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RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is the perfect combination of top-notch 3D graphics, unique gameplay and Russian heroic characters, providing a unique and exciting mobile game experience.


Version 0.6
Size 169.8 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer GameWriterStudio


RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is a unique and fresh experience in the world of mobile gaming, especially if you are a fan of Brawl Stars. Also known as TABLE KVAS, or Brawl SAS, this is truly the Russian version that gamers should not miss.

At first sight, you will be fascinated by the epic 3v3 arena, which fully demonstrates the creativity and spirit of the game. With the appearance of Russian memes and heroes, the match becomes more lively and attractive than ever.

More Overview of RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D Mobile Game

RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is proud to be a game with modern 3D graphics, providing an engaging and challenging experience. Every detail is carefully taken care of, from the characters to the arena setting, creating a beautiful and lively game space.

Not only stopping at graphics, RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK also takes players into a unique and best storyline in 2024. Russian warriors with unique personalities will take you on dramatic adventures and interesting.

The special thing about RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is its uniqueness, with Russian cultural elements cleverly integrated into the game. This creates a unique map, unpredictable match situations and the opportunity to explore this unique culture through the characters.

All features in RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D Latest Version

  • Unique 3v3 Arena: RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK offers a unique 3v3 arena experience where you will face off against famous Russian heroes. This creates a humorous and challenging atmosphere, as each character has its own unique personality and skills.
  • Modern 3D Graphics: With modern 3D graphics, RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK brings players into a vivid world, with every detail meticulously designed. From the characters to the arena settings, the game creates a top-notch visual experience.
  • Rich Story: The game's story is not just a reason to fight, but also a reason to want to continue exploring. Fascinating, full of surprises and drama, the story will take you into the unique world of Russian warriors with unique personalities.
  • Russian Heroes: RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is not only about graphics and gameplay, but also about unique Russian heroes. Each character brings with it unique skills and opportunities for you to shine in the match.
  • Russian Cultural Elements: Explore Russian cultural elements through unique maps and scenarios. RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is not just a game, but an opportunity to experience and gain a deeper understanding of Russian culture.
  • Unique and Interesting: With uniqueness in both gameplay and cultural background, RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK promises to bring new and interesting experiences that you have never seen in any other game.

Interface, graphics on RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D iOS

Modern and Careful: The graphics of RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK bring a special modern and thoughtful feel. Every detail, from the outlines of the characters to the decorative details of the arena, is meticulously handled, creating a vivid and vibrant world.

Innovative 3D Arenas: The standout feature is definitely the 3D arenas, where the creativity and graphical flair really shines. The sense of depth and the ability to interact with the environment make each match vivid and engaging.

Superior Technical Details: Taking into account every technical detail, from lighting to shadows, the graphics of RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK are not just about creating a beautiful world, but also about creating an immersive experience. Unique and authentic experience.

Demonstrating Strength and Skills: Each character's skill is shown through impressive graphics, adding power and convincingness to each attack and move.

Explore Culture Through Graphics: Graphics is not only beautiful drawing software, but also a window to explore Russian culture. You will feel the creativity and enthusiasm in every perspective.

How to play, gameplay for RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK

Unique Gameplay Stream: RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK offers a completely unique gameplay stream. Instead of simply fighting, you will have to adapt unique tactics and strategies, while making the best use of your hero's special skills.

Creative Russian Arena: 3D Arena is not only a place for matches, but also a creative stage. You will have to use your surroundings to avoid attacks and create unique strategies, taking advantage of every opportunity to win.

Diverse Hero Characters: Each Russian hero character not only has a unique appearance but also possesses unique skills and tactics. Choosing the right character for your strategy is the key to victory.

Diverse Game Modes: RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is not limited to just one game mode. You will have the opportunity to participate in many different types of matches, from ranked matches to special events, each type of play brings its own challenges and rewards.

Unique Tactical System: Gameplay requires tactical thinking. You need to clearly determine your opponent's position, take advantage of your character's skills, and work with your teammates to build a strategy to win the match.

Explore the Story: In addition to matches, RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK also contains a rich story. You will participate in unique missions, develop the story and learn more about Russian heroes.

Multiplayer Mode: Competition is not limited to AI but also comes from other players around the world. Multiplayer mode offers new and dramatic challenges.

Pros and Cons of RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D Android


  • Top-notch Graphics: RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is truly a work of art with modern 3D graphics. Every detail is taken care of, creating a lively and interesting world.
  • Unique Gameplay: The game's gameplay is its outstanding strength. Unlike other games, RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK requires creativity and strategy, which increases the appeal and uniqueness of the game.
  • Rich Heroic Characters: The diversity of Russian heroes is not only about appearance but also about skills and personality. Players have many options to develop their own strategies.
  • Attractive Plot: The plot is built in an attractive way, increasing entertainment value for players. It is not just a series of matches, but also a journey to explore the unique Russian world.


  • Limited Environmental Interaction: Although the 3D arena is very creative, environmental interaction could be further developed to add more depth to the gameplay.
  • Learning Takes Time: With the variety of characters and features, learning and mastering them all can take some time. This can make beginners feel a bit lost at first.
  • System Requirements: Due to the high-end 3D graphics, the game may require a powerful system configuration for smooth play. This can be a challenge for players using phones or computers that do not have powerful configurations.


RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK is truly an outstanding double in the mobile gaming world, combining modern 3D graphics, unique gameplay and rich heroic characters. Each element is carefully thought out, creating a multi-dimensional and exciting entertainment experience. The uniqueness, diversity and artistic care will certainly retain players for a long time and leave a deep impression.


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What unique features set RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK apart from other games? +

RUSSIAN BRAWL SAS 3D APK features modern graphics, innovative 3D arenas, unique Russian hero characters, and unique tactical gameplay.

How many different hero characters are there in the game? +

There are many different Russian hero characters with distinct personalities and skills, creating diversity and choice for players.

How to participate in the game's plot? +

Players can participate in the storyline through quests and special events, follow tutorials, and participate in quests to progress the story.

Is there a multiplayer mode? +

Yes, the game has a multiplayer mode where you can challenge and compete with other players around the world.

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