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Simple Brawl Legacy APK is a unique action puzzle game, with beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay and an active community, promising to bring players unique and interesting experiences.


Name Simple Brawl
Version 29.258
Size 156 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Supercell

Introduce to Simple Brawl APK

Simple Brawl Stars APK is a unique action puzzle game with beautiful graphics and simple yet attractive gameplay mechanics. Integrating interactive combat elements, Simple Brawl offers a unique gaming experience you've never experienced before.

One of the unique features of Simple Brawl telegram is the variety of ways you can interact with your surroundings. You will have to use your mind and acumen to overcome challenges and opponents in each level. Creativity in level design makes the game interesting and constantly offers new challenges.

More Overview of Simple Brawl Game Mobile

Simple Brawl ipa APK also has a large community of passionate players. You can participate in PvP (Player versus Player) matches to challenge your skills and win against other opponents. Events and tournaments are regularly held, giving players the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.

The important thing is that Simple Brawl APK indir is available as an APK file, making it easy for you to install and experience without needing a constant internet connection. This is very convenient for people who want to entertain anywhere without worrying about mobile data usage.

In short, Simple Brawl APK is a remarkable action puzzle game, providing players with great entertainment and brain challenges. Try it now to explore the unique world this game has to offer!

All features in Simple Brawl Latest Version

  • Graphics and Sound: Simple Brawl APK conquers players at first sight with sharp graphics and unique design. Each character, environment, and object is meticulously designed, creating a fascinating world. The sound in the game is also notable, from the dynamic sounds during matches to the realistic sound effects when interacting with the environment.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Simple Brawl is more than just an ordinary fighting game. It combines combat and puzzle elements, requiring players to use their mind and skills to overcome levels and challenges. The characters in the game have unique skills and moves, creating diversity and tactics in each match.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Simple Brawl APK offers many game modes, from story mode with challenging levels to dramatic PvP mode. Players can engage in confrontations with other players online or even participate in tournaments and special events.
  • Community and Social Interaction: There is a large community around Simple Brawl where players can connect and interact with each other. Social events, forums, and technical sharing are features that help create a vibrant gaming environment.
  • Regular Updates: Simple Brawl's development team is constantly updating and adding new content. This includes adding new characters, levels, and features so players always have something new to explore.
  • Compatibility and Utility: Simple Brawl APK supports many mobile devices and has a light download capacity. This helps players easily install and experience the game anywhere.

Interface, graphics on Simple Brawl For Android

Crisp and Dynamic Graphics: Simple Brawl takes care of every detail, from the characters to the playing environment. Smooth lines and bright colors create a distinct world of dynamics and style.

Unique Character Design: The characters in Simple Brawl APK are not just simple images but also vivid works of digital art. Each character has a unique design, personality, and special characteristics that make each match diverse and interesting.

Diverse Play Environments: Each level of Simple Brawl is designed with a unique and diverse environment. From dark forests to modern cities, each setting brings a sense of novelty and discovery.

Signature Art Style: Simple Brawl's graphic artists created a signature art style for the game. This not only makes Simple Brawl recognizable but also sets the game apart from the crowd of other apps.

How to play, gameplay for Simple Brawl iOS

Diverse Gameplay Mechanics: Simple Brawl is more than just a traditional fighting game. It combines combat and puzzle elements, requiring players to use a flexible combination of combat skills and creativity to pass each level.

Characters and Skills: Players will enjoy the diversity of characters with unique skills and moves. Each character has its own playing style, requiring players to clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character to create appropriate strategies.

Environmental Interaction: A highlight is the ability to interact with the surrounding environment. Players not only face opponents but also have to make smart use of the environment to overcome challenges. This creates diversity and creativity in gameplay.

Diverse Game Modes: Simple Brawl APK offers many game modes, from story mode with challenging levels to dramatic PvP matches. Players can engage in confrontations with other players online or even participate in tournaments and special events.

Tactics and Skills: Simple Brawl's gameplay not only requires fighting skills but also requires strategy. Players need to build smart strategies, taking advantage of the characteristics of each character and the environment to win.

Pros and Cons of Simple Brawl APK


  • Diverse and Creative Gameplay: The game does not limit itself to simply fighting. Diverse gameplay with puzzle elements and interaction with the environment creates a new and exciting experience.
  • Active Community: Simple Brawl builds a passionate community with events, tournaments, and opportunities for player interaction. This increases social interaction and creates a vibrant gaming environment.
  • Compatible with Multi-Platforms: Simple Brawl supports a variety of devices from smartphones to tablets, making it easy for players to experience the game anytime, anywhere.


  • Internet Connection Required: Although Simple Brawl is available as an APK file for offline installation, to participate in PvP modes and online events, players need a stable internet connection.
  • Need to Invest Time: The game requires players to spend a large amount of time to understand and develop the character. This can be a special point for those who have little time to play games.


Simple Brawl APK is a unique action puzzle game, featuring beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay, and an active community. Simple Brawl APK is a worth checking out for those who want to experience a unique game and enjoy a vibrant gaming community. Although there are certain disadvantages, this does not take away the appeal and joy of participating in adventures in the colorful world of Simple Brawl APK.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Simple Brawl APK

How many characters are available in Simple Brawl? +

Currently, Simple Brawl has a diverse team of characters, each with unique skills and moves.

Does Simple Brawl have online multiplayer? +

Yes, the game supports PvP (Player versus Player) mode that allows players to challenge each other online, as well as participate in events and tournaments.

How to upgrade characters in Simple Brawl? +

Players can upgrade characters and develop skills through a level system, which increases combat abilities and opens up new aspects of gameplay.

Does Simple Brawl have regular events and tournaments? +

Yes, the game often organizes special events and tournaments, providing opportunities for players to win attractive rewards and participate in new challenges.

How to interact with the environment in Simple Brawl? +

The player can interact with the environment using surrounding objects to defeat opponents or solve puzzle problems within the level.

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