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Download Sinag Fighting Game APK is a 1v1 mobile fighting game that combines elements of Filipino mythology and multidimensional gameplay mechanics.

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Name SINAG Fighting Game
Pagekage name com.ranida.sinag
Size 0
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Ranida Games

Information Sinag Fighting Game APK

Sinag Fighting Game is a 1v1 mobile fighting game that combines elements of Filipino mythology and multidimensional gameplay mechanics. In this game, players will immerse themselves in the charming world of Filipino culture, discover the legends and brilliant images of this country.

There are a total of 8 playable characters and 8 background stages in the game Sinag Fighting APK. SINAG's controls are four intuitive buttons, making it easy for players to grasp the basics of combat and perform powerful attacks. Under this accessible opportunity are the depths and complexities of the gameplay mechanics, which appeal to pro players to explore and hone their skills to perfection.

The game does not use swipe movements and timeouts between movements, helping to focus on the live combat mechanics and increase the strategic nature of the match. SINAG supports touch and control, allowing players to choose the control style that suits them.

Another point worth noting is that SINAG APK is made in partnership with the Philippine Cultural Center, which allows the game to offer not only a fascinating combat experience but also a journey of discovering Filipino culture through imagery and legends.

To experience the game in the best way, players can use the gamepad controller to control in SINAG Android. The game was developed by Ranida Games and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and published by Ranida Games, makers of popular titles such as PBA Basketball Slam and BAYANI Fighting Game Mobile.


Features of Sinag Fighting Game APK

Here are the details of the main features of the SINAG Fighting Game Android:

  • 1v1 Combat: SINAG is a 1v1 fighting game in which players will face off against a single opponent.
  • Philippine Mythology: The game combines elements of mythology and legend of Filipino culture, offering fascinating and unique matches.
  • 8 playable characters: SINAG offers 8 diverse characters for players to choose from, each with its own unique fighting style and characteristics.
  • 8 background stages: The game offers 8 diverse background stages for players to fight on.
  • Four buttons with directional input control scheme: Controls in SINAG use four intuitive buttons, helping players perform combat moves easily and quickly.
  • No Swipe, No Cooldown Dependent Moves: The game eliminates timeouts between moves and does not use swipe movements, focusing on an exciting combat experience and manipulation.
  • Touch and control support: SINAG supports touch screen and controls, allowing players to choose their preferred control style.
  • Heavy Combo Gaming Mechanics: Under the accessible opportunity are the depths and complexities of the gameplay mechanics, appealing to pro players to explore and hone their skills.
  • Exquisite Visuals and Backgrounds: The game offers vibrant visuals and meticulously crafted backgrounds that celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Philippines.
  • Immerse yourself in Filipino culture: SINAG is not only a fighting game, but also a journey of discovery and immersion in the unique culture of the Philippines through legends and images.
  • Controller Support: Players can use the gamepad controller for control in SINAG, providing a convenient and comfortable gaming experience.

SINAG Fighting Game APK is an attractive game with a variety of features, from the basics for beginners to the complexity and challenges for professional gamers. It offers a combination of cultural legends and exciting combat experiences, helping players enjoy unique and captivating matchups.

How to play, gameplay and tips when playing Sinag Fighting Game

Gameplay and gameplay

  • Character Selection: First, you will have to choose a character to play. Each character has its own fighting style and characteristics, choose the character that suits your play style.
  • Master the control: SINAG uses four intuitive buttons for control. Learn how to perform basic attacks, continuous hits, and defenses to build your own tactics.
  • Learn and use special attacks: Each character in the game has powerful special attacks. Focus on learning and use them effectively to turn the tide in the game.
  • Play through training mode: In the game there is a training mode, you should use it to practice and familiarize yourself with the character's attacks and reactions.
  • Pay attention to the time and health bar: Manage your character's time and health carefully. Avoid getting out of health or being defeated before you can defeat your opponent.
  • Build tactics: Learn your opponent's playing style and build the right strategy to win. Test and adjust your tactics throughout the match.

Tips when playing

Learn from other players' skills: Watch battle videos or play against other players to learn how to perform new attacks and tactics.

