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Download Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK is an exciting action-adventure game where you will become a hero protecting the toilet from the invasion of evil aliens.


Name Skibidi War Toilets Attack
Version 1008
Size 570.04 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

Introduce About to Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK

Skibidi War - Toilets Attack APK is a popular mobile game developed by Influencer Apps. This is a fun and exciting action- adventure game where players will fight evil aliens in the war to protect the toilet.

In Skibidi War mobile game, players will take on the role of a brave hero, fighting against space invaders. Your main task is to protect the toilet from the encroachment of enemies. You will use special weapons and skills to defeat your opponents and protect your base.

Skibidi War Toilets Attack game has beautiful graphics and sharp images. It offers a series of exciting levels, each of which requires agility and tactics to get through. You can collect and upgrade weapons, open new characters, and discover many other exciting features along the way.

More Overview of Skibidi War Toilets Attack Mobile Game

Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK is available on Google Play Store to download and play for free. However, be aware that when downloading APKs from unofficial sources, there may be a risk to the security and safety of your mobile device. Make sure to download from a trusted source and always check if the game is developed and distributed by the official developer.

If you like funny action games and want to be a toilet guard hero, Skibidi War Toilets Attack is a fun game to try. Download and experience it today!

All features in Skibidi War Toilets Attack for Android

  • Action-adventure gameplay: Skibidi War Toilets Attack offers an immersive action-adventure gameplay experience. Players will participate in the fight against alien invaders and protect the toilet. The game combines elements of action, shooting, and diverse challenges.
  • Beautiful graphics: Skibidi War Toilets Attack has brilliant graphics and sharp images, creating a vivid game world. The environment, characters and effects are all designed with care, providing a beautiful visual experience for players.
  • Upgrade and Open: During the game, players can collect and upgrade special weapons, equipment and skills. This improves the character's strength and combat ability, helping you to pass more difficult levels. Besides, players can also open new characters with their own characteristics and skills.
  • Diverse levels: Skibidi War Toilets Attack offers a variety of levels with different environments and challenges. You'll explore a variety of locations, from affordable toilets to dangerous outer space environments. Each level has its own difficulty and objective, bringing variety and challenge to players.
  • Destroy monsters and sea monsters: The Skibidi War Toilets Attack game focuses on the fight against alien creatures and sea monsters. You will face diverse and powerful monsters that require agility and tactics to defeat them.
  • Achievement and Reward System: Skibidi War Toilets Attack offers an achievement and reward system to incentivize players. You can complete objectives and gain achievements to get unique rewards and raise your level of play.

Interface, graphics on Skibidi War Toilets Attack iOS

Detailed Environments: Skibidi War Toilets Attack offers a diverse and detailed range of environments. From urban landscapes to extraterrestrial space, you will discover many interesting locations as you play. Each environment is designed with exquisite details, from the landscape to the objects and background features.

Funny characters: The game uses characters with a funny and unique style. The characters are designed with fancy shapes and appearance, giving a unique and interesting look. From the main character to the villain, each character has a distinct personality and character.

Vivid animations and effects: Skibidi War Toilets Attack uses live effects and animations to create an engaging visual experience. Gun effects, bomb explosions, and special skills are designed with detail and vibrant colors. The animation of characters and monsters is also created in a funny and flexible way, creating fun and engaging scenes.

User-friendly interface: Skibidi War Toilets Attack has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. The control buttons and menus are clearly and intuitively designed, making it easy for players to interact and control the characters in the game.

Thanks to the beautiful and funny graphics, Skibidi War Toilets Attack creates a fun and engaging game world that attracts players and provides an enjoyable experience.

How to play, gameplay for Skibidi War Toilets Attack Latest version

Download and install: Download and install Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK from Google Play Store or from another trusted source.

Start the game: Open the Skibidi War Toilets Attack app on your mobile.

Choose a character: The game allows you to choose a character from a list of available characters. Each character has its own characteristics and skills, so choose the one that suits your playing style.

Start level: Select the level you want to play. Initially, there may be several open levels available to get you started. Each level will put you in a different environment and mission.

Character controls: Use the on-screen controls to move your character and attack enemies. There can be buttons such as a move button, an attack button, and a button that uses special skills.

Fight and destroy enemies: Use your weapons and skills to fight and destroy enemies. Avoid bullets and enemy attacks so as not to lose health.

Collect and Upgrade: During the game, collect coins and items to upgrade your weapons and skills. This will help increase the character's strength and combat effectiveness.

Complete objectives and open new content: Try to complete objectives and levels to open new content, including more difficult levels, interesting characters and features.

Progress and Achievement Tracking: Skibidi War Toilets Attack can provide a system to track your progress and achievements in the game. Review progress and complete objectives to receive rewards and improve the level of the game.

Pros and Cons of Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK


  • Fun gameplay: Skibidi War Toilets Attack offers a funny and fun gameplay experience that combines action and adventure elements.
  • Upgrades and Open: The game allows the player to collect and upgrade special weapons, equipment and skills, creating progression and progression in the game.
  • Diverse Environments: Skibidi War Toilets Attack offers a variety of exciting and varied environments for players to explore, from cities to extraterrestrial space.


  • Repeatable: Some players may feel the game becomes repetitive after a while, as levels and missions can become easily predictable.
  • Unbalanced Difficulty: Some players may have difficulty with the difficulty of some levels, as there can be a large disparity between easy and hard levels.
  • Free Game Element: Skibidi War Toilets Attack features a free game model with the provision of in-app purchases. This can create a limitation in the gaming experience if the player does not want to spend real money.


Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK is a funny and exciting action- adventure game. With beautiful graphics, fun gameplay and the ability to upgrade characters, the game offers a good entertainment experience for players.

The varied environments and achievements in the game also add to its fun and appeal. Please download and experience and share with your friends to create the best moments.


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FAQs? Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK

How to fix errors when playing Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK? +

If you encounter errors while playing Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK, you can try the following measures:

  • Restart your game or device to make sure the error is temporary.
  • Check if the APK version you are using is the latest version and if an update is available, install it.
  • Clear the game cache in the app settings on your phone.
  • If the error persists, you can contact the developer or seek solutions from the online gaming community.
Why can't I install Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK? +

If you have problems installing Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK, there could be some reasons:

  • Your phone does not allow installation of applications from unknown sources. Please check your security settings and make sure the option to allow installation from unknown sources is enabled.
  • The APK file may be corrupted or incompatible with your Android version. Try downloading a different APK version or check if your Android version is new enough.
  • Your device has little free space left. Delete unnecessary files on your phone to free up space.
What permissions do I need to request to play Skibidi War Toilets Attack APK? +

During the installation process, the Skibidi War Toilets Attack game may ask you to grant access to specific phone features such as internet access, storage access, and location access ( if any). For the game to function properly, allow all required permissions.

Are there versions for different operating systems? +

Currently, Skibidi War Toilets Attack has versions for Android and iOS operating systems. You can find the version suitable for your device on the respective app store.

Is there a multiplayer mode? +

That's right, Skibidi War Toilets Attack supports multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge friends or other online players in exciting battles.

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