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Retro Brawl Private APK is a journey back to the past, combining the exquisite retro graphics and dramatic gameplay of Brawl Stars, bringing a unique and memorable experience to mobile players.


Name Retro Brawl
Version 12.98
Size 87.8 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Retro Brawl

Introduce to Retro Brawl APK

Retro Brawl APK son sürüm is a special version of Brawl Stars that takes us back to the original era of the game. Retro Brawl private server is not just a game, but a journey back to the past of Brawl Stars, giving players the opportunity to reunite with the classic experience they have loved since the 2018 version. Built on APK platform, Retro Brawl mediafıre brings the authentic emotions of the first days of Brawl Stars.

With an online battle system, Retro Brawl Stars APK is not only a puzzle game but also a dramatic adversarial experience. 21 unique characters are waiting for you to choose from, each with their own special powers and skills.

Each character is not only a beautiful picture but also carries its own star power. This creates a complex battle line, requiring sophisticated tactics and control skills to achieve victory.

More Overview of Retro Brawl Latest Version

Retro Brawl APK indir is not only a place for you to show off your personal skills, but also an opportunity to build and join powerful clans. Performing tasks together, interacting and sharing achievements, players will create strong bonds in the community.

Retro Brawl APK mobileius not only brings players back with a diverse menu but also recreates the vibrant atmosphere of Brawl Stars at its peak. Unique graphics and sound details will make you feel like you're reliving memorable moments.

Retro Brawl Beta APK is not just a game, but a journey of memories for Brawl Stars lovers. With diversity, strategy, and connection in the community, Retro Brawl última versión promises to bring players not only an experience, but also a special journey in the world of mobile gaming. Prepare for adventure and immerse yourself in the wonderful time space of Retro Brawl!

All features in Retro Brawl For Android

  • Revive Memories: Retro Brawl is not simply a new game, but a journey back to the golden age of Brawl Stars. From the character design to the setting, everything is filled with the breath of the past, providing a truly retro experience.
  • Unique Battles: With an online battle system, Retro Brawl APK brings players into dramatic battles with 21 unique characters. Each character brings unique strengths and skills, creating a complex and attractive battlefield.
  • Star Power: Each character is not just a name, but also comes with its own star power. This promotes diversity in strategy, as players must make the most of each character's special powers.
  • Clans and Quests: Retro Brawl APK is not just about competition, but also about cooperation. The clan is where the community gathers, participates in quests, and shares successes. This connection creates a classy and exciting team playing environment.
  • Retro Brawl: From the rich menu to the vibrant atmosphere, Retro Brawl brings players a full and exciting life experience. Classic graphics and sound details make you feel like you're truly returning to a bygone time.
  • Community Interaction: One of the unique features of Retro Brawl APK is its high ability to interact with the community. Join a clan, discuss and share strategies with friends, and face community challenges together.

Interface, graphics on Retro Brawl For iOS

Unique Retro Graphic Techniques: Retro Brawl's graphics are not only a simple combination of past and modernity but also a work of art, demonstrating special care from the development team. Every detail, from the characters to the environment, is filled with the breath of the golden era of Brawl Stars.

Embracing the Retro Instinct: Retro Brawl not only uses graphics for visual appeal, but also to send a message. You will feel the full embrace of retro instincts through every hit, every special effect, making every battle vivid and full of emotion.

Brilliant Character Details: From drawings to movements, each character in Retro Brawl APK is a distinct work of art. The star power is clearly shown through lighting, creating a fascinating effect every time the character shows off a special skill.

Special Effects and Animations: Effects and animations in Retro Brawl APK are special points that create richness and vividness. From spectacular explosions to flexible character movements, every bit of movement is taken care of to add to the game's appeal.

How to play, gameplay for Retro Brawl Mobile Game

Experience Dramatic Battles: Retro Brawl is not just about "playing the game" but also about the experience. Participate in dramatic battles, each battlefield is a surprising adventure, from unique perspectives to unique effects.

Diversity in Character Selection: Retro Brawl APK's gameplay stands out through the diversity of 21 characters, each with a unique star power. Choosing the right character for your strategy and team formation is the key to victory.

Clans and Quests: Community interaction through clans is an important part of gameplay. Join and interact with clan members to go on missions together, creating a strong team spirit.

Community Challenges: Retro Brawl is not just about overcoming personal challenges, but also about facing community missions and events. Competition and cooperation intertwine to create a classy team playing environment.

Pros and Cons of Retro Brawl APK


  • Explore Memories: Retro Brawl succeeds in bringing players the revival of Brawl Stars' memories, bringing a familiar yet new feeling.
  • Awesome Retro Graphics: Unique graphic design with attention to detail makes Retro Brawl APK stand out among other games.
  • Clans and Community Interaction: Gameplay that unites the community through clans helps create connection and interaction between players.


  • Performance Needs Improvement: Despite the beautiful graphics, some players reported uneven performance on some devices.
  • Challenging Character Balance: Some players believe that there is a difference in strength between characters, requiring balance and adjustment.
  • Need More Content: Despite the memory revival, some players are looking forward to more new content to keep the game fresh.


Retro Brawl APK is not just an ordinary mobile game, but a journey that takes players back to memorable moments of Brawl Stars. With unique gameplay, exquisite retro graphics and community connections, Retro Brawl has created a game space full of memories.

Through each dramatic battle, diverse character selection, and family unity, players will not only feel the power of memories but also be immersed in a special retro atmosphere. Sophisticated graphics and solid performance are the elements that set Retro Brawl apart, creating an immersive and engaging experience. Immerse yourself in this fascinating time space and enjoy every moment of Retro Brawl APK!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Retro Brawl APK

What is Retro Brawl and how is it different from the official Brawl Stars? +

Retro Brawl is a special version of Brawl Stars, taking us back to the peak of the game in 2018 with retro graphics and unique gameplay. The main difference lies in the revival of memories and the uniqueness of the character and star power.

How to join a clan in Retro Brawl? +

To join a clan, you can visit the Clans section in the game. Search for a clan that matches your interests and goals, then submit a request to join. Socializing, doing community missions and building clan relationships are key to the full Retro Brawl experience.

How many characters are available in Retro Brawl and why is each character unique? +

Retro Brawl has a total of 21 characters, each with a unique star power. The diversity of characters creates diverse strategies, and the uniqueness of each character is reflected in their skills and star power, helping to increase strategy and creativity in the match.

Does Retro Brawl require an internet connection to play? +

Yes, Retro Brawl requires an internet connection to participate in online battles and interact with the community. This helps create a multi-player environment and increases the family-based community experience.

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