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SD Maid Pro APK is an application that provides many powerful features to help users optimize performance, clean up memory and manage files on Android phones or tablets.

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Name SD Maid Pro
Version 5.6.1
Size 918.1 KB
Category Tools
Price $3.96
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer darken

About of SD Maid Pro APK

SD Maid Pro is a professional system cleaning and management application for Android devices. Developed by Darken, SD Maid Pro provides many powerful features to help users optimize performance, clean memory and manage files on Android phones or tablets.

Overview of SD Maid Pro Mobile APK

SD Maid Pro is highly regarded for its powerful cleaning capabilities, versatile features, and easy-to-use user interface. However, be aware that SD Maid Pro is a paid app and requires root permission on some devices to access full features.

If you are interested, you can learn more about this app on its official website or download it from the Android app store. It is a useful tool for cleaning and managing your Android system, helping to optimize performance and free up storage space.

Feature of SD Maid Pro for Android

SD Maid Pro provides many powerful features to manage and clean your Android system.

  • System Scan: SD Maid Pro allows you to scan your device's system to find and delete unnecessary, temporary files, junk files, log files and other unused data. You can view a detailed list of these files and choose to securely delete them.
  • File search: This application provides a powerful file search function, allowing you to search for files by name, format, size, creation and modification time. This helps you quickly find specific files and manage them efficiently.
  • Delete Duplicate Files: SD Maid Pro has the ability to find and delete duplicate files on your device. This frees up storage space and increases system performance.
  • Application management: You can manage the installed applications on your Android device. SD Maid Pro allows you to view detailed application information, remove unnecessary applications, deactivate background applications, backup and restore applications and related data, and manage permissions application access.
  • Configuration Manager: This application allows you to manage system and application configurations. You can backup and restore profiles, delete unnecessary profiles, and manage application preferences.
  • System Cleanup: SD Maid Pro provides tools to clean up the Android system. You can clear cache, clean log and log files, delete temporary files and get rid of other unnecessary files to free up storage space and optimize performance.
  • System Tools: SD Maid Pro provides a number of useful system tools. You can view detailed system information, check system files, manage system permissions and much more.


How to use SD Maid Pro APK

Download and install SD Maid Pro: First, get the SD Maid Pro app from the Android app store or from a trusted source. Then install the app on your Android device.

Open SD Maid Pro app: After successful installation, open SD Maid Pro app from your home screen or in your apps list.

System Scan: The main interface of SD Maid Pro will show various features and tools. To scan the system and find unnecessary files, select the "Scan system" feature or similar.

View file list: After the system scan is completed, SD Maid Pro key will display a list of unnecessary, temporary, junk files and other unused data. You can view this list to check the files you want to delete or clean.

Delete unnecessary files: To delete unnecessary files, select specific files or use the options to select multiple files at once. Then select the option "Delete" or similar to delete the selected files.

Use other features: SD Maid Pro provides other features such as file search, application management, configuration management and system cleaning. You can explore and use these features according to your needs.

Note: For some advanced features and functions in SD Maid Pro, root permission on your device may be required. So, if you have not rooted your device, some features may not be available.

Tips and advice when using SD Maid Pro APK

Backup before deleting: Before deleting any files with SD Maid Pro, make sure to back up important data or files that you don't want to lose. This helps ensure that you can restore what you need if needed.

Read information before deleting: When SD Maid Pro displays a list of unnecessary files, read the information carefully before deleting them. This helps you better understand the file and avoid deleting important files by mistake.


Customize settings: SD Maid Pro offers setting options to customize the cleaning and management process. In the application's settings, you can adjust options such as file types to be scanned, file filters, system configuration and more. Customizing settings will help you optimize your usage experience.

Periodic Scans: To keep your system in top condition, perform periodic scans with SD Maid Pro. Set a periodic scan schedule to automatically scan and clean the system at the desired interval.

Be careful with the root feature: If you have rooted your device and used the root feature of SD Maid Pro, be careful when deleting system files or editing configurations. Making a mistake can damage the system or cause the loss of important functions.

Read the documentation: SD Maid Pro comes with documentation or a support website. Read this document to better understand the app's features and functions, and how to use them effectively.

Pros and cons of SD Maid Pro APK iOS


  • Powerful Features: SD Maid Pro offers a host of powerful features to clean and manage the Android system. It can help you optimize performance, free up storage space, and manage apps with ease.
  • User-friendly interface: SD Maid Pro has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. The features and tools are arranged logically, making it easy for users to learn and use.
  • Customization and flexibility: The app allow you to customize settings and scanning options, helping you tailor the cleaning and management process to your needs. You can select the file type to scan, apply filters, and adjust other settings to optimize the user experience.
  • Periodic Scan: SD Maid Pro allows you to schedule periodic scans to automatically scan and clean the system. This helps maintain the system in optimal condition and minimizes the impact on your performance.


  • Root permission required: Some advanced features and functions in SD Maid Pro require root permission on Android devices. This means that if you have not rooted your device, some features may not be available or limited.
  • Risks of deleting important files: When using file deletion, be careful and read the details before deleting. Deleting important files by mistake can cause data loss or system damage.
  • Compatibility: SD Maid Pro may not be fully compatible with all Android devices and operating system versions. There may be some bugs or limitations when using on certain devices.
  • Limited Free: SD Maid Pro has a free version, but many advanced features and functions are only available in the Pro version, and you must purchase to access them.


SD Maid Pro APK is a powerful application to manage and clean the Android system. With features to optimize performance, free up storage space, manage applications and system tools, it provides users with an easy way to maintain and optimize their devices.

The advantages of SD Maid Pro premium include powerful features, user-friendly interface, customizability and periodic scanning. However, there are some downsides such as requiring root privileges, risk of deleting important files, and limited compatibility. Based on your individual needs, you can take advantage of the useful features of the application to maintain and optimize your Android system.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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