  • Defense is important: Don't just focus on hitting continuously, learn how to defend and avoid your opponent's attacks.
  • Use special attacks strategically: Don't waste special attacks. Use them at the right time to deal strong damage or change the battle situation.
  • Read the situation: Read the situation and react quickly. Seize opportunities to attack or defend effectively.
  • Focus on improving: It's important to always try to improve your skills. Play regularly and learn from each match to become better and better.
  • Master some combos: Learn and practice with some powerful character combos to apply in the match.
  • Keep your mind relaxed: The game requires concentration and mental well-being. Stay positive and don't get discouraged when you fail. Learn from mistakes and move on.


Using these tips, you will become more proficient in SINAG Fighting Game and maybe even become a great gladiator in this world. Enjoy and experience the joy of conquering the SINAG arena!

Pros and Cons of Sinag Fighting APK Game


  • Fascinating and unique: SINAG offers an engaging and unique combat experience with elements of Filipino mythology, highlighting the game among other fighting titles.
  • Good graphics and sound: The game has beautiful graphics and vivid sound, helping players immerse themselves in the world of Philippine mythology.
  • Accessible gameplay: With four intuitive buttons and an easy-to-understand design, SINAG is suitable for even beginner players with the fighting game genre.
  • Depth and complexity: Under the simplicity of controls are depths and complexities in combat mechanics, attracting gamers who want to explore and hone their skills.
  • Bringing back Filipino culture: SINAG Mobile is not only a game, but also a journey to discover Filipino culture through legends and images.


  • Limited number of characters and stages: The game only offers 8 characters and 8 background stages, which may make some players feel limited in satisfying and creating variety in choice.
  • Needs more content and regular updates: To keep players engaging and unique, the game needs to add new content and update regularly, including new characters and stages, as well as new features and events.
  • Special attacks can be too powerful: Some special attacks can deal powerful damage, which can create imbalances in the match and affect the player's experience.
  • Multiplayer mode is not fully developed: SINAG focuses on 1v1 play, but multiplayer mode is not yet fully developed and may need to be improved.

In short, SINAG Fighting Game Mobile offers an engaging and unique fighting experience with elements of Philippine mythology. Despite certain drawbacks, the game is still worth playing and suitable for those who love the fighting game genre and want to explore the culture of the Philippines.

Graphics of Sinag Fighting Game APK

  • Brilliant and sharp graphics: The game can use brilliant and sharp graphics, making characters, stages, and other elements in the game come alive and engaging.
  • Diverse character designs: The characters in SINAG Fighting Game can be designed in a variety with unique details and distinct styles, clearly showing the personality and ability of each character.
  • Special Effects: The special attacks and skills in the game can be decorated with epic special effects, which help highlight the hits and create a sense of excitement for the players.
  • Beautiful Stages: The background stages in SINAG can be carefully designed, with exquisite visuals and details, helping to provide a unique and engaging experience for players.
  • Meticulous Wallpapers: The game can use meticulously crafted wallpapers, celebrating the beauty and diversity of Filipino culture, immersing players in the world of myths and legends.

Note that the rating of graphics is a relative aspect and may vary depending on the configuration and gaming device that you use. To get an accurate and specific look at the graphics of SINAG Fighting Game, you should download and play the game directly on your mobile devices.


SINAG Fighting Game APK is a 1v1 mobile fighting game that combines elements of Filipino mythology and multidimensional gameplay mechanics. The Sinag Fighting is attractive and unique, offering an exciting and captivating combat experience for players. With brilliant and sharp graphics, diverse characters, and complex combat mechanics, SINAG promises to be a game worth playing for those who love the fighting game genre and want to explore Filipino culture.

SINAG APK is not only a fighting game, but also a journey of discovery and immersion into the unique culture of the Philippines through legends and exquisite imagery. This is a remarkable point and helps the game stand out among other fighting titles.

If you are a fighting game lover and want to explore Filipino culture, SINAG Fighting Game Android is an interesting option to experience. Enjoy and immerse yourself in the captivating world of SINAG, explore the depths of myths and legends, and become a great ladiator in this fighting match!



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