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SBK16 Official Mobile Game APK is a Superbike racing simulation game where racers face off against high-speed supercars on racetracks around the world.


Name SBK16 Official Mobile Game
Pagekage name it.dtales.sbk16
Version 1.4.2
Size 249.9 MB
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+

About to SBK16 Official Mobile Game APK

SBK16 APK ios is an official Superbike racing simulation racing game developed by Dorna Sports SL. This game is based on the Superbike World Championship (SBK) racing tournament, where riders go head-to-head on high-speed superbikes on racetracks around the world.

SBK16 Official Mobile Game APK free download promises to bring players realistic and engaging simulation racing experiences on mobile devices. If you are a fan of Superbike racing or looking for a quality racing game on mobile, try SBK16 and become the speed king on the track.

Overview of SBK16 Official Mobile Game APK

Join and experience today with many outstanding features. Give you wonderful moments through simulated images but true to every moment. Suitable for all ages and maybe you will find your passion.

SBK16 Official Mobile Game APK update gives players a realistic and immersive simulation racing experience, with diverse lineups and racing cars, upgrades, customizations and diverse game modes for you to challenge your driving skills.

Features in SBK16 Game APK For Android

  • Choose your racers and racers: SBK16 Official Mobile Game allows players to choose from a variety of famous racers participating in the Superbike World Championship. Each racer has its own characteristics and unique racing skills.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers many different game modes for players to challenge their racing skills. You can participate in quick play for a fast and exciting racing experience, or participate in special events to earn rewards and attractive prizes.
  • Upgrade and customize your racing car: During the game, you can upgrade and customize your racing car. By upgrading car parts, you can improve performance and speed, helping you to compete better in races.
  • High-quality graphics: SBK16 Official APK is developed with high-quality graphics that faithfully reproduce the details of the racing car, the track and its surroundings. This makes for an immersive and engaging racing experience.
  • Vivid Sound: The game also comes with vivid sound and good sound effects, which enhances the gaming experience and gives a realistic feeling of racing.
  • Online racing mode: SBK16 sAndroid upports online racing mode, allowing you to participate in head-to-head races against other players around the globe. You can show your talent and racing skills and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.
  • User-friendly interface: SBK16 Official APK is designed with user-friendly interface, easy to use and easy to control on mobile screen.

Game mode, graphics of SBK16 Mobile APK

SBK 16 Official Mobile Game APK has realistic 3D graphics with vivid lighting effects. This creates an immersive and authentic experience of racing on the world's most challenging tracks. The details of the racing car, the track and the surroundings are faithfully reproduced, giving players the feeling of participating in a real race.

Moreover, the game offers up to 10 different control options, including movement, virtual joystick and mobile game keyboard. Players choose the control style that suits their preferences and adapts to their driving style.

The realism and sophistication in the graphics along with the realistic control feel give players a remarkable simulation racing experience on mobile phones.

How to play SBK16 Official APK Latest version

Step 1: Download and install the game

First, visit your mobile device's app store (for example, Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).

Search for "SBK16 Official Mobile Game" in the app store.

Select the version that matches the operating system of your mobile device and download it.

Once the download is done, proceed to install the game on your device.

Step 2: Launch the game

After successful installation, open the SBK16 apk on your mobile device.

Step 3: Choose game mode

When you start the game, you will see the game mode selection screen. SBK16 Official Mobile Game offers a variety of game modes, including quick play, special event mode, and long game mode. Select the game mode you want to join.

Step 4: Choose a racer and a racing car

After choosing the game mode, you will have the opportunity to choose the racer and the racing car. Choose from a list of famous SBK racers and feature-packed race cars from various manufacturers.

Step 5: Make the races

Start the race by pressing the "Start" button or similar on the screen.

During the race you will have to use buttons or touch the screen to drive and control your racing car on the track.

Improve your skills, make coordinated movements, cut corners and brake at the right time to stay in position and outrun your opponents.

Step 6: Complete and achieve

When completing the race, you will receive a score and reward depending on your performance in the race.

Use the scores to upgrade and customize your racing car, helping to increase performance and better competition.

Step 7: Join an online race (optional)

If you want, you can participate in the online racing mode to compete with other players around the globe and enter the leaderboard.

Note that the steps may differ slightly depending on the version of the game and the user interface of the mobile device.

Pros and Cons of SBK16 APK iOS


  • High-quality graphics: SBK 16 Official Mobile APK has beautiful and vivid graphics that faithfully reproduce the details of the racing car, the track and its surroundings, creating an engaging and realistic racing experience.
  • Wide choice of racers and cars: SBK16 Official APK allows players to choose from a list of famous SBK racers and race cars from different manufacturers.
  • Upgrade and customize racing cars: Players can upgrade and customize their racing cars, helping to improve performance and increase their competitiveness in the race.
  • Online racing mode: SBK16 Official Mobile Game supports online racing mode, allowing players to participate in head-to-head races with other players around the globe, increasing challenge and competition.


  • Customizing racing cars can be time and money consuming: To upgrade and customize racing cars, players may need to spend a lot of time and in-game currency.
  • May require powerful hardware: Due to high quality graphics, the game may require a powerful mobile device to ensure the smoothest and best gaming experience.
  • Racing strategy requires learning and testing: To become a good racer in SBK16 Official Mobile Game, players need to learn and test the right racing tactics.


SBK16 Oficail APK is a high-quality simulation racing game exclusively for mobile devices. With vivid graphics, a variety of game modes and a choice of racers and cars, the game gives players an engaging and realistic racing experience. The ability to upgrade and customize racing cars also provides challenge and variety in the gameplay experience.

The variety and quality of the game makes it attractive to players and provides exciting entertainment moments. If you are a fan of the simulation racing genre, try the SBK16 Official Mobile Game APK experience to become a fast car racer on the international track.


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