics can be designed in a variety of styles, from simple 2D graphics to realistic 3D graphics. Intuitive elements such as charts, data tables, and user-friendly interfaces can be integrated to help players easily track information and perform management activities.

How to play, gameplay, game tips Slavery Owner Simulator Idle

Discover and understand game mechanics: Read the instructions carefully and understand the game mechanics. Learn about the elements of management, how the system interacts, and the game's goals.

Infrastructure construction and upgrades: Leverage infrastructure construction and upgrades to enhance business operations. This can help increase output and income.

Resource management: Smartly manage resources to ensure the stable development of business operations. Don't let resources go to waste or shortages.

Work Optimization: Find ways to optimize work to increase performance and profitability. This can include dividing work, setting schedules, and learning ways to work smarter.

Seize Opportunities and Markets: Track market and business opportunities to take advantage of profitable deals and increase your income.

Scaling your operations: Once you've achieved stability, consider scaling up your operations to boost profits and achieve larger goals.

The above are just some general suggestions for the game and each player has their own mechanics and requires their own strategy to succeed.

Pros and Cons of Slavery Owner Simulator Idle Mobile APK


Limits testing: Games can challenge players to explore their moral and ethical limits, make difficult ethical decisions, and give thought to human rights issues and the way society treats them. with humans.


Sensitive Topics: The subject of slavery is a sensitive and controversial topic. This game may offend and offend many people, especially those who have experienced or are related to the history of slavery and related issues.

Negative Emotions: The game can evoke negative and uncomfortable emotions in the player, especially when violence, exploitation, and coercion are involved.

Controversies and objections: Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, this game may cause controversy and objections from part of the gaming community and society at large. Building and releasing a game with such a sensitive subject matter may be unethical and continues to offend some people.


The game Slavery Owner Simulator Idle is an unrealistic fantasy game and contains the sensitive and controversial subject of slavery. The simulation of slave ownership and management can be offensive and offensive to many people.

The game may cause controversy and objections from the gaming community and society at large. The subject of slavery is an important part of history and issues concerning human rights and morality. Including this topic in the game entertainment may violate ethics and is not supported.

We should uphold moral responsibility and be careful when choosing and enjoying the game. Fantasy games can be fun and entertaining, but they also need to be ensured that they don't violate human values and rights.

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