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River City Girls 2 Apk is an action game with a classic style with an attractive and surprising storyline, players will experience dramatic and exciting battles.


Name River City Girls 2
Version 1.0
Size 352 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer WayForward

About River City Girls 2 APK

River City Girls 2 is an action game developed by WayForward and published by Arc System Works. This is the sequel to the game River City Girls released in 2019.

In River City Girls 2, players will continue to control two characters Kyoko and Misako to fight and complete quests in a colorful world. The game's plot revolves around Kyoko and Misako trying to find a boyfriend kidnapped by a secret organization.

The game has beautiful graphics, vibrant music and a diverse combat system. Players can customize their characters by purchasing and upgrading weapons, costumes, and skills.

Currently, River City Girls 2 is still unreleased and does not have an APK version. However, once the game is released, players can find the APK version on download sites or the publisher's own website. However, be aware that downloading and installing APK versions from untrusted sources can be dangerous to your device.

Features of the game River City Girls 2

The two main characters Kyoko and Misako with custom skills and costumes.

Diverse combat system with many different weapons and skills.

The game world is more expansive than the previous one with many different locations to explore and conquer.

The plot is rich and full of attraction with diverse characters.

Unique and upbeat music.

Single player mode or play with friends in local or online multiplayer.

There are many new features such as mount system, side quests and many other items to use in the game.

In short, River City Girls 2 is an attractive action game with full of attractive and diverse features for players to explore and experience.

How to play, gameplay of Game Mobile River City Girls 2

River City Girls 2 is an action game in the style of beat 'em up, in which players destroy enemies to advance to the next level. Here is the gameplay and gameplay of the game:

Character control: Players will control either Kyoko or Misako to complete the levels. Players can move, hit and use the character's skills to destroy enemies.

Battle system: In the game, players can use a variety of weapons and skills to fight. Players can purchase and upgrade weapons, costumes, and skills at the in-game shops.

Open World: In River City Girls 2, players can explore various locations, meet diverse characters, and go on a variety of side quests.

Plot: The game has a rich and engaging storyline with a variety of characters. Players will continue the adventure of Kyoko and Misako in search of a boyfriend kidnapped by a secret organization.

Multiplayer mode: River City Girls 2 allows you to play with friends in online or local multiplayer mode.

In short, River City Girls 2 is an engaging action game with simple but challenging gameplay, a diverse combat system, and a rich storyline for players to explore and experience.

Graphics of River City Girls 2 Game

The graphics of River City Girls 2 are designed in an anime cartoon style, with bright, colorful and detailed drawings. The characters in the game are designed with distinct features and unique costumes, creating richness and variety in the image.

In addition, skills and weapons are also beautifully and impressively designed, along with special effects when using them, which add to the attractiveness and appeal of the game.

The levels in River City Girls 2 are also designed with beautiful and rich landscapes, from crowded cities to mysterious forests and dangerous areas. The music in the game is also unique, with vibrant music, suitable for the player's situation and emotions.

Overall, the graphics of River City Girls 2 is an outstanding highlight, creating a unique and interesting gaming space, providing a great experience for players.

Advantage and Defect of River City Girls 2


  • Beautiful graphics: River City Girls 2 is designed with beautiful and brilliant anime graphics, helping to create a vivid and rich gaming world.
  • Attractive gameplay: The gameplay of the game is simple but challenging, with a diverse and exciting combat system, and many difficulty levels for players to overcome.
  • Diverse characters: River City Girls 2 has a variety of characters, each with their own personality, skills, weapons and costumes, allowing players to freely choose and change during the game.
  • Captivating plot: The game's plot is rich and engaging, taking players on an exciting adventure in search of a kidnapped boyfriend.
  • Multiplayer mode: The game offers a multiplayer mode, allowing players and friends to join the adventure.


  • Limited Controls: Character control in the game is still limited, especially when it comes to moving and hitting opponents in tight spaces.
  • Too much repetition: Some players think that the game has too many repetitions, which reduces the fun of the game.
  • Lack of difficulty: Some players consider the game to be quite easy to get through, with no difficulty high enough to challenge the player's talent.
  • In summary, River City Girls 2 is a game full of attractive and worth playing, with many advantages such as beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay and great effort.


Thus, River City Girls 2 is a game worth playing and worth experiencing. With beautiful graphics, diverse and interesting gameplay, along with an attractive storyline and character interaction, this game has attracted the attention of a large number of players. However, limitations such as limited controls, repetitive levels and lack of difficulty also need to be improved in the next version. In short, River City Girls 2 is a game worth trying and can meet the entertainment needs of players who love the action-adventure game genre.

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