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Sagebrush Game APK is an adventure game, the player will play the role of a court reporter investigating a religious community, the player will discover many dark secrets of this community, contributing to the full story tense and attractive.


Name Sagebrush Game
Version 1.0
Size 244 Mb
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Redact Games

About Sagebrush Game

Sagebrush is a first-person puzzle adventure game developed by indie game developer Steve Jenkins and released in 2018.

In Sagebrush, players take on the role of an investigative journalist searching for the truth about a strange religious guru and their community in the wilds of the American West. The game is designed to convey a sense of mystery and horror, with an open space and plenty of labs and ruins to explore.

Sagebrush is appreciated for its good story and how to express the player's character's mood, as well as the combination of music and images to create a scary atmosphere.

Overview of Sagebrush Game APK

Sagebrush is a first-person puzzle adventure game, developed by Steve Jenkins and released in 2018 on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. In the game, the player takes on the role of a journalist named Anne, who travels to the wilds of the American West to investigate a strange religious sage and their community.

The game is designed with an open space, providing players with freedom to explore and solve puzzles. Mysteries in the game are solved through finding objects and information, and the player must find ways to reach locked or hidden areas.

Sagebrush's story is appreciated for its good character development and the way in which the player's protagonist's mood is expressed. In addition, the music and images used in the game are also very impressive, creating an atmosphere of fear and mystery.

Sagebrush has received rave reviews from game critics, especially for its story telling and art style. The game has also been nominated for numerous awards in the indie gaming industry.

Features of Sagebrush Mobile Game

  • Intriguing plot: Sagebrush game has a story full of mystery and horror. Players take on the role of Anne, an investigative journalist who is searching for the truth about a strange religious sage and their community.
  • Open space and freedom to explore: Sagebrush is designed with an open space in mind, providing players with the freedom to explore and solve puzzles. Players can walk around, search for items, and learn about the game's story.
  • Rich Puzzles: The game is full of mysteries and puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress to the next part of the story. These mysteries can involve finding objects, discovering locked or hidden doors, or having to solve some logic puzzle.
  • Mood and character interaction: In the game, players will have many interactions with other characters in the community. The player's choices during these interactions will affect how the character reacts and can affect the outcome of the story.
  • Unique Art Style: Sagebrush uses 2D art style and retro graphics to create a space full of mystery and horror. Color and light are used very effectively to create an intimidating atmosphere.
  • Unique Music: The music in Sagebrush is also used very effectively to enhance the scary atmosphere of the game. Instruments such as the guitar and harmonica are used to create a sound consistent with the wilds of the American West.
  • The plot is clear and interesting: Sagebrush does not use complicated or confusing plots. The story is told clearly and uses small details and details to create an interesting and engaging story. Players will feel like they are participating in an adventure full of surprises and horror.
  • Streamlined: The Sagebrush game is designed to help players keep track of their progress. There is a map and logging system that helps players mark places explored and completed quests.
  • No Violent Action: Sagebrush is a game with no violent action. Instead, the game focuses on horror and puzzle elements, with a story of sightseeing and exploration.
  • Short Playtime: The game has a fairly short playtime, around 2-3 hours, depending on how the player proceeds to explore and solve puzzles. However, the game is still enough to give players an emotional and engaging experience.

Above are some key features of the game Sagebrush. This game is a unique and fun experience, especially for horror and puzzle lovers.

How to play, gameplay and tips for playing Sagebrush Android

How to play

The Sagebrush game is played as a puzzle adventure game. Players will take on the role of a female character named Anna who returns to the buddhist grounds of the Zen Garden of Eden after it has been destroyed. Along the way, players will need to search for news tidbits, notes, and objects to solve puzzles and uncover the story behind the Zen Garden.

Style play

Sagebrush's gameplay focuses on exploration and puzzle solving. Players will need to search for objects, information, and notes to solve puzzles and advance to the next level. During the exploration, the player will have to solve puzzles to advance to new areas.

Game Tips

Thorough Search: In the game, there is a lot of information and objects hidden everywhere. Players need to search thoroughly to be able to solve puzzles.

Save important information: During exploration, players need to save important information to solve puzzles. So use a note-taking system and jot down the necessary pieces of news.

Focus on the story: In Sagebrush, the story is the most important element. Players need to focus on discovering and understanding the story behind the Zen Garden of Eden.

Use a note-reader: To solve puzzles and advance to new areas, players need to use a note-reader to find important notes and information.

Those are some of the Sagebrush tips that will help players effectively navigate the quests and explore the game's story.

Advantage and Defect of Sagebrush APK Latest version


  • Compelling plot: Sagebrush has an engaging, dramatic and full of surprises storyline. The story is told through notes, documents and objects, creating an air of mystery and mystery.
  • Unique music design: The music in Sagebrush is uniquely designed and fits the game's space. Slow melodies, strange sounds create a unique musical space and attract players.
  • Open World: The game has an open world that allows the player to freely explore and search for news tidbits, notes, and objects. This creates variety and richness to the game.
  • The game is simple but not boring: Sagebrush has a simple but not boring design. The puzzles and requirements are very logical and challenging.
  • Unique tones: The game is designed with unique tones, creating a space boldly desolate and lonely. The combination of color and light creates an emotional and beautiful world.


  • Graphics are not perfect: The game's graphics are not well optimized, leading to some display errors and glitches.
  • Short playing time: The game is not very long, only about 2-3 hours of gameplay. This makes the player can feel uncomfortable not being explored and learn more about the story of the game.
  • No replay feature: After completing the game, the player cannot replay or start over. This makes the game no longer attractive after completion.
  • Play on PC: The Sagebrush game is only released on PC, which makes it impossible for players using mobile devices or console games to experience this game.
  • Lack of interactivity: The game lacks interactivity and the player doesn't have much choice to change the story. Most of the player's actions are simply exploring and solving puzzles.
  • Lack of difficulty: Although the puzzles and requirements in the game are logically designed and challenging, the game lacks difficulty, which is easy to complete after only a few plays.

In summary, Sagebrush is a very interesting and worth playing adventure game with many advantages such as an engaging storyline, unique music design and an open world. However, the game also has some disadvantages such as imperfect graphics, short playing time, no replay feature and lack of interactivity. If you are passionate about adventure genre and want to find a short game, Sagebrush is a good choice.


Sagebrush is a great adventure game with a unique and engaging storyline, great music design and beautiful open world. The game gives players memorable experiences and immerses them in the emotional story.

However, Sagebrush also has disadvantages such as imperfect graphics, short playing time and lack of interactivity. However, these weaknesses do not really affect the fun of the game, if you are looking for a short and moving adventure game, Sagebrush is a great choice.

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FAQs? Sagebrush Game APK

What are the system requirements to play Sagebrush Game APK? +

To play Sagebrush Game APK, you need an Android device running Android version 4.4 or higher and with at least 2GB RAM. Specific requirements may vary by game version.

How many levels or stages are there in the game? +

Sagebrush does not have many levels or stages. The game is designed as a continuous experience and focuses on exploring and solving mysteries in the abandoned village.

How to save game state? +

Sagebrush automatically saves your game state when you reach key checkpoints in the story. You don't need to worry about saving the state manually.

What languages does the game support? +

Sagebrush supports many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and many more.

Is there an online or multiplayer feature? +

Sagebrush is a single-player game and has no online or multiplayer features.

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