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Robbery Bob APK is an exciting adventure mobile game where you will play the role of Bob - a talented thief, performing clever theft missions in diverse and challenging environments.


Name Robbery Bob
Version 1.24.1
Size 72.19 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Deca_Games

Introduce to Robbery Bob APK

Robbery Bob AR APK is a fascinating adventure mobile game where you will play as Bob - a talented thief and have to complete different theft missions in diverse environments.

In the game, your task is to help Bob infiltrate buildings, guard bases, rich houses and steal precious objects without getting caught. You will have to move through walls, avoid complex security systems, and avoid the attention of guards to complete your goal.

More Overview of Robbery Bob Latest Version

The game offers you many different levels, each with increasing difficulty. You need to skillfully use your skills and wits to solve puzzles, open doors and find your way out of dangerous situations.

Robbery Bob APK obb has stunning 2D graphics and easy controls, allowing you to enjoy a fun and exciting theft experience on your mobile phone. You can also collect and upgrade theft tools to become stronger and complete missions more efficiently.

All features in Robbery Bob For Android

  • Over 200 Levels: The game offers over 200 diverse levels for you to pass. Each level has its own design and challenges, guaranteed to provide continuous fun and exploration.
  • Diverse Environments: You will discover diverse environments such as homes, banks, hospitals, prisons, airports and many more. Each environment has a distinctive design and detailed simulation elements.
  • Theft Tools and Upgrades: During the adventure you can use theft tools like keys, hammers, grids, etc. Upgrade these tools to enhance your ability to steal and react flexibly in difficult situations.
  • Enemy Teams and Security Systems: You have to deal with hordes of guards and complex security systems like surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and more. Avoid their attention and find a way to break into secure areas.
  • Puzzles and challenges: The game offers puzzles and challenges for you to solve. Think smart, find a way to open the door, find a safe passage and collect precious items without being detected.
  • Side Quests and Achievements: Besides the main quests, you can also do side quests to earn bonus points and open special achievements. Try to complete them all to get the highest score.

Robbery Bob APK old version provides a series of exciting features for you to challenge your stealth skills and become the king of theft. Show your ability to pass difficult levels and steal precious items without getting caught.

Interface, graphics on Robbery Bob For iOS

Character design: The main character Bob and the supporting characters in the game are designed with lovely and funny drawings. Bob has a curvaceous, lovely appearance with a traditional heist outfit consisting of a beanie, white shirt, and white pants.

Detailed Environment: download game Robbery Bob APK provides diverse environments such as houses, banks, hospitals, prisons and airports. Each environment is designed with exquisite details, including furniture, decorations, and simulation elements.

Objects and items: In-game objects and items are clearly represented and recognizable. You will encounter objects such as money, gems, jewelry and other decorative items.

Effects and animations: Robbery Bob APK all levels uses effects and animations to create a lively and fun experience. You will see Bob move dynamically, climb through windows, fool the guard and create funny situations.

User Interface: The user interface of the game is designed to be simple and intuitive. You can easily control the character Bob and interact with items in the environment.

How to play, gameplay for Robbery Bob Mobile Game

Download and install: Download the APK file of baixar Robbery Bob game from a trusted source and install the game on your mobile device.

Start the game: Open Robbery Bob the boss thief APK on your mobile.

Select Level: The game will display a list of different levels. You can choose a level to start with or replay completed levels.

Read the instructions: Before starting each level, read the instructions and the objective of the mission. The guide will help you understand the requirements and rules of that level.

Character controls: Use the on-screen navigation or touch buttons to move Bob around in the environment. You can move, run, climb up, down, stand still and perform other actions.

Avoid attention: Avoid being detected by guards and security systems. Keep your eyes on the watchman's line of sight and find a safe passage.

Collect items: During the gameplay, you will find valuable items such as money, gems, etc. Let's collect them to get high score.

Accomplish Goals: Your goal is to complete the assigned theft missions. Find a way to enter the secure areas, open the door and avoid the warnings to succeed.

Tool Upgrades: You can use bonus points to upgrade your heist tools, making Bob more powerful and versatile in difficult levels.

Complete side quests and gain achievements: In addition to the main quest, you can also do side quests and gain special achievements. Try to complete them all to get a high score and open more extra content.

Pros and Cons of Robbery Bob APK


  • Exciting gameplay: The game offers an engaging and challenging gameplay experience. Carrying out heist missions and avoiding the attention of the guards creates stimulation and excitement for the player.
  • Diverse Difficulty: The game has more than 200 levels with increasing difficulty. Facing new puzzles and challenges in each level creates variety and keeps the game interesting.
  • Upgrading Potential: The game allows you to upgrade your heist tools to increase your ability and efficiency in completing missions. This upgrade helps create progress and excitement while playing.
  • Side Challenges and Achievements: The game offers side quests and special achievements for you to complete. This increases replayability and discovery, and provides additional goals and rewards for players.


  • Repetitive Game Structure: Despite the variety of levels, some players may feel that the game structure and objectives become repetitive after a while playing.
  • Networking: Some versions of the game require a persistent internet connection to play, which may disrupt your gaming experience when no network connection is available.
  • Reliance on in-app purchases: Games may contain in-app purchases, which can disrupt the gaming experience and put pressure on spending real money.


Robbery Bob APK is a fascinating adventure mobile game where you play as the character Bob - a talented thief and perform theft missions in diverse environments.

Join Bob's adventure, avoid the attention of the guards and complete the theft mission to become the king of stealth.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Robbery Bob APK

What languages does Robbery Bob APK support? +

The game supports many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and many more.

I have problems installing or playing Robbery Bob APK, how do I solve it? +

To resolve the issues, you should try the following steps:

  • Check if you have the latest version of the game installed.
  • Restart your Android device.
  • Clear Robbery Bob app cache.
  • Contact developer support if the problem persists.
What hardware configuration is required for Robbery Bob APK? +

The minimum configuration to play Robbery Bob usually includes an Android phone or tablet with a compatible operating system version, a powerful enough processor, and a touch screen.

I'm stuck on a level in Robbery Bob. How to get over it? +

Sometimes, some levels in Robbery Bob can be difficult. Here are some hints to help you pass difficult levels:

  • Try different approaches. There can be multiple ways to complete a level, so try researching and implementing different strategies.
  • Use Bob's skills and upgrades wisely. Upgrades can make it easier for you to complete a level.
  • Consider whether there are items or objects in the level that can help you in hiding or infiltration.
  • Be patient and keep experimenting. Many times, repetition can help you grasp the details and figure out how to complete the level.
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