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Download the RPS Campus Pro App Mod APK Free Download for a seamless school management experience. Stay connected with real-time updates on attendance, grades, homework, and more.


Name RPS Campus Pro App
Version 1.0.002
Size 3 MB
Category Education
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Mod Feature Premium Unlocked

RPS Campus Pro App: A Comprehensive Solution for School Management

General Introduction

In today's digital age, the application of technology in education is not just a trend but a necessity. To enhance management efficiency and foster interaction among schools, teachers, students, and parents, RPS Group of Institutions has developed the CampusPro app. This multi-functional application is designed for schools, helping to optimize operational processes and improve the quality of education.

Key Features of RPS Campus Pro App

  • Parent Portal

The CampusPro app Free Download offers numerous benefits for parents, enabling them to monitor and support their children's learning process effectively.

Attendance Tracking: Parents can check their children's daily attendance records, ensuring they attend all classes.

Academic Progress Monitoring: The app provides information on grades, report cards, and performance analysis, allowing parents to keep track of their children's academic progress.

Homework Assignments: Parents can view and monitor homework assignments and deadlines, helping their children complete tasks on time.

Notifications: Receive important announcements and updates from the school promptly.

Fee Management: Parents can pay school fees online and receive receipts directly through the app, saving time and effort.

  • Teacher Portal

RPS Campus Pro App Mod APK also provides tools to help teachers manage their classes and interact with students and parents effectively.

Class Management: Teachers can manage class schedules, student attendance, and lesson planning.

Homework Posting: Teachers can post homework assignments and track student submissions.

Digital Gradebook: Enter and manage student grades easily.

Communication: Send direct messages to parents and students, improving communication and support.

  • Principal and Administrator Portal

For school administrators, CampusPro offers a powerful set of tools to oversee and manage all school activities.

School Operations Management: Monitor and manage daily activities, including attendance, staff management, and event scheduling.

Reports and Analytics: Generate detailed reports on student performance, attendance, and other key metrics.

Notification Hub: Broadcast important messages and announcements to the entire school community.

Financial Management: Oversee fee collection and financial transactions within the institution.

  • Additional Features

Event Calendar: Provides a school events calendar, making it easy for everyone to follow upcoming events.

Library Management: Track book issuances and returns in the school library.

Transport Tracking: Real-time updates on school bus locations, ensuring student safety.

Emergency Alerts: Quickly send urgent notifications to all users.

Benefits of Using the RPS Campus Pro App

Enhanced Communication

The RPS Campus Pro App Full Unlocked Mod APK improves communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators. Important information is transmitted quickly and accurately, minimizing misunderstandings and creating a transparent educational environment.

Increased Management Efficiency

The app helps automate many management processes, from attendance tracking and fee management to event scheduling. This not only reduces the workload for administrative staff but also ensures smoother and more efficient operations.

Real-Time Updates

With CampusPro, all important information such as attendance, homework assignments, and emergency notifications are updated in real time. This helps parents, teachers, and school administrators stay informed and make timely decisions.

Increased Parental Involvement

When parents can easily monitor and participate in their children's education, they tend to provide more support. This not only helps students achieve better academic results but also creates a stronger bond between the family and the school.

Instructions on How to Use the RPS Campus Pro App

Download and Installation

Download the App: Download the APK file from the official school website or authorized app stores.

Install: After downloading, open the APK file to install the app on your Android device.


Use Login Information: Enter the provided login credentials to access the app. Different users (parents, teachers, principals, administrators) will have different access privileges.


Main Dashboard: Use the main dashboard to access various sections of the app.

Menu: Easily find features like attendance, grades, messages, and more through the main menu.


Notification Settings: Customize notification settings to receive important updates as desired.

Update Personal Information: Change personal information and other settings in the profile section.


The RPS Campus Pro App (CampusPro) is a comprehensive school management solution that enhances management efficiency and improves communication among all stakeholders. With powerful features and a user-friendly interface, CampusPro not only reduces the workload for administrative staff but also creates a transparent and effective educational environment. All these factors make CampusPro an indispensable tool in modern educational management and development. Download and install the CampusPro app now to experience the incredible benefits it offers!


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