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Only a brave and daring adventurer will set out to explore the cursed mansion and experience all the horror and passion hidden in the darkest corners of platformer - Shiro no Yakata.


Name Shiro no Yakata
Version 1.8
Size 632 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Shiro DEV

Take a journey through forgotten corridors where hungry ghosts wait at every turn.


The Shiro no Yakata mobile game has no coherent plot. More emphasis is placed on the large amount of animation, a kind of combat system in this game. The main character explores the rooms, finding clues on how to get out and trying not to fall into the clutches of monsters. Creatures of the night seem to be attracted to liquids, so the player can let the hero join and knock the monster down with what he's attracted to. Shiro no Yakata game even introduces a special scale for this purpose.

Story, but is it horror?

Shiro no Yakata full game Combat tactics, in addition to emptying the special scale, change from chapter to chapter. There are only two chapters available in the game so far:
TV Girl - the venue is a small room with only one weapon mirror. Hide in the closet and confuse the ghost with a doppelganger in the mirror to escape.
Rainy Mansion - The hero goes to a strange mansion to hide from the rain. A strange pink monster that was like a hero until he couldn't continue. The monster is happy that you and the hero delivered her a new snack in time. Armed with a blunt sword, try not to let the monster use the hero as a toy.

Need more than strength

Shiro no Yakata english version - Monsters attack in a special way, they only start with the main character. While for some such attacks are a gift from heaven, for the protagonist it can be fatal. Health points are deducted for each monster, which can result in a loss.

After going through the chapters, you can see the animations of each individual monster. Such elaborate and high quality animations are hard to ignore and try not to play them, so it can take a long time to look through. Try to get out of the mansion dry and alive in the RPG platformer game - Shiro no Yakata windows.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